Welcome to our Photo Session Archive. This compilation is organized by year and consists mainly of posed photos, no concert shots or candids (with the exception of a few by Henry Diltz). Click on the image for more information about each session and to see additional photos (if available). This is an ongoing project, so please check back for updates.

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1961The Drivin’ Dynamics
1962The Drivin’ DynamicsPhotographer: Ken Studio, Scottsbluff, NE
c.1963The Drivin’ DynamicsPhotographer: Ken Studio, Scottsbluff, NE
1964The Drivin’ Dynamics
c.1966The PoorPhotographer: Henry Diltz
1967The Poor
c.1968PocoPhotographer: Michael Douglas Miller
February 1969Poco


c.1970Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band
October 21, 1971EaglesPhotographer: Eve Babitz
1971EaglesPhotographer: Ethan Russell
March 1972EaglesPhotographer: Henry Diltz
July 6, 1972EaglesPhotographer: Gary Elam
December 18, 1972EaglesPhotographer: Henry Diltz
March 9th, 1973EaglesPhotographer: Peter Mazel
March 1973EaglesPhotographer: Gijsbert Hanekroot
March 1973EaglesPhotographer: Gijsbert Hanekroot
March 1973EaglesPhotographer: Julian Ruthven
November 12, 1973Eagles
September 1973EaglesPhotographer: Henry Diltz
November 13, 1973EaglesPhotographer: Peter Mazel
1974EaglesPhotographer: Henry Diltz
August 25, 1974EaglesPhotographer: Henry Diltz
August 1974EaglesPhotographer: Henry Diltz
1975EaglesPhotographer: Henry Diltz
1975EaglesPhotographer: Norman Seeff
June 29, 1975EaglesPhotographer: Neal Preston
July 29, 1975EaglesPhotographer: Ken Regan
c. August 9, 1975EaglesPhotographer: Neal Preston
1975EaglesPhotographer: Norman Seeff
c. December 1975EaglesPhotographer: David Alexander
January 1976EaglesPhotographer: Trevor Dallen
January 1976Eagles
c.February 1, 1976Eagles
February 1976EaglesPhotographer: Koh Hasebe
1976EaglesPhotographer: Norman Seeff
1976EaglesPhotographer: David Alexander
June 24, 1976EaglesPhotographer: David Alexander
1976EaglesPhotographer: David Alexander
1976EaglesPhotographer: David Alexander
1976EaglesPhotographer: Gary McGuire
April-May, 1977Eagles
May 11, 1977Eagles
May 15, 1977Eagles
February 23, 1978Randy Meisner and Glenn Frey
1978Photographer: James Shea
1978Photographer: Gene Fletcher Brownell


1980Randy Meisner & Don Henley
1980Photographer: Aaron Rapoport
1980Photographer: Henry Diltz
1980Photographer: Neal Preston
1980Randy Meisner, Wendy Waldman, Eric KazPhotographer: Wayne Williams
c. October 1980Randy Meisner and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick
c.April 1981Photographer: George Rose
c.1981Photographer: Henry Diltz
1982Photographer: George Holz
1985Black TiePhotographer: John Exley
1985Black Tie
1987Rick Roberts & Open Secret
1987Roberts-Meisner Band
1987Roberts-Meisner Band
1989PocoPhotographer: James Shea
1989PocoPhotographer: Jeff Katz


c.1993Meisner, Swan & RichPhotographer: Richard Wright
1994Randy MeisnerPhotographer: Jon Freeman
March 17, 1997World Classic RockersPhotographer: Jim Steinfeldt
April 5, 1997World Classic RockersPhotographer: Jim Steinfeldt
1997World Classic Rockers
c.1998World Classic Rockers
c.1999World Classic Rockers