In this fifth installment of my quote compilation series, “In His Own Words,” Randy talks about his hobbies outside of music.

Food & Gardening:

“The older I get the less I need. All the things that you want when you’re young, you kind of go through, and then you realize, ‘That was cool.’ Now just having a nice house, relaxing and working in the garden gets me off.”

“I really love fresh tomatoes. If you get them off the vine there’s nothing like it. I raise them every year and I can almost raise them all year round. Around my pool in the back yard there’s a fence because the deer would come up and eat them all. They’d also eat the roses. I’m really sensitive when it comes to tomatoes (laughing). It’s like they’re human or something.”

When asked about his favorite foods in a questionnaire for the Poco fan club in 1968, Randy responded: German foods and fruits.” Among those German foods he enjoyed were Runzas, aka cabbage burgers or bierock, popular in Nebraska, which once had a large population of Volga German immigrants, including Randy’s grandparents. Read more about Runzas, and their history, in this article from the Chicago Tribune (Randy even gets a mention). An enthusiastic cook, Randy has been known to make his own Runzas.

Chicago Tribune, January 8, 2017


With one of his pet chihuahuas, 2015

I live in the hills in Studio City and my wife and I feed deer every night. There are two little fawns up here. They are spotted and they are twins. We have been feeding them for 14 years. It is just so neat. We feed them and they come up every night and they trust us. You have to build trust in animals…Altogether the animals we feed we have seen three skunk families raise their children. Everyone says they stink but they are the cutest little things in the world.”

 “I got my house paid off, my wife, two little chihuahuas and tomato plants that are five feet high right now. I’m happy as a clam.”

Photo: Stephen Stickler, 1993


Daily Mirror, July 1, 1994

“I had about twenty three cars antiques, mostly Fords. They were in Nebraska and I had a storage place for them there. I sold all of [them] and kept a little ’44 pick-up and it is all restored. It has a little V-8, 85 in it with duals and fifteen-inch tires and that is all I have done. It is just like perfection….It is my little pride and joy.”

“I had an old [Porsche] and I wrecked it like a dummy. It was like a 914 from Germany and I think it was a ’73. I just had all kinds of money in it and I was just getting ready to get it painted. I had the engine all rebuilt and everything and what a fast little car and it just ended up in a wreck. When it was totaled I was so sad. I worked on that car for three years.”

“I actually have a model collection that is over fifteen hundred cars. When I was in high school I use to build cars like modifying little 44s with the guys that I knew. What I use to do is I’d buy model kits like AMTs and build them by memory and it has always been a lot of fun for me and now I have all these models in my house.”

Nick St. Nicholas: “He has what has to be the world’s largest collection of [model cars.] They’re all over the house. I called there one day and his wife told me Randy was out in the garage painting. He was painting his little cars and trucks and fire engines and whatever else he has.”

Back Cover of Randy Meisner (1982). Photo: George Holz.


At home, 1980

“I just work around the yard. There’s always something to do around the house. You fix one end of it and the other end breaks. It’s very normal. I love it.”

During an interview in 1994, a reporter noted that: “Meisner had to step away from the phone to clean up. He was in the middle of spackling his bathroom.”

 “Yeah, I watch [The Honeymooners] and Andy Griffith….I’m a down home guy.”


I couldn’t find where Randy ever talked about it publicly, but a post about his hobbies and other talents wouldn’t be complete without mentioning his artwork. Below are a few examples of his drawings, paintings and sculptures.

In November 1994, Randy donated artwork to a silent auction for the musicians charity, MusiCares.
Randy’s drawing on the wall of Alley Music Studios in North Hollywood, c.1990
The little thing on the left is probably a gate with a flag.


Food & Gardening:
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