The garage band, ‘The Dynamics’, formed in the spring of 1961 by Richard Rohnke, John Ankeny, Randy Meisner and Larry Soto would one day be inducted into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame. Randy would also be inducted as a solo performer.

Taken at Terry’s Arena in October 1961

Read about The Drivin’ Dynamics here
Source: The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame
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Read Randy Meisner’s Biography here
Source: The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame
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Taken at the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony ~ August 19, 2000
L to R: Randy, Paul Asmus and Larry Soto

Taken at the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony ~ August 19, 2000
Randy and Paul Asmus

Induction Ceremony
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It seems Randy’s award acceptance speeches tend to be on the short and sweet side.
It was no exception here.
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Band Banter
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“Take It Easy”
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Randy and the Band Singing ‘Louie Louie’, ‘Wooly Bully’ and ‘The Bird’
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Drummer Bobby Soto passed away on Sept. 6, 2000 only three weeks after the induction ceremony. It was the last time he would see many of his bandmates.

Bobby Soto’s Nebraska Music Hall of Fame Plaque

“The Nebraska Music Hall of Fame” was originally called the “Nebraska Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. According to former Dynamics’ keyboardist, Steve Cassells, the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame forced them to change their name.

Dedicated to Bobby Soto
The Band With ‘Drift Away’
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The Drivin’ Dynamics are still going strong.

Steve Cassells, left, and Larry Soto laugh
about fond memories of rock and rolls bands past.
(Read article here)
Source: Star Herald ~ Drivin’ Dynamics headed into busy summer
By Rick Myers ~ June 4, 2009

See our interview with Steve Cassells here.

A fellow Nebraskan’s Memories of Randy
Source: Excerpt from The Tribune Newspapers, Texas
Tom’s Tall Tales ~ Do You Remember Randy Meisner?
By Tom Broad ~ Jan. 25, 2016

When I heard last week that Glenn Frey of the Eagles fame had died, my mind turned to Randy Meisner.


Randy Meisner and Glenn Frey were two of the four founding members of the Eagles, and Randy, according to my crowd, was just about the coolest guy to ever come out of Scottsbluff High School. My hometown of Alliance is just about 60 miles northeast of Scottsbluff, Nebraska. We’re almost on the Wyoming-Nebraska border.

Randy was part of the Dynamics, actually the “Drivin’ Dynamics,” and in the early 1960s, they played every high school homecoming and prom at every school in Western Nebraska, Southern South Dakota and Eastern Wyoming.

I swear, for us kids in the sticks, they were bigger than the Beatles. You could actually meet ’em and touch ’em. We all knew somebody who knew Randy’s mom or dad or one of his classmates.

Every Friday night, local bands played at the Teen Center in the Alliance Municipal Auditorium. The place was just about as glamorous as the name. When the Drivin’ Dynamics played, the place was packed.

By the mid-’60s, I headed off to Lincoln to become a television anchor. Randy went to Hollywood to become a rock star. Randy nailed it. We all knew people who knew Randy, so it was pretty easy to keep up with him. He helped form Poco, then joined Ricky Nelson’s group and finally Linda Ronstadt’s band – oh, we were all so impressed – before creating the Eagles with Frey, Don Henley and Bernie Leadon.

Randy Meisner achieved success in the 1970s as a founding member of the Eagles. Meisner played bass for the classic rock band, and is best known for writing the song, “Take It To The Limit.”

Not that Randy Meisner fans need proof of his talent,
but from Nebraska – Randy Meisner
(Read article here)
Source: Excerpt from Wide Open Country ~
The Most Famous Country Artist From Every State
By Elizabeth Abrahamsen | 3 Years

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  1. Thank you Kathie for another great page. Unfortunately as I live in the UK I am unable to access two of the newspaper articles (Star Herald and Wideopencountry) due to legal reasons. However, this didn’t prevent me from enjoying the rest of the very interesting information.

    1. Thank you, Judy! How unfortunate that these articles are unavailable to you. Although, I think that you can get the gist of them by my comments under the photos. Thanks for visiting us again.

    1. Thank you, Janis! A video would be the icing on the cake for sure. You can tell by the audios that everyone had a wonderful time that evening. Nothing like old friends.

      1. TITTL virtually saved my life, every single day since late 75 early 76 I have played it before getting out of bed, and everyday I thank Randy for singing it, I was in a bad place I was only 21 and am only still here today because of that song. I’ve wished for many years there was a way to thank him… he’s a true legend

      2. TITTL is such a great song. It’s good to hear that you are in a better place, aussiegalsue. I guess the way we can thank Randy is by appreciating and playing his music. Have you seen the post on this site titled, ‘Randy’s Masterpiece ~ ‘Take It To The Limit’? You may enjoy it.

      3. No I haven’t seen it I’ll have to try find it, I am in a better place, (46 yrs later) it’s amazing how one song, one man changed my whole look at life

  2. I have known about randy for years I just recently started to listen to him and research his history l have to say he is the genuine article across the board he can do it all I don’t understand exactly what he has been doing for forty years after the eagles great performer this guy is a rock star

    1. Thank you for your comment, Harvey! Randy embarked on a solo career after he left the Eagles and then was involved in several bands after that. He retired in 2008. Please browse our Blog to see what he did before and after the Eagles. He was a Rock Star indeed!

    1. Esther! How nice to hear from you. You’re welcome. Randy’s accomplishments just amaze me, and it all began with the Dynamics. How great that they got a chance to celebrate during this occasion.

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