OTD June 28, 1977 Eagles Knoxville Civic Coliseum

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June 28th, 1977

The Eagles played at the Knoxville Civic Coliseum in Knoxville, Tennessee. Andrew Gold opened.

The longstanding story goes that Randy, sick with the flu, refused to sing “Take It To The Limit” for one of the encores, resulting in a backstage altercation with Glenn Frey. However, the review below mentions that the song was played, but not as an encore. The three encores played that night were: “James Dean,” “Best Of My Love,” and “Take It Easy,” which is consistent with their setlists from that leg of the tour.1 Here’s how Randy himself tells the story. It’s worth noting that Randy himself has rarely (if perhaps ever) mentioned that the disagreement was over singing “Take It To The Limit,” only that he was too sick and exhausted to go back out for yet another encore.

“We had been out for a total of eleven months, and everybody was starting to feel the strain. My ulcer was acting up, and [I had] a bad case of the flu as well. Still, we all sounded great onstage, the audience loved the show, and we were being called back for another encore. ‘No way,’ I said. I was too sick, and generally fed up. I decided I wasn’t going back out….

“Glenn got right up in my face and called me a pussy and I just snapped and took a swing at him. There were police backstage and they grabbed me. Glenn grabbed up a towel, wiped his sweaty face on it and just threw it in my face. I said ‘That’s it’. I quit the band for all intents and purposes that night. But I went ahead and finished the rest of the US tour… My last days as an Eagle were pure hell. Nobody was talking to me.” 2, 3

Johnson City Press Chronicle ~ July 2, 1977

1 See reviews for other concerts from that week in June 1977: Carolina Coliseum & Nashville, which had similar encore numbers, and the previous night’s show in Greensboro, where “Take It To The Limit” was sung early in the show.
2 To The Limit: The Untold Story Of The Eagles by Marc Eliot, 1997
3 The Story Of The Eagles: The Long Run by Marc Shapiro, 1995

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