Interview with John Beaudin, August 4th, 2000

Beaudin was in Vancouver in the QMFM Studios, and Randy was in California.
They talked for 90 minutes.
(Eight Parts)

Randy, four days after the interview at a benefit for music store owner, Fred Walecki, which he talks about in Part 1.

Part 1: Randy Talks About Joining The Eagles, Poco & The Fans:

Part 2: Randy Talks About His Need To Leave The Eagles:

Part 3: Randy Remembers Old Friend Ricky Nelson & An Unsuccessful Poco Reunion:

Part 4 ~ Randy Said By The Time The Early Eagles Music Was Released He Was Done:

Part 5 ~ Randy Describes His Mental State Leaving The Eagles In 1977:

Part 6 ~ What Randy Really Thinks Of Timothy B Schmit His Eagles Replacement:

Part 7 ~ Randy Remembers Fist Fight With Glenn Frey & Other Eagles Regrets:

Part 8 ~ Randy Lost Ultimate Eagles Desperado Homemade Bootleg: