Randy’s sole purpose in life was to have a few drinks, roll a few joints, and make everybody laugh.
~Don Felder, 2008

I’ve read that Randy liked to do impersonations. Besides hiding the fact that he was caught smoking a joint in the above clip, he also seems to be impersonating Groucho Marx as he taps on his cigarette.
Clip from History of the Eagles (Directed by Alison Ellwood, Jigsaw Productions, 2013)

“When our principal instituted a rule requiring all guys to wear belts, Randy got caught without a belt and ordered to leave and get one. So, he went out to the parking lot and took the seat belt out of his car and put it on. We all howled when we saw him return.”
An interview with Steve Cassells of the Drivin’ Dynamics

“It was right out of the Beach Boys. Our group, The Poor, found a house in Laurel Canyon to rent, on Ridpath. It was owned by comedian Jonathan Winters’ brother – boom, a star right off the bat. I was always worried because we smoked marijuana and so we were scared. I never had marijuana, until I came out here. I drank beer. A friend of mine took me outside and said, ‘Try this.’ ‘What is it?’ Well, I didn’t notice any difference. Then a little later, yes (laughs).”
Excerpt from Canyon Of Dreams: The Magic & Music Of Laurel Canyon ~ By Harvey Kubernik, 2009

“I never had a car. I had to walk. I sold the Los Angeles Free Press on Sunset and Highland. I made about five bucks a day. I took acid twice. And it just blew me away. It was too much for me ’cause I’m a real anxiety kind of person. Where we lived was above Griffith Park. And the first time I took it I thought, ‘this is weird.’ I walked all the way up to the observatory to see the sunset. Then we walked back down to Tiny Naylor’s restaurant across from Hollywood High School at Sunset and La Brea. I ordered some eggs and they just started spinning on the plate. I thought, ‘God damn. I’ll stick with beer.'”
Excerpt from Canyon Of Dreams: The Magic & Music Of Laurel Canyon ~ By Harvey Kubernik, 2009

Randy describes his time working for a friend at a John Deere dealership (Frank Implement) when he returned to Scottsbluff, Nebraska after leaving the Stone Canyon Band:

“[The Farmers] came in and needed parts for their tractors and combines and things and I would go back and get them a part. Sometimes the wrong one [laughs].”
BBC Radio 1 Interview ~ April 1977

Fun During Photo Shoots

For the photo shoot for the first Eagles album in Joshua Tree State Park ~ 1972
Photo by Henry Diltz

Before the ‘Popgala’ performance
Voorburg, Netherlands
March 9, 1973 ~ Photo by Peter Mazel

1974 ~ Photo by Henry Diltz

Randy and Joe’s impersonation of Chuck Berry’s duck walk.
Rotterdam Ahoy, May 11, 1977
Photo by Gijsbert Hanekroot

Photos by Neal Preston ~ 1980

Bernie always seemed to bring out the best in Randy.
Intro to ‘Certain Kind of Fool’ – BBC In Concert ~ March 20, 1973

Seattle ~ August 6, 1976

Houston ~ November 6, 1976
Randy pretends to kick off his shoes–>Randy and Joe gallop onto the stage–>Randy imitates Jimi Hendrix playing the guitar behind his back–>Randy sprays baby powder.

“We (Randy, Joe Walsh and Don Felder) also started playing ‘cutout man’ – snipping pictures from nudie magazines and wrestling magazines, then sticking them together on the wall to make a sort of storyboard collage. Each day there’d be a new picture and a new storyline.” ~ Don Felder
Excerpt from Heaven and Hell, My Life In The Eagles (1974-2001) ~ By Don Felder with Wendy Holden, 2008

3E (Third Encore) Party Clip (note Randy in the lower right corner)
History Of The Eagles (Directed By Alison Ellwood, Jigsaw Productions, 2013)

‘Fridays’ ~ February 27, 1981

‘Fridays’ Closing Segment ~ February 27, 1981

Band Banter With The Silverados in Denver, February 28, 1981
(“Rick Meiser” is a reference to the way Randy was introduced on the television show Fridays the night before.)

Randy backstage during Joe Walsh’s 2017 Tour
(Coachella, CA) ~ May 19th

Randy and his friend, Colleen Stewart, reconnected after many years at Richie Furay’s 50th Anniversary Show at the Troubadour in 2018.

According to Colleen:

“At the Poco reunion (Richie Furay’s 50th Anniversary at the Troubadour), I walked in, and saw Randy from across the room and we just locked eyes. I walked over to him and we just burst out laughing and he just whispered in my ear, ‘Oh my God, Colleen, I can’t believe it. How much fun did we have?’ We started recalling all the stories, all the shenanigans, and one of the best stories was when we were in San Francisco.

I brought up a package, maybe just a joint, it was nothing, but we couldn’t find it so we figured somebody got it. So, Randy said, ‘Let’s find out who took our stuff.’ So, when everyone’s in the hotel room after the gig, Randy puts on a raincoat like a detective. So, we were in this hotel and both of us were crawling on the floor with raincoats and listening. In those days, they had a device that you listened on with those baby cassettes and he had a microphone with it. And he’s putting the microphone under everybody’s door, and we just laughed our heads off crawling on our knees down the hallway.”  Excerpt from An  An Interview with Colleen Stewart – About Randy and the Times

Cleveland ~ 1981

1980s Cassette Recorder

Listen to Randy’s take on the Desperado Photo Shoot.

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    1. You’re welcome! I agree with you about the original Eagles. I keep going back to this quote, “With Randy Meisner, the Eagles were one of the greatest rock groups in American history. After the founding bassist left the band, they became merely very good.” From Randy Meisner made the Eagles great, by Brian Scott MacKenzie, March 8, 2016

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