The original four backstage at the Portland (Maine) Exposition Center.
L-R: Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Bernie Leadon, Randy Meisner.

The Eagles headlined the show and were supported by Mountain and a New Hampshire group, John Perrault & Friends. The show was produced for the UMP-G (University of Maine Portland-Gorham) Student Action Board.
All photos © Greg Jordan.

University Free Press, December 11, 1973.*

The Eagles were paid $5,000 for their appearance. Evidently, Leslie West and Felix Pappalardi of Mountain were less than thrilled to be booked as an opening act. Who can blame them? They played Woodstock, man.

Randy in the spotlight doing his thing, with all eyes in the audience watching him. One of my favorite photos.
A nonexistent prize to the person who can figure out what the back of Randy’s shirt says.

*A note about the date. The student paper says “last Sunday night’s concert.” Since the paper was published on Tuesday, December 11th, the last Sunday would seemingly have been the 9th. But Mountain played SUNY Plattsburgh that evening, so I used the previous Sunday, which seems to fit for both bands, who were touring the northeast at that time.

Additional information and photos for this post via the show’s producer, Art Piteau, on the Facebook page, “For Those Who Keep On Rockin'”

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  1. I’m useless at guessing but is the second word on the back of Randy’s shirt say “Band” When’s the closing date for the competition? I’m full of suspense!

    1. I agree about the second word. It does appear to be BAND. The first word has driven me nuts. The last two letters look like “LD” or LO”? I think we tried to figure this out once on the group, with no luck.

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