Clearing the air

Kathie and I feel we need to explain the circumstances surrounding the departure of our co-contributor, Diana.

Diana left our site due to the curse word in this quote from my post In His Own Words: Randy On His Early Days. She felt Randy saying this word was extremely serious and told us that she could no longer participate in a site that had this word on it:

“I ordered some eggs and they just started spinning on the plate. I thought, ‘God damn. I’ll stick with beer.’”

We asked her more than once to reconsider. Although I refused to leave the quote out completely, I did suggest editing the word with asterisks, but Diana never responded. After three weeks of zero communication from her, we decided to remove her posts. We felt keeping them here would only cause confusion. In fact, we assumed she would take her posts with her when she left. But she didn’t, which we found odd, especially since she had made it abundantly clear that she did not want her name associated with a site where Randy had taken the Lord’s name in vain. Removing her posts was not a decision that we took lightly. But our contributors (Diana was also an equal co-administrator) need to be present and accessible. She never once approached us about leaving her posts on our site & we felt no obligation to keep them here. Those posts are her work and they belong with her.

Sincere regards,

Jessica & Kathie