Richard Marx’s management team reached out to former Eagles Randy Meisner, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit. In doing so, a mini-Eagles’ reunion took place, which inspired a Poco reunion with the original five members. They struck Gold for their ‘Legacy’ album.

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Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmit received calls asking if they would be willing to sing backup with Richard Marx on his recording of ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’. Both agreed. The basic track was recorded at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles in the Spring of 1987. Randy and Timothy met briefly before, but this was the first time that they worked together. Neither Randy or Timothy accepted payment for their part in ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’. When Randy left the studio after the recording session, he suggested Joe Walsh for the guitar solo. Joe agreed. The rest is history. Richard credits the ex-Eagles for giving his career the start it received in the beginning.

Richard teaching the “ooohs” vocal part to ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’ to Timothy and Randy L to R: David Cole (record producer), Timothy B. Schmit, Randy Meisner and Richard Marx at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles ~ Spring 1987
Source: Thanks to Richard Marx for sharing this on Instagram, Aug. 19, 2016

Richard Marx, Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmit recording ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’
at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles ~ Spring 1987
Source: Thanks to Richard Marx for sharing this on Instagram, March 17, 2016

Richard invited Randy to the studio the day that Joe was to record the guitar solo.
He said that when Joe saw Randy his eyes lit up and he threw his arms around him.
Joe’s affection for Randy was quite obvious to Richard.
Source: ‘Stories To Tell – A Memoir ~ By Richard Marx ~ Copyright 2021

Source: Radio Swiss Jazz ~ Music Database ~ Musician ~ Richard Marx

Read the article here
Source: Special to the News/Sun Sentinel, ‘Ex-Eagles Give A Boost To Budding Singer, Writer By Robyn Lisa Burn ~ Aug. 28, 1987

‘Don’t Mean Nothing’ peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles
Source: Billboard Magazine, for the week ending Aug. 29, 1987

On Sept. 25, 1987, the performance for Richard’s first MTV Special
was filmed at The Palace, in Los Angeles.
The Cast included:
Richard Marx: lead vocals, guitar, keyboards
Jon Walmsley: slide guitar, vocals
Jim Cliff: bass, vocals
Mike Derosier: drums
Paul Warren: lead guitar, vocals
Dave Koz: saxophone, keyboards, vocals
Timothy B. Schmit: backing vocals
Randy Meisner: backing and lead vocals
Fee Waybill: backing vocals
Kurt Kelly: host
Dominic Sena: director
Edward James: writer
Kurt Kelly: writer
Source: IMDb ~ Richard Marx ~ ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’ Full Cast & Crew

Richard and Randy backstage after The Palace performance on Sept 25, 1987
Source: Richard Marx’s Instagram Feed
Photo: Richard Marx ~ Twitter ~ Aug. 19, 2016

Timothy B. Schmit and Richard backstage after The Palace performance
on Sept. 25, 1987 ~ Photo: Richard Marx ~ Twitter ~ June 23, 2017

Cynthia Rhodes, Richard’s future wife, is the woman
in the official video of ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’.
IMDb Full Cast & Crew ~ ‘Don’t Mean Nothing’ (1987 video)

Cynthia may look familiar to you. She appeared in:
Toto’s Music Video ‘Rosanna’ (1982)
‘Xanadu’ ~ 1980;
‘Flashdance’ ~ 1983;
‘Staying Alive’ ~ 1983;
‘Runaway’ ~ 1984;
and ‘Dirty Dancing’ ~ 1987
Source: IMDb ~ Cynthia Rhodes ~ Biography

Source: Billboard Magazine ~ Jan. 30, 1988 ~ Page 23

Richard Marx’s MTV Special was in 1988
Source: Richard Marx ~ Twitter ~ March 14, 2013

Kingsport Times-News ~ Kingsport, Tennessee ~ April 28, 1989

Source: Cashbox ~ Sept. 16, 1989 ~ Page 4

Source: The Des Moines Register ~ Des Moines, Iowa ~ Feb. 1, 1990

While searching for information on Richard and Poco touring together, I came across another one of those rare Randy Meisner stories which was posted on Richard’s Twitter Feed.

Source: Thanks to Richard Marx and ‘John The Chia Guy’
for sharing this on Twitter ~ Oct. 20, 2020

Randy performed at Billy Bob’s on Oct. 24, 1982
Source: Randy Meisner Concert Chronology

Review of Randy’s performance at Billy Bob’s ~ Fort Worth, Texas ~ Oct. 24, 1982
Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram ~ Fort Worth, Texas ~ Oct. 26, 1982

It’s after this performance, at the after party, that Randy learns how to open a beer with a bic lighter thanks to ‘John The Chia Guy’. (See Richard Marx’s Tweet of Oct. 20, 2020 above.)

Richard Marx co-wrote, produced and sang backup on ‘Nothin’ to Hide’
which was on Poco’s ‘Legacy’ album. It was released in 1989. Randy sang lead.
Source: Discogs

Recording ‘Nothin’ to Hide’
L to R: Richard Marx, Randy Meisner, Rusty Young, George Grantham and Richie Furay

Richard Marx and Poco in the studio.
L to R: Rusty Young, George Grantham, Richard Marx, Randy Meisner and Richie Furay
Source: Thanks to Richard Marx for sharing this on Instagram ~ Sept. 19, 2014

Source: Radio & Records Magazine ~ April 8, 1990

Source: Kenosha News ~ Kenosha, Wisconsin ~ July 28, 1994

Source: Excerpt from The Maui News
‘Delight in acoustic night with Richard Marx’
By Jon Woodhouse ~ Sept. 14, 2017

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