“I didn’t get to shine too often with the Eagles but ‘One of These Nights’ turned out to be a big album for me. I felt I really shone on the song ‘One of These Nights’ and I was beaming on ‘Take It To The Limit’.” ~ Randy Meisner
Source: ‘The Story of the Eagles The Long Run’
By Marc Shapiro, Copyright 1995

Recording The Album

In 1974-75, The Eagles recorded ‘One of These Nights’ at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida and the Record Plant in Los Angeles, California. ‘One of These Nights’ was the second album Bill Szymczyk produced for the Eagles. While recording at Criteria Studios in Miami, the Eagles lived at 461 Ocean Boulevard in Golden Beach, Florida.

461 Ocean Boulevard may sound familiar to you. In 1974, Eric Clapton lived at 461 Ocean Boulevard while recording his album of the same name at Criteria Studios in Miami, Florida. He is pictured on the front and back cover of his album at 461 Ocean Boulevard.
Sources: Discogs, Udiscovermusic

Album Cover ~ ‘461 Ocean Boulevard’

Album Back ~ ‘461 Ocean Boulevard’

The Eagles already had recorded three hit albums and had five Top 40 singles when they first came to South Florida in August 1974 to record “One of These Nights.”

The band did much of its best work in Florida.

“We’d always get more of a swamp sound in Florida,” Szymczyk says. “The best thing about working and living in Florida is it got them out of their hometown, and by doing so made them a hell of a lot more comfortable. They were in a much more creative, non-hassle environment than in L.A. They wrote more because they were interrupted less.”

It wasn’t all work. The band never recorded on Sundays. Group members, especially Frey and Henley, were sports fans and Szymczyk, a Dolphins season ticket holder, took them to all the home games. The band members talked in sports terms, calling Szymczyk “Coach” and “The Don Shula of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Along with the rock ‘n’ roll, there was plenty of sex and drugs. All anyone will say about that is, “There was a lot of debauchery with that band.”

The band and crew rented several homes in the area, the most popular being 461 Ocean Blvd. in Golden Beach, where Eric Clapton had stayed while recording his classic 1974 album, which he named after the address. “Everyone wanted to stay in Eric Clapton’s house,” Szymczyk recalls.

They liked the area so much that after finishing each record, they put their beds, TVs, pillows and even a favorite coffee pot and grinder in storage so everything was quickly available when they returned to make the next record.

Source: Excerpt from FHN, The Palm Beach Post ~ “How Eagles Classic ‘Hotel California’ was recorded in South Florida” ~ By Aydlette ~ Posted & Updated Dec. 6, 2016

“One of These Nights” (Eagles ~ “One of These Nights” ~ 1975)
Kicking off with an iconic bass riff, Meisner takes full advantage of the range of the instrument. He jumps between the lower root notes that define the chord progression and a simple yet memorable motif in the higher range. As the verse kicks in, he plays a groove based on a three-note phrase that adheres to the diatonic harmony of the song. Going from the minor tonality of the verses to the relative major chorus, Meisner plays a rhythm-and-blues inspired bass line that moves from the four chord to the one. He Alternates the rhythm of the line to create contrast with the melody and playful substitutes notes in the major pentatonic scale throughout the extended outro.
Source: No Treble ~ “Bass Players To Know: Randy Meisner”, by Ryan Madora, Sept. 7, 2018

This was Meisner’s masterpiece. Right out of the gate, he slays with his dog whistle falsetto on this disco-inflected track.
Source: “Randy Meisner made the Eagles great”, by Brian Scott MacKenzie, March 8, 2016

A Fan’s Story
As Told By His Friend, Tokiko Noboritate

According to Tokiko-san, this is the story that her friend, Matsuo-san, wrote to a special edition of a magazine in memory of Glenn Frey at the time of Glenn’s death. He also wrote that he and his friend got two other chances to go to Eagles’ concerts, one in the States, the other in Japan. The band was so excited and amused by their repeated visits.

In 1975, Matsuo-san and his friend, took off from Tokyo Haneda airport (maybe) and landed in the States, trying to explore and hopefully to meet some famous musicians. They decided to go to the house in Florida which they saw on one of Eric Clapton’s album Jackets—461 Ocean Boulevard. But when they knocked on the door and asked for Mr. Clapton, he was not there. Mr. Matsuo writes how a boy came to answer the door and told them that it was a rented house. The boy said, “Now we Eagles are using it, last week Bee Gees. …But did you say you are from Japan? All the way to Florida. Wow, welcome just come on in.” —If you are a Randy fan, you can guess that this sweet boy was none other than Randy Meisner himself. He let them in and introduced himself and the band.

Matsuo-san and Randy at Criteria Studios, 1975
Photo courtesy of Tokiko Noboritate/Matsuo-san

Eagles invited Matsuo-san and his friend to Criteria Studio where they did One of These Nights mixing. He found all of Eagles members such nice American guys! He wrote, “Glenn was always happy and cheerful, Henley was a cool guy. Don Felder did not speak very much, but he was very kind. They were lucky enough to get to Detroit on the night of Eagles show there. When they visited while the band was rehearsing, they were so happy and invited Matsuo-san and his friend to best seats and to the party afterwards. During the after-show party, Mr. Matsuo found that Randy and his wife were not in the party room, but out in the corridor, talking. To him, Randy looked a little tired of partying and so did his wife. When Randy spotted him coming closer, he beckoned him to join and the three of them had beer together rather quietly. Mr. Matsuo recalls that Randy was always so generous and considerate to them throughout their time together (which is not surprising to us fans).

Matsuo-san at Criteria Studios with the Eagles, 1975 ~ L to R: Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy, Matsuo-san, and Don Felder ~ Photo courtesy of Tokiko Noboritate/Matsuo-san

These are the autographs from the Eagles to Matsuo-san. His nickname is Kasa.
Photo courtesy of Tokiko Noboritate/Matsuo-san

Album Artwork

The story behind the ‘One of These Nights’ album cover. ~ Source: PureMusic Manufacturing “‘One of These Nights’ The Eagles Would Score A Number One Album” ~ By Toni Marino ~ March 7, 2019 (Click to enlarge)

Art Director Gary Burden and Artist Boyd Elder ~ Studio City, CA ~ 1978
Photo: Stephen K. Peeples
Source: “Boyd Elder – Encounters of the Southwestern Kind”, 1978 ~ By Stephen K. Peeples Sept. 22, 2017 ~ Read the story here.

Source: “Norman Seeff Shares Stories Behind His Iconic Rock Photos”
Rolling Stone ~ May 16, 2013

(Click to enlarge)

Additional photos from the 1975 photo shoot
for the ‘One of These Nights’ album by Norman Seeff.

The Album

‘One of These Nights’ (the album) was released on June 10, 1975

Cash Box Magazine ~ June 7, 1975 ~ Page 14

Front of Album

Back of Album

Inner Sleeve, Side One

Inner Sleeve, Side Two

Side One

Side Two

The area called “Dead Wax” or the “Run-Out Groove” of a vinyl record is the area after the last song on one side of a record ends and the label begins. Typically, there are numbers stamped in the dead wax called “matrix numbers” which were similar to a catalog number or ID number and were unique to each side. These numbers were sometimes accompanied by special inscriptions, symbols or initials added by the band or producer. On the One of These Nights album the special inscription was:

DON’T WORRY — (on side one)

Source Image: Discogs

NOTHING WILL BE OKAY! — (on side two)

Source Image: Discogs

Listen to the album “One of These Nights”

Album Poster

Album Credits
Source: Discogs

Randy’s Co-Writing and Lead Vocal Credits
For ‘Too Many Hands’ and ‘Take It To The Limit’
On Inner Album Sleeve, Side One

‘One of These Nights’ Tour

According to setlist.fm, the ‘One of These Nights’ Tour
ran from Jan. 18, 1975 to Aug. 8, 1976.

A Few Tour Posters

Kent State University
Kent, OH~05/03/75

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH~05/08/75

Academy of Music, NYC~05/16/75

Several Cities Tour Poster
(Click on poster to see list of cities)

Richfield Coliseum~Cleveland, OH~07/22/75

From the Eagles ‘One of These Nights’ Songbook
Source: Warner Bros. Publications, Inc., Copyright 1976

Life on the Road During the ‘One of These Nights’ Tour

Joe Walsh guesting with the Eagles
at Milwaukee County Stadium
Milwaukee, WI ~ June 8, 1975
Source: This picture was found by Ranan Wood

The Rolling Stones also played this concert,
which drew 57,000 people.
Photo: George Cassidy ~ Milwaukee Sentinel ~ June 9, 1975

Life on the road looked like it contained fun times also. This picture was taken at the Bluff Holiday Inn before the Mississippi River Festival concert in Edwardsville, IL ~ July 29, 1975 Photo by: Ken Regan

Taken before the Mississippi River Festival concert in Edwardsville, IL ~ July 29, 1975
Photo by: Ken Regan via Getty Images

The Mississippi River Festival concert in Edwardsville, IL ~ July 29, 1975
Photo by: Ken Regan via Getty Images

Balboa Stadium ~ San Diego, CA
Sept. 27, 1975

Sunshine Festival ~ Anaheim Stadium Anaheim, CA
Sept. 28, 1975

Press conference at the Sebel Town House the day before the concert
at Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Australia ~ Jan. 21, 1976.
Photo by: Trevor James Robert Dallen/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

First Eagles’ concerts with Joe Walsh as an Eagle
after Bernie Leadon left the band in December 1975 ~ Japan Tour ~ Feb. 2-9, 1976

‘One of These Nights’ Tour Setlist
Riverfront Coliseum
Cincinnati, OH
July 22, 1976

Take It Easy
Outlaw Man
Turn To Stone
Seven Bridges Road
Lyin’ Eyes
Take It To The Limit
Midnight Flyer
Already Gone
One of These Nights
Funk #49
Good Day In Hell
Rocky Mountain Way
Witchy Woman
James Dean
Best Of My Love
Walk Away
Tequila Sunrise

Three Rivers Stadium ~ Pittsburgh, PA ~ July 24, 1976

The following clips are from the Eagles’ performance
at the Kingdome in Seattle, WA on Aug. 6, 1976

Clip of ‘Lyin’ Eyes’
Won a Grammy for ‘Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group or Chorus’
at the 18th Annual Grammy Awards on Feb. 28, 1976
(Click arrow to play)

Clip of the high notes in ‘Take It To The Limit’
(Click arrow to play)

Clip of Randy’s bass intro on ‘One of These Nights’
(Click arrow to play)

Clip of Randy’s high notes on ‘One of These Nights’
(Click arrow to play)

Awards & Mentions

Source: Billboard’s Top Album Picks
June 21, 1975

Presentation of ‘One of These Nights’ Gold LP by Asylum Records,
after the shows at Pine Knob
Source: Record World magazine ~ Aug. 2, 1975

The single and album of ‘One of These Nights’ reach the number one position of Billboard’s Best-Sellers list. Source: Detroit Free Press ~ Detroit, MI ~ Aug. 3, 1975

On Nov. 15, 1975, ‘Take It To The Limit’ was released as a single.
It became the Eagles’ first hit single.
(Click on the record for the ‘Take It To The Limit’ story)

Source: Cashbox Magazine ~ Feb. 21, 1976 ~ Page 14

The 18th Annual Grammy Awards were held
at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA on Feb. 28, 1976.
Source: California State University Northridge,
University Library, Digital Collections

Source: Recording Academy Grammy Awards
Read about it here.

Gary Burden was nominated for Best Album Package for ‘One of These Nights’ album
Source: Recording Academy Grammy Awards
Read about it here.

(Click to enlarge)

(Click to enlarge)
On March 20, 2001 ‘One of These Nights’ was certified 4X Multi-Platinum
Source: Recording Industry Association of America
Read about it here (then click on more details on right)

Looking Back

In 1988, Randy was interviewed on KZOK Radio.
Approximate times that Randy discusses:
3:30-5:00 ~ ‘Take It To The Limit’, ‘Lyin’ Eyes’ and ‘One of These Nights’
5:30-5:54 ~ ‘Too Many Hands’
7:17-8:02 ~ Thoughts on being an Eagle

Home Video by Gene Clark of ‘The Byrds’, ‘Dillard & Clark’ and the list goes on and on.

Source: Excerpt from Classic Rock & Culture
“How The Eagles’ ‘One of These Nights’ Ended, and Started An Era”
By Michael Gallucci ~ Updated June 10, 2015

Read the complete article here.

Thank you to:

Tokiko Noboritate for her permission to use her friend’s story.
Matsuo-san for his story.
Ranan Wood for finding the Milwaukee County Stadium concert photo
and reaching out to Tokiko-san.

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