Randy and his touring band ‘The Silverados’ appeared on the second season of ‘Fridays’, which was a late-night live comedy show that aired on ABC on Friday nights from April 11, 1980 to April 23, 1982.

The San Francisco Examiner (San Francisco, CA) Feb. 27, 1981
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Musical guests who appeared on the two-season run of ‘Fridays’

‘Randy Meisner and the Silverados’
‘Fridays’ ~ Feb. 27, 1981

Randy’s 1981 touring band, The Silverados, consisted of:
Don Francisco, percussionist
Bryan Garofalo, bassist
Terese Heston, backup vocalist
Craig Hull, guitarist
Craig Krampf, drummer
Sterling Smith, keyboardist

The Special Guest star was Billy Crystal along with a
Special Appearance by ‘Randy Meisner and the Silverados’

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‘Hearts On Fire’
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‘Gotta Get Away’
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The Closing Segment
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A few still shots from ‘Fridays’

According to the Randy Meisner Concert Chronology, ‘Randy Meisner and the Silverados’ played ‘The Rainbow Music Hall’ in Denver, Colorado the same night that the Feb. 27th episode of ‘Fridays’ aired, indicating that it might have been taped earlier. As ‘Fridays’ was a ‘live’ comedy show this was not possible. (Click to enlarge)

View Concert Chronology here
The day after the live episode of ‘Fridays’, Randy’s band played
‘The Rainbow Music Hall’ in Denver, CO on Feb. 28th. That performance
was broadcast on KDHT-FM and Randy’s performance was recorded for the
‘Randy Meisner Live Denver’ CD.

The Steamboat Pilot
(Steamboat Springs, CO)
Feb. 26, 1981

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Back of CD
‘Randy Meisner Live Denver’
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    1. I’m sure his fans told him that over the years, aussiegalsue. I’ve read that Randy is a humble person so he probably doesn’t view himself as amazing, but we as fans sure think he is, indeed!

      1. Being the shy guy he was, or still is, I’ve read that he didn’t think he was that great…. I wish I could have met him and told him differently

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