It was a special era in music. The ’70s rock stars not only had to sound good, but look the part as well. No one did it better than Randy. He accomplished the look in an understated way. His themed t-shirts were the best as were his long-sleeved shirts, jackets, well just about anything. Of course, the aviator sunglasses completed the Rock Star look. Did I mention the hair?

Randy was the ideal ’70s Rock Star. Even his future bandmate thought so when he first saw him at The Troubadour with Poco in the late ’60s.

When I saw Randy my tongue just fell right out on the table. I just couldn’t believe that anybody could look, sing, and play that cool all at the same time. It was too much for me.

Glenn Frey, 1995
L to R: Jim Messina, Randy, George Grantham, Richie Furay and Rusty Young. Pogo (Poco) at The Troubadour ~ 1968

In their simple uniform of T-shirts, tennis shoes and faded denim, they perfectly reflected their audience.
Eagles: The Heroes Or Villains Of 70s Rock?’ By Bill Holdship (Classic Rock), October 6, 2015

The Helen Reddy Show ~ Air date July 12, 1973

You can see by the different themed shirts Randy wore that he had his favorites.

Nebraska Themed T-shirts

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Eagles Themed T-Shirts

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Car and Harley Themed T-shirts

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College Themed T-shirts

Regarding the yellow Morehead State University T-shirt below, the Eagles played at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky on December 4, 1973. The following comment is from Morehead State University’s Facebook page.

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Albums, Bands and Music Industry Themed T-shirts

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Specialty T-shirts

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Concert and Venue Themed T-shirts

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Long Sleeved Shirts

It has been reported that Randy’s mother made many of his shirts. She appears to have been a very good seamstress.

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The Tuxedo

The pinnacle of a Rock Star’s career is the induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Randy carried that ’70s Rock Star look into 1998 when he was inducted into the Hall with the Eagles on January 12, 1998. Randy was a class act!

Waldorf Astoria Hotel ~ New York, New York ~ January 12, 1998

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    1. You’re welcome! Randy certainly had that Rock Star look and the camera picked up on it. We can be so glad that they did.

  1. Love this Kathie! Thank You so Very Much for All Your Hard Work! It’s Appreciated More than You know!

    1. Hi Gwen! It’s nice to hear from you. I’ve always wanted to do a post on Randy’s t-shirts. They were the best! When I started searching, I noticed that there was so much more than the t-shirts. He just had that look! As Glenn said, he looked, played and sounded good. He was the total package of a ’70s rock star.

    1. Thanks, Janis! Many articles, Tweets, and Instagram posts I’ve read lately mention that Randy wore the best t-shirts. He really had that ’70s Rock Star look about him. Add the aviator sunglasses and he could not be mistaken as a member of the band.

  2. Randy wasn’t just a musician of the ’70’s. He was a top male model of the era! Absolute eye candy! He rocked his various shirts.
    Thank you so much for the research and the post!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Glenn knew it from the beginning, and Don Felder commented about it in his book. And Randy ever so humble in the blue light was there for the music. That being said, his shirts seemed to make a statement.

  3. I love this site, you do an amazing job of keeping everyone happy with all the Randy stuff. Thank you for allowing me here

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