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April 1977
BBC Radio 1 Interview With The Eagles

The Eagles were interviewed by John Tobler of BBC Radio 1 shortly after their arrival in London for their European tour in April 1977. Each band member was interviewed separately. This is Randy’s 6-minute segment.
Listen to the rest of the interviews here.


Feb. 28, 1981
Peter Rodman, of wxna radio in nashville, Interviews Randy


Rick Nelson’s Personal Manager Talks With Randy About Rick

Shortly after Rick’s death on New Year’s Eve in 1985, his manager Greg McDonald spoke with Randy.

June 1986
Rick Nelson Benefit Concert Interview

Randy was interviewed by Brian Beirne of Channel 11 News in Los Angeles.
Randy was part of a benefit organized for Rick Nelson’s band members after Rick,
the band members, and Rick’s fiance, Helen Blair, died in a plane crash on New Year’s Eve in 1985.
The benefit was held at the Beverly Theatre in Beverly Hills on June 30, 1986.
The proceeds went to the families of the band members.

May 12, 1988
KBSG Radio Interview With Randy

Thanks to the late Gene Clark of The Byrds for this home video of Randy
being interviewed on May 12, 1988 by Joe Michaels of KBSG radio in Tacoma, WA.

Click here to watch the full video which includes Gene being interviewed at KZOK radio in Seattle.
Randy, Gene and Rick Roberts were promoting a concert in Temple Theatre in Tacoma
that unfortunately was cancelled due to Gene becoming ill.

Poco Legacy VH1 Special

A VH1 Special featuring Randy, Richie Furay, Rusty Young, Jim Messina and George Grantham.

The history of Poco and country rock are discussed.
The record company edited the videos from the Legacy album.
A few songs were also performed acoustically.

How Poco Was Formed and How They Reunited
(Two Parts)

Part 1 ~ Jim Messina, Rusty Young and Randy (at 6:50) talk about starting Poco.

Part 2 ~ Jim Messina, Rusty Young and Randy (at 2:00 & 5:28) talk about the Legacy reunion, album and tour.

“In the Studio With Redbeard” Interviews Randy

Clips of Randy’s interview with Redbeard while Randy was in Dallas on the Poco Legacy Tour.
Click here to listen to the full interview which also includes Glenn Frey’s interview three years later on May 9, 1982.


American Journal TV Show Interview
(Poor Video Quality)

Nancy Glass of the American Journal TV show interviews Randy
about the Eagles 1994 reunion and his thoughts on being left out.

Aug. 4, 2000
John Beaudin’s Lost Interview With Randy

John was in Vancouver in the QMFM Studios, and Randy was in California.
They talked for an hour and one half.
(Eight Parts)

Randy, four days after the interview at a benefit for music store owner, Fred Walecki, which he talks about in Part 1.

Part 1: Randy Talks About Joining The Eagles, Poco & The Fans:

Part 2: Randy Talks About His Need To Leave The Eagles:

Part 3: Randy Remembers Old Friend Ricky Nelson & An Unsuccessful Poco Reunion:

Part 4 ~ Randy Said By The Time The Early Eagles Music Was Released He Was Done:

Part 5 ~ Randy Describes His Mental State Leaving The Eagles In 1977:

Part 6 ~ What Randy Really Thinks Of Timothy B Schmit His Eagles Replacement:

Part 7 ~ Randy Remembers Fist Fight With Glenn Frey & Other Eagles Regrets:

Part 8 ~ Randy Lost Ultimate Eagles Desperado Homemade Bootleg:

Hotel California Interview

From a Japanese documentary

Nov. 16, 2018
Randy Celebrates Richie Furay’s 50th Anniversary

At The Troubadour

Randy shared his thoughts about his early Poco days at the Troubadour during Richie Furay’s 50th Anniversary
at the Troubadour.

Nov. 28, 2020
Joe Walsh Interviews Randy On His Weekly Radio Show

Joe Walsh interviewed ‘The Meis’ on his Los Angeles 88.5 FM weekly ‘Old-Fashioned Rock n’ Roll’ Public Radio Show.