You can take the man out of Nebraska, but you can’t take Nebraska out of the man…

This post gives us a glimpse into the man from Nebraska who became a traveling rock star with one of the most successful bands of the 1970s.  Whether wearing t-shirts, or displaying a bumper sticker on his amp, Randy promoted Nebraska and Scottsbluff businesses. He was never far from home as he traveled the world.

Randy wearing a t-shirt advertising the Frank Implement Company, a John Deere dealership which was owned by the father of a close friend of his. Randy also worked at Frank Implement after leaving Rick Nelson and The Stone Canyon Band before being called back to California by Rick. Fate took over as he soon met up with Glenn Frey, Don Henley and Bernie Leadon.
Photo by Peter Mazel ~ Nov 13, 1973

Randy wearing a Cawley’s Potato Chip t-shirt, another Scottsbluff company.
Photo taken at Mile High Stadium ~ Denver, CO ~ Aug 8, 1976
Photo appeared on the cover of Western Sky Magazine ~ Weekend of Aug 21-22, 1976

Randy wearing a University of Nebraska t-shirt ~ Photo taken at The Forum
Los Angeles, CA ~ Oct 1976

Randy had a Frank Implement bumper sticker displayed on his amp ‘Nothing runs like a Deere’ ~ Photo taken at Wembley Arena ~ London, England ~ Apr 26, 1977

Randy wearing a Nebraska t-shirt ~ Photo on the back cover of his second solo album ‘One More Song’ ~ Released Oct 1, 1980

Randy’s publishing company was called ‘Nebraska Music/United Artists Music Co., Inc./Glasco Music ~ Photo of 45 RPM ‘Hearts On Fire’, 1980

Randy admits that there is a little bit of Nebraska in his songs. ~ Alliance Times-Herald Alliance, Nebraska ~ Jul 6, 1983 (Click to enlarge)

It seemed that Randy’s intention was always to move back to his peach-colored stucco house in Mitchell which is in Scotts Bluff County. His wife and children lived there while he was on the road. ~ Argus-Leader ~ Sious Falls, South Dakota ~ Sep 7, 1975 (Click to enlarge)

In 1975, Randy and his wife, Jennifer, had an upscale shopping mall built in their hometown of Scottsbluff, Nebraska at 1414 E. 20th St. They were both involved in the design of the building along with the local designer JT Arnold. Photo: Google Map of Scottsbluff showing locations of: Randall Square which was at 1414 E. 20th St. ~ Frank Implement Co., and Scottsbluff Senior High School (Click to enlarge)

An announcement that Randy and Jennifer’s store, Jenny-Ann LTD, would be opening in April of 1980. Jenny-Ann LTD was located on the top floor of Randall Square and was one of the first stores in the area to carry Cabbage Patch Dolls and Hello Kitty items. Jenny-Ann LTD also carried children’s clothing and was on the opposite end of the top floor as the Loft Restaurant.
The Alliance Times-Herald ~ Alliance, Nebraska ~ Mar 31, 1980

The Loft Restaurant (which served great prime ribs) ~ The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Apr 3, 1980

An ad for an Exclusive Showing of Antique Dolls at Jenny-Ann LTD ~ The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ May 29, 1980

The Randall Square General Contractor was Countryside Incorporated from Alliance, Nebraska. The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Aug 7, 1980

The Randall Square Building at 1414 E. 20th St., as shown on Google Maps, mid-2020. I gathered from reading different articles that the citizens of Scottsbluff thought the design of the building was ahead of its time.

It seemed the whole city wanted to wish Randall Square their best as congratulatory ads appeared in the local paper for Randall Square’s Grand Opening. These are some of the adds that appeared in The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Aug 7, 1980.

Some of the companies who purchased ads for the Grand Opening were the suppliers of products for Randall Square. These ads also appeared in The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Aug 7, 1980.

Some of the other merchants at Randall Square were:

Maxi’s (Silk Flower Arrangements Made by Hand) ~ The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Aug 7, 1980

The Spectacle Shop and Contact Lens Center ~ The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Sep 18, 1980

The Loft opened to Banquet Facilities for Groups of 25 to 75 ~ The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Oct 23, 1980

The Designer women’s store was owned by Randy’s cousin, Dorothy Van Wyngarden. Her store was located on the second floor. ~ Chadron Record ~ Chadron, Nebraska ~ Nov 22, 1980

Some of the other stores located at Randall Square were a Coca Cola store, a bridal shop, a barber and a sun tanning salon.

Jenny-Ann LTD participated in the 1981 First Baby Contest in Scotts Bluff County ~ The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Jan 1, 1981

Close up of the Jenny-Ann LTD ad for the 1981 First Baby Contest in Scotts Bluff County ~ The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Jan 1, 1981

After leaving the Eagles, Randy returned to his native Scottsbluff, Nebraska and bought an 80-acre farm to “grow my own vegetables and get as far away from the music buisness as I could.” He soon discovered there wasn’t much to do in the slow lane but drink beer and roar around town on his Harley-Davidson. “I realized I’d changed so much,” he observes, “and I missed the city. I thought I could get away, but music’s in my blood.” ~ Bassist-Composer Randy Meisner Courageously Bailed Out of the Eagles So That He Could Rock His Own Boat, by David Sheff, Jan 12, 1981

It is my understanding that Scottsbluff resident, Randy Foos, purchased Randall Square after Randy and Jennifer divorced in October of 1981.

An Auction for the fixtures, shelving and show cases used in the Jenny-Ann LTD store was held on June 5, 1982. ~ The Alliance Times-Herald ~ Alliance, Nebraska ~ Jun 4, 1982

The Designer, the store owned by Randy’s cousin, stayed at Randall Square after it was sold by Randy. ~ The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Dec 16, 1982

Where Are They Now? – Meisner Works on Music
So he hung up his bass guitar for a while to return to his family in Mitchell, near Scottsbluff. “At the time, we were going to open a toy store and just kick back and be in Nebraska,” said Meisner in a recent telephone conversation from Los Angeles. “But living out in L.A. for 10 years, it had kind of grown on me. I hadn’t realized how much the music and the industry were in me. So I came back to L.A. There wasn’t a whole bunch for me to do back there (in Nebraska), anyway.” ~ Omaha World-Herald ~ Omaha, Nebraska ~ Oct 14, 1984

It looks like in December of 2003, Randall Square was sold again. According to the November 4, 2020 Nebraska Assessors Online Data Sheet of the building, it is now 100% office space and is known as ‘The Square’.

Photo: Image from the 2018 Appraisal Property Record Card

Ten years later, and after Randy sold Randall Square, The Gering Courier remembered the Grand Opening of their native son’s Randall Square. ~ The Gering Courier ~ Gering, Nebraska ~ Aug 9, 1990

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    1. You’re welcome, Gisela! Randall Square was a joy to research. Randy is one of kind. He was a great musician, singer, songwriter, and never forgot where he came from.

  1. What a fantastic article! I had seen pictures previously pictured of the building and knew the name was Randall Square. But, I had no idea that Randy and his wife actually built it. I loved reading about his love for his hometown. Thanks for finding all this incredible information.

    1. You’re welcome, Janis! When I researched this post, I couldn’t help but feel the love Randy had for his hometown of Scottsbluff and for Nebraska. I’m glad that you enjoyed reading about it.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work you did on this. Great read! Hope you are well and am sending love and happiness your way ♥️🎶

  3. Wow, I had NO idea about any of this. Thank you soooo much for posting.
    I have only recently joined this group having watched the Meisnettes some years ago before it was axed by Facebook.
    I am exactly one month younger than Piscean Randy (b 08 03 1946) and I was born 11 04 1946 under the sign of Aries. I often feel that we are from the same soul family but that is probably pushing it!!!

    1. You’re welcome, Jennifer! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. We used to be members of The Meisnettes, but Diana, Jessica and I wanted to have an actual website dedicated to Randy. This is the result! Visit us again.

  4. I have tons of memorabilia .. so many stories , thank you for having a great fan group 😎❤️

    1. We’re so glad that you found our blog, Jennifer. Thank you for your kind comment. Our goal is to honor Randy’s musical history and legacy with as much accurate information as possible. Diana, Jessica and I would be most happy to have you include some of your memories here if you’d like. Please stop by again!

  5. What a very interesting page. It must have taken ages to research so thank you for all your hard work. It’s so nice to read actual real-life facts rather than the tittle-tattle of the gossip columnists. It would also be lovely to hear some of Jennifer’s stories – I’m sure we’d all love to hear them.

    1. You’re welcome, Judy! It was so heart-warming to read about Randy and his wife, Jennifer, giving back to their community. When I found some of these articles, I also found that this was a story begging to be told. It seems many people forget where they come from.

  6. This is a great read, really nice history of Randy’s life and career. I grew up Iowa, and I was honored to have Randy sing on four of my songs on my country-rock record “All American Music.” It was a great honor for me. Released in 2004, we got a lot of airplay nationally. The record featured Randy, Dickey Betts, Charlie Daniels, Charley Pride, Jeff Skunk Baxter, Jerry Donahue, Suzy Bogguss, Dennis Caplinger and more. Here’s Randy singing all the harmonies and all the oohs and ahhs.. :).

    1. Hi Jamie, It’s a pleasure to hear from you. Randy’s harmonies and oohs and ahhs on your song are unmistakeable. Your album is included in my Discography under Sessions/Guest Appearances. I knew of three songs that included Randy: “My Heart Is Where My Home Is,” “Emerald City,” and “Boston Blues.” What is the fourth? It must have been exciting to work with all of those great artists. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.


      1. Thanks kindly, Jessica. I would have go go back to the record and remind myself what the four songs were. I know one of the other ones was Emerald City, which also features the late, great Charlie Daniels, and Boston Blues. I gotta go back and figure out the 4th one. 🙂

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