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These dates feature some of Randy’s earliest known performances, most of which are with The Drivin’ Dynamics (aka The Dynamics), the high school band co-founded by Randy in 1961 in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Also included are several dates by his first band, The Deacons (later The Thunderbirds), which featured both Randy and future Dynamics drummer, John Ankeny.

Note: There are newspaper ads around that show “The Dynamics” performing at dances in Crete, Wilber, and Howells, which are cities in eastern Nebraska. This was probably the band from Omaha who went by the same name.

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February 11, 1961Randy MeisnerScottsbluff YMCAScottsbluff, NebraskaSweetheart dance at YMCA.
February 25, 1961Randy MeisnerScottsbluff YMCAScottsbluff, NebraskaBeatnik dance at YMCA.
March 4, 1961The DeaconsPanhandle Saddle ClubScottsbluff, Nebraska
March 10, 1961The DeaconsScottsbluff High SchoolScottsbluff, Nebraska8th grade class party.
March 28, 1961Randy MeisnerScottsbluff High SchoolScottsbluff, NebraskaTalent show to benefit the foreign exchange student fund.
April 13, 1961The DeaconsHappy Hour ClubScottsbluff, NebraskaAthletic Recognition Party.
April 15, 1961Randy MeisnerScottsbluff YMCAScottsbluff, Nebraska“Twirp” dance (aka “Sadie Hawkins” dance) at YMCA.
April 23, 1961The DeaconsFirst Presbyterian ChurchScottsbluff, NebraskaYoung Peoples meeting
June 2, 1961Randy MeisnerScottsbluff YMCAScottsbluff, NebraskaSchool dance.
September 17, 1961The ThunderbirdsScottsbluff Moose Lodge 459Scottsbluff, NebraskaMoose Lodge talent contest. The Thunderbirds won second place.
December 9, 1961Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon Lake
Torrington, Wyoming
December 16, 1961Drivin’ DynamicsNational Guard ArmoryScottsbluff, Nebraska
December 25, 1961Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
January 6, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
January 27, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
February 10, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
February 17, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
March 3, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
March 30, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsMorrill High SchoolMorrill, NebraskaAthletic Banquet and Dance
April 14, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
April 28, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
May 4, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsMorrill High SchoolMorrill, NebraskaMorrill High School Junior-Senior Prom
June 9, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
June 23, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
July 7, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
July 14, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
July 21, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
August 4, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
August 11, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
August 18, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
September 8, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
September 22, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
October 6, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
October 20, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
November 3, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
November 17, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
December 1, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
December 15, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
December 28, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsElks Lodge HallScottsbluff, NE
December 29, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
December 31, 1962Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
January 12, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
January 20, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsLegion Community HallSutherland, Nebraska
February 2, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsKlub Ko KayScottsbluff, Nebraska
February 8, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsAmerican Legion HallOgallala, Nebraska
February 14, 1963The InvadersScottsbluff High SchoolScottsbluff, NebraskaScottsbluff High School student council talent show
March 2, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
March 16, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
March 22, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsScottsbluff High SchoolScottsbluff, NebraskaScottsbluff Skittens & S Club Semiformal
April 27, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
May 4, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsAlliance Junior HighAlliance, NebraskaJunior-Senior Prom
May 24, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsGering High SchoolGering, Nebraska
Spring Formal
June 22, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsCrescent BallroomGrant, Nebraska
June 29, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsAlliance Roller RinkAlliance, Nebraska
July 4, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsTerry’s ArenaTerrytown, Nebraska
July 13, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsAlliance Roller RinkAlliance, Nebraska
August 3, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsV.F.W. HallOgallala, Nebraska
August 7, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsLittle Moon LakeTorrington, Wyoming
August 17, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsAlliance Roller RinkAlliance, Nebraska
September 7, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsAlliance Roller RinkAlliance, Nebraska
September 12, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsScottsbluff CollegeScottsbluff, Nebraska
September 14, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsCrescent BallroomGrant, Nebraska
September 15, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsCrescent BallroomGrant, Nebraska
September 27, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsGurley High SchoolGurley, NebraskaDance following Gurley/Dalton football game
October 11, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsPaxton High SchoolPaxton, NebraskaHomecoming dance following football game against Madrid High School.
October 26, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsTerry’s ArenaTerrytown, NebraskaThis show was advertised in the Scottsbluff paper for several days with an ad that included a photo of the band.
November 2, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsCrescent BallroomGrant, Nebraska
November 9, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsCrescent BallroomGrant, NebraskaSponsored by the V.F.W.
November 21, 1963Randy Meisner ComboLake Alice AuditoriumScottsbluff, NebraskaLake Alice PTA Chili Supper
November 29, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsBayard High SchoolBayard, NebraskaBayard High School Band Ball
December 14, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsFort Sidney Hotel
Sidney, NebraskaSidney High School Christmas Cotillion
December 28, 1963Drivin’ DynamicsCrescent BallroomGrant, Nebraska
January 11, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsNational Guard ArmoryGrand Island, Nebraska
January 28, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsThe Stomp InnScottsbluff, NebraskaAfter the Gering-Scottsbluff game
February 22, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsCrescent BallroomGrant, Nebraska
March 14, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsNational Guard ArmoryGrand Island, Nebraska
April 4, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsCrescent BallroomGrant, Nebraska
April 23, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsLegion Community HallSutherland, Nebraska
May 15, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsStudent Union/Kearney State CollegeKearney, Nebraska
May 23, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsCrescent BallroomGrant, Nebraska
July 16, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsTin HallAtwood, Kansas
August 19, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsPerkins County FairGrant, Nebraska
August 28, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsRiverside ParkCentral City, Nebraska
August 29, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsLegion Community HallSutherland, Nebraska
September 12, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsOscar’s PalladiumSargent, Nebraska
September 25, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsHoldrege City AuditoriumKearney, Nebraska
October 17, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsChadron National Guard ArmoryChadron, NebraskaChadron State College Homecoming Dance
November 26, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsNorth Platte ArmoryNorth Platte, Nebraska
December 11, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsFire Barn/Kearney Air BaseKearney, Nebraska
December 31, 1964Drivin’ DynamicsTerry’s ArenaTerrytown, Nebraska1,500 people attended
January 8, 1965Drivin’ DynamicsKearney State CollegeKearney, Nebraska
January 29, 1965Drivin’ DynamicsBand BoxRapid City, South Dakota
February 20, 1965Drivin’ DynamicsFireman’s Barn/Kearney AirbaseKearney, Nebraska
September 23, 1965Drivin’ DynamicsLegion Community HallSutherland, Nebraska
October 8, 1965Drivin’ DynamicsThe BeachcomerScottsbluff, NebraskaAfter the Scottsbluff & Gering Game
October 15, 1965Drivin’ DynamicsKearney High SchoolKearney, NebraskaSenior High mixer after Kearney & Lexington game.
October 22, 1965Drivin’ DynamicsDeuel County High SchoolChappell, NebraskaHomecoming dance following Chappell/Oshkosh game
November 27, 1965Drivin’ DynamicsMasonic TempleAlliance, Nebraska
December 23, 1965Drivin’ DynamicsKearney Youth Center Kerney, Nebraska
January 23, 1966Drivin’ DynamicsNational Guard ArmoryScottsbluff, NebraskaBenefit dance for two members of the Scottsbluff High School stage band who were killed in a car-train accident
April 1, 1966Drivin’ DynamicsDude’s Steak HouseSidney, NebraskaDance following Pep Club banquet
April 23, 1966Drivin’ DynamicsPlaylandGering, Nebraska
April 30, 1966Drivin’ DynamicsSutherland High School Sutherland, NebraskaHigh School Prom
July 14-15, 1966Drivin’ DynamicsPlaylandGering, NebraskaOregon Trail Days


In the summer of 1966, Randy joined a Denver band called The Soul Survivors. Shortly thereafter they moved to Los Angeles and changed their name to The Poor. They played all the major clubs on the Sunset Strip, but never quite made it. They disbanded in late 1968. Read more about The Poor here.

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November 21-27, 1966The PoorWhisky A-Go-GoLos Angeles, CaliforniaOpened for Buffalo Springfield
April 30, 1967The PoorHullabalooLos Angeles, California“Freedom Of Expression Concert”
May 17-18, 1967The PoorThe ExodusDenver, Colorado
May 20, 1967The PoorThe ExodusDenver, Colorado
May 24, 1967The PoorThe ExodusDenver, Colorado
June 22-25, 1967The PoorBido Lito’sLos Angeles, California
August 3-7, 1967The PoorThe SalvationNew York, New YorkOpened for The Jimi Hendrix Experience
October 5-7, 1967The PoorMagic MushroomStudio City, CaliforniaThe Poor are billed with Kaleidoscope
October 8, 1967The PoorMagic MushroomStudio City, CaliforniaThe Poor is billed with the radio program, Radio Free Oz, which was broadcast on KRLA from the Magic Mushroom.
February 1-3, 1968The PoorLittle Al’sLos Angeles, California
August 7-11, 1968The PoorUniversal Studios
Los Angeles, CaliforniaDecca Records Promotional Seminar


The band that would become known as Poco was founded in 1968 by Richie Furay, Jim Messina, Rusty Young, George Grantham, and Randy Meisner. For the dates below, the band performed under their original name, Pogo, with the exception of a couple of early dates where they were billed as RFD.

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October 1968PocoTroubadourWest Hollywood, CaliforniaThis was the band’s first public performance.
Via Richie Furay’s memoir, the band debuted at a Monday “Hoot night” in October 1968.
Since the venue was closed from Sept 30-Oct 8 for repairs, this performance most likely took place on October 14th.
October 24, 1968PocoTroubadourWest Hollywood, CaliforniaBilled as RFD
November 2, 1968PocoUSC Bovard CollegeLos Angeles, CaliforniaBilled as RFD
November 19 – December 1, 1968PocoThe Troubadour
West Hollywood, CaliforniaBiff Rose also performed.
December 6-7, 1968PocoTroubadourLos Angeles, CaliforniaShared bill with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
December 21, 1968PocoAnaheim Convention CenterAnaheim, CaliforniaHosted by KHJ disc jockey, Sam Riddle,
the show was filmed and broadcast on channel 9 in L.A.
December 26-29, 1968PocoFillmore WestSan Francisco, CaliforniaAlso on the bill were The Steve Miller Band and Sly & The Family Stone.
December 31, 1968PocoShrine HallLos Angeles, California
January 25, 1969PocoBeverly Hills High SchoolBeverly Hills, California
February 4-9, 1969PocoTroubadourLos Angeles, CaliforniaRandy’s final appearance with the band until the original five members reunited in 1989.


In March 1969, Randy joins Rick Nelson and brings along two former members of The Poor–Allen Kemp and Pat Shanahan–to form The Stone Canyon Band. Some dates from the Fall of 1969 were cancelled because Nelson was ill with a throat ailment. Randy left the band following the European tour. In his absence he was replaced by Phil “Fang” Volk from Paul Revere & The Raiders and later, Tim Cetera. Randy returned to the band in the Fall of 1970 for a tour and to record Rudy The Fifth. Read more here.

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April 1-6, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandTroubadourWest Hollywood, California
May 3, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandStallion Oaks RanchActon, CaliforniaCountry Pop Festival.
Rick did not perform.
August 22-Sept 1, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandThe Bitter End PHOTOSNew York City
September 2-5, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandCellar Door Washington, D.C.
September 12-13, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandBoston Tea PartyBoston, MassachusettsAlso on the bill were The Coasters & NRBQ.
September 17-21, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandMain PointBryn Mawr, PennsylvaniaCancelled due to illness.
October 24-25, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandJD’s PHOTOSPhoenix, Arizona
October 28 – November 2, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandTroubadourWest Hollywood, CaliforniaPerformances from this run were used for the album Rick Nelson In Concert.
November 21-22, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandLudlow GarageCincinnati, OhioSons of Champlin & The Lemon Pipers also performed.
November 25-30, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandThe Main PointBryn Mawr, PennsylvaniaRescheduled dates from September.
December 19-20, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandOld MillSalt Lake City, Utah
December 27, 1969Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandHouston Music Theater
Houston, Texas
January 18, 1970Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandTroubadourWest Hollywood, California
January 31, 1970Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandArmory AuditoriumSalem, OregonShow was cancelled because Rick Nelson became ill.
February 6-9, 1970Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandDance City U.S.A.Fort Worth, Texas
February 13, 1970Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandThe Aces ClubCity Of Industry, California
February 21, 1970Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandValley Music TheaterWoodland Hills, CaliforniaWith the Flying Burrito Brothers
March 13-30, 1970Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandEuropean Tour
EuropeEuropean tour of military bases.
Randy departs the Stone Canyon Band at the end of the tour. He returns in late Fall.
December 11-13, 1970Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandChuck’s CellarLos Altos, California
January 2, 1971Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandDisneylandAnaheim, California
February 9, 1971Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandLouisiana Tech UniversityShreveport, Louisiana
February 12, 1971Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandKing’s BallroomNorfolk, NebraskaRandy’s family attended all three Nebraska shows.
February 13, 1971Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandPershing AuditoriumLincoln, Nebraska
February 14, 1971Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandWayne State College
Wayne, NebraskaPhotos were taken backstage (click venue).
February 22-March 7, 1971Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon BandMister Kelly’s PHOTOSChicago, Illinois

The following gig most likely occurred following Randy’s departure from the Stone Canyon Band.

March 18, 1971Denver Auditorium ArenaDenver, ColoradoAccording to the review, Randy is listed as part of James Taylor’s band, perhaps filling in for bassist, Leland Sklar. It’s possible this is a case of mistaken identity. A few months later in October 1971, Randy is once again mentioned as being part of Taylor’s band at a show in Williamsburg, VA, but photos from the show prove it was actually Sklar.


Randy was one of the four founding members of the Eagles in 1971. He remained with the group until the end of the Hotel California tour in 1977.

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June 23-26, 1971Linda RonstadtChuck’s CellarLos Altos, CaliforniaRandy recalled in multiple interviews that he first met Don Henley & Glenn Frey when he filled in for Linda’s bassist, Mike Bowden, at Chuck’s Cellar. Henley & Frey were part of her backing band at the time. These are most likely the dates. It’s unclear whether Randy sat in with the band all four nights.
July 27-August 1, 1971Linda RonstadtTroubadourWest Hollywood, CaliforniaThree live recordings from these shows appeared on Linda’s first solo album, Linda Ronstadt (1972). Randy appeared as a background vocalist on two of these live recordings: “Birds” and “Rescue Me.” Mike Bowden played bass.
August 25-30, 1971Linda RonstadtQuiet KnightChicago, IllinoisRandy Meisner, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, and Bernie Leadon are listed in the review as Ronstadt’s backing band for the five-night stand. The first night aired over WGLD radio.
November 15-17, 1971EaglesTulagiBoulder, ColoradoBilled as “Eagle”
November 30-December 4, 1971 EaglesThe GalleryAspen, ColoradoBilled as “The Eagles”
December 7-11, 1971EaglesTulagiBoulder, ColoradoBilled as “Eagle”
EaglesWestlake School for GirlsLos Angeles, CaliforniaThe exact date of this show is unknown, however Don Henley claimed in 2007 that it was the band’s “first public show.”
April 2, 1972EaglesBoyd Elder’s Art ShowVenice, California
April 19th, 1972EaglesPacific Coliseum (PHOTO)Vancouver, BC, CanadaOpened for Joe Cocker.
The band is not mentioned on the bill or in reviews, but they are photographed backstage in the May 13th, 1972 issue of RPM magazine, a Canadian trade publication. They are referred to as “Eagle” in the caption.
April 20, 1972EaglesColiseumSpokane, WashingtonOpened for Joe Cocker. Band performs under the name “Eagle.”
April 21, 1972EaglesMemorial ColiseumPortland, OregonOpened for Joe Cocker. Band performs once again as “Eagle”
April 27, 1972EaglesDenver ColiseumDenver, ColoradoOpened for Joe Cocker. Performs as “Eagles.”
June 8, 1972EaglesEdmonton GardensEdmonton, Alberta, CanadaOpened for Jethro Tull.
June 9, 1972EaglesStampede CorralCalgary, Alberta, CanadaOpened for Jethro Tull.
June 11, 1972EaglesSeattle Center ColiseumSeattle, WashingtonOpened for Jethro Tull
June 12, 1972EaglesColiseumSpokane, WashingtonOpened for Jethro Tull. Although an ad in the Spokesman Review bills them as “Eagles,” an article in the same paper, refers to the band as “Eagle,” perhaps due to the fact that they were billed this way less than two months before when they opened at the Spokane Coliseum for Joe Cocker.
June 14, 1972EaglesFairgrounds ArenaOklahoma City, OklahomaOpened for Jethro Tull.
Although the Eagles were not mentioned in any publicity for the show, an audience recording exists of their 8-song set, which included 6 songs from their debut LP, plus 2 non-LP tracks: “How Long” and the rare “Get Up Baby.”
June 15, 1972EaglesMunicipal AuditoriumKansas City, MissouriOpened for Jethro Tull
June 16, 1972EaglesOakland ColiseumOakland, CaliforniaOpened for Jethro Tull
June 17, 1972EaglesLas Vegas Convention Center RotundaLas Vegas, NevadaOpened for Jethro Tull
June 20, 1972EaglesConvention Center ArenaSan Antonio, TexasOpened for Jethro Tull
June 21, 1972EaglesEl Paso ColiseumEl Paso, TexasEagles were supposed to open for Jethro Tull, but concert was cancelled due to excessive heat.
June 30, 1972EaglesBerkeley Community TheaterBerkeley, CaliforniaOpened for Procol Harum
July 2-3, 1972EaglesSanta Monica Civic AuditoriumSanta Monica, CaliforniaOpened for Procol Harum
July 6, 1972EaglesCommunity Concourse/Golden Hall San Diego, CaliforniaOpened for Procol Harum.
Most likely the location of the backstage photo of the band taken by Cameron Crowe’s friend, Gary Elam, originally published in San Diego Door in November 1972. Crowe mistakenly recalled in 2015 that the photo was taken at the San Diego Civic Theater.
July 8, 1972EaglesVictoria Opera HouseDayton, OhioEagles cancelled due to the death of Don Henley’s father. Rescheduled September 3rd.
July 9, 1972EaglesRichmond ColiseumRichmond, VirginiaEagles and Black Oak Arkansas opened for Humble Pie
July 10, 1972EaglesGreensboro ColiseumGreensboro, North CarolinaEagles and Black Oak Arkansas opened for Humble Pie
July 13, 1972EaglesSports ArenaAtlanta, GeorgiaOpened for Procol Harum
July 14, 1972EaglesWarehouseNew Orleans, LouisianaOpened for Procol Harum
July 15, 1972EaglesCivic CenterVirginia Beach, VirginiaOpened for Procol Harum
July 19, 1972EaglesPierrefonds ArenaPierrefonds, Quebec, CanadaOpened for Procol Harum
July 30, 1972EaglesDallas Memorial AuditoriumDallas, TexasOpened for Yes
August 1, 1972EaglesBarton ColiseumLittle Rock, ArkansasOpened for Yes
August 3, 1972EaglesDenver ColiseumDenver, ColoradoOpened for Yes & Edgar Winter
August 4, 1972EaglesLong Beach ArenaLong Beach, CaliforniaOpened for Yes & Edgar Winter
August 6, 1972EaglesMemorial ColiseumPortland, OregonOpened for Yes & Edgar Winter
August 7, 1972EaglesPacific ColiseumVancouver, CanadaOpened for Yes & Edgar Winter
August 8, 1972EaglesCenter ColiseumSeattle, WashingtonOpened for Yes
August 11, 1972EaglesAkron Rubber BowlAkron, OhioEagles and Mahavishnu Orchestra opened for Yes
August 12, 1972EaglesConvention HallAsbury Park, New JerseyOpened for Yes
August 13, 1972EaglesMerriweather Post PavilionColumbia, MarylandOpened for Yes
August 15, 1972EaglesSpectrumPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaEagles and Jo Jo Gunne opened for Yes
August 17, 1972EaglesReflectionsCincinnati, Ohio
August 18, 1972EaglesConvention CenterLouisville, KentuckyOpened for Yes
August 19, 1972EaglesMid-South ColiseumMemphis, TennesseeOpened for Yes
August 21, 1972EaglesStanley TheaterPittsburg, PennsylvaniaJo Jo Gunne and Ramatam also performed
August, 23, 1972EaglesIdora ParkYoungstown, OhioWHOT Day
September 2, 1972EaglesDane County ColiseumMadison, Wisconsin
September 3, 1972EaglesVictoria Opera HouseDayton, OhioRescheduled from July 8th
September 4, 1972EaglesBull IslandChandler, IndianaErie Canal Soda Pop Festival
The Eagles, plus several other acts, did not perform.
September 8, 1972EaglesDuke UniversityDurham, North Carolina
September 15, 1972EaglesSportatoriumHollywood, FloridaOpened for Yes
September 16, 1972EaglesCurtis Hixon HallTampa, FloridaOpened for Yes
September 17, 1972EaglesJacksonville ColiseumJacksonville, FloridaEagles and Eggs Over Easy opened for Yes
September 19, 1972EaglesCincinnati GardensCincinnati, OhioEagles and Gentle Giant opened for Yes
September 20, 1972EaglesFairgrounds ColiseumIndianapolis, IndianaEagles and Gentle Giant opened for Yes
September 22, 1972EaglesArie Crown TheaterChicago, IllinoisOpened for Yes in two back-to-back shows.
September 23, 1972EaglesArmoryMinneapolis, MinnesotaEagles and Gentle Giant opened for Yes
September 24, 1972EaglesMecca ArenaMilwaukee, WisconsinEagles and Gentle Giant opened for Yes
September 25, 1972EaglesDillon StadiumHartford, ConnecticutEagles and Edgar Winter opened for Yes
September 26, 1972EaglesMusic HallBoston, MassachusettsOpened for Yes
September 27, 1972EaglesRichmond ColiseumRichmond, VirginiaOpened for Yes
September 29, 1972EaglesFelt Forum (PHOTOS)New York CityBilled with Jackson Browne & J.D. Souther
September 30, 1972EaglesMunicipal AuditoriumAtlanta, GeorgiaOpened for Yes
October 1, 1972EaglesMemorial ColiseumTuscaloosa, AlabamaOpened for Yes
October 2, 1972EaglesCarolina ColiseumColumbia, South CarolinaOpened for Yes
October 3, 1972EaglesCharlotte ColiseumCharlotte, North CarolinaOpened for Yes
October 6, 1972EaglesBronco Bowl AuditoriumDallas, TexasGuests: Jackson Browne & J.D. Souther
October 7, 1972EaglesTarrant County Convention CenterFort Worth, TexasShow was cancelled.
October 8, 1972EaglesMusic HallHouston, TexasEagles were on the bill with Jackson Browne & J.D. Souther
November 15, 1972EaglesFreeborn Hall / UC Davis (PHOTOS)Davis, CaliforniaAlso on the bill were Linda Ronstadt & pedal steel aficionado “Sneaky” Pete Kleinow
November 25, 1972EaglesMemorial ColiseumLos Angeles, CaliforniaEagles cancelled due to lack of time.
Benefit for Southern California Council of Free Clinics
November 28, 1972EaglesSalt PalaceSalt Lake City, UtahOpened for Ten Years After
December 1, 1972EaglesBridges Auditorium/Claremont CollegeClaremont, CaliforniaShared bill with J. Geils Band
December 2, 1972EaglesRoyce Hall/UCLALos Angeles, CaliforniaWith Linda Ronstadt
December 10, 1972EaglesHonolulu International CenterHonolulu, HawaiiOpened for Ten Years After


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March 9, 1973EaglesVliegermolen (PHOTOS)Voorburg, NetherlandsPopgala ’73
March 10, 1973EaglesConcertgebouw (PHOTOS)Amsterdam, NetherlandsA Dutch reviewer declares Randy’s “chillingly beautiful” performance of “Certain Kind Of Fool” the evening’s “pièce de résistance.”
March 12, 1973EaglesOxford PolytechnicOxford, EnglandJ.D. Souther opened
March 16, 1973EaglesRoyal Festival HallLondon, EnglandJ.D. Souther opened
April 26, 1973EaglesRochester War MemorialRochester, New YorkTen Years After & The Strawbs also performed
April 28, 1973EaglesConvocation Arena/OSUAthens, OhioOhio University Music Festival
May 3, 1973EaglesFlowers Hall / Florence State UniversityFlorence, Alabama
May 4, 1973EaglesElon UniversityElon, North CarolinaGrin opened
May 10, 1973EaglesKleinhans Music HallBuffalo, New YorkWith Spooky Tooth
May 11, 1973EaglesMSU AuditoriumEast Lansing, MichiganSunspark. Also performing were Gram Parsons and Lester Flatt
May 13, 1973EaglesAkron University Gym / University of Akron Akron, OhioWith Spooky Tooth
May 18, 1973EaglesCapitol TheaterPassaic, New Jersey
May 21, 1973EaglesOrpheumMinneapolis, MinnesotaWith Spooky Tooth
May 23, 1973EaglesMershon Auditorium / Ohio State UniversityColumbus, OhioOpening Acts: Livingston Taylor & McKendree Spring
May 25, 1973EaglesSouthern Illinois UniversityEdwardsville, Illinois“Spring Fest”
May 26, 1973EaglesSpectrumPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaWFIL charity benefit for handicapped children
May 27, 1973EaglesTidewater Community CollegePortsmouth, Virginia“Raunch & Roll Festival”
June 2, 1973EaglesWarehouseNew Orleans, LouisianaCharlie Daniels
June 3, 1973EaglesWar Memorial AuditoriumNashville, TennesseeCharlie Daniels also performed
June 7, 1973EaglesCurtis Hixon Hall (PHOTO)Tampa, FloridaREO Speedwagon opened
June 8, 1973EaglesPeabody AuditoriumDaytona Beach, FloridaREO Speedwagon opened
June 9, 1973EaglesWest Palm Beach AuditoriumWest Palm Beach, Florida
June 12, 1973EaglesRobinson AuditoriumLittle Rock, ArkansasOpened for Procol Harum
June 14, 1973EaglesCelebrity TheaterPhoenix, ArizonaCancelled
June 16, 1973EaglesBerkeley Community TheaterBerkeley, CaliforniaKing Crimson opened for the Eagles
June 20, 1973EaglesUCLA / Royce Hall AuditoriumLos Angeles, CaliforniaTaping of “ABC In Concert”
June 21, 1973EaglesSanta Monica Civic AuditoriumLos Angeles, CaliforniaEagles perform all songs from Desperado in sequence.
June 22, 1973EaglesCivic TheaterSan Diego, CaliforniaTim Weisberg also on bill
July 12, 1973EaglesHelen Reddy Show / NBC StudiosBurbank, California
August 1-2, 1973EaglesWollman Rink / Central ParkNew York, NYSchaefer Music Festival in Central Park. Concert aired on TV as “Good Vibrations From Central Park” on August 23, 1973
August 12, 1973EaglesTopanga CorralTopanga, CaliforniaCharity benefit to fight a proposed development by Pepperdine University in Topanga Canyon. Neil Young and Joni Mitchell also performed.
November 3, 1973EaglesPalace TheaterManchester, EnglandEagles opened for Neil Young
November 4, 1973EaglesHippodromeBristol, EnglandEagles opened for Neil Young
November 5, 1973EaglesRainbow TheaterLondon, EnglandEagles opened for Neil Young
November 6, 1973EaglesEmpire TheaterLiverpool, EnglandEagles opened for Neil Young
November 8, 1973EaglesApollo TheaterGlasgow, ScotlandEagles opened for Neil Young
November 9, 1973EaglesCity Hall Newcastle, EnglandEagles opened for Neil Young
November 10, 1973EaglesRoyal Festival HallLondon, EnglandEagles opened for Neil Young
November 12, 1973EaglesConcertgebouw (PHOTOS)Amsterdam, NetherlandsA Dutch reviewer noted that the band “interweaved exciting high pitched screams (Randy Meisner) with melodic guitar playing at the Concertgebouw.” Randy’s version of “Tryin’” was “delivered brilliantly, both vocally and instrumentally.”
November 13, 1973EaglesDe Doelen (PHOTOS)
Rotterdam, Netherlands
November 30, 1973EaglesCollege Of The Holy CrossWorcester, MassachusettsRandy performs a song called “Oh Darlin’, Wait & See” which was initially slated for On The Border, but did not appear on the finished album. (Click venue for more info and to hear the song)
December 2, 1973EaglesPortland Expo (PHOTOS)Portland, MaineMountain opened
December 4, 1973EaglesMorehead State University (PHOTOS)Morehead, KentuckyMcKendree Spring opened.
December 7, 1973EaglesPalace Concert TheaterProvidence, Rhode IslandMaria Muldaur opened
December 8, 1973EaglesCapitol TheaterPassaic, New JerseyMcKendree Spring opened. Special Guest: Linda Ronstadt
December 9, 1973EaglesUMBC University of MarylandBaltimore, MarylandMcKendree Spring opened
December 11, 1973EaglesAtlantic Christian College (PHOTOS)Wilson, North Carolina
December 13, 1973EaglesKiel Opera House (PHOTO)St. Louis, Missouri
December 14, 1973EaglesMemorial HallKansas City, Missouri
December 16, 1973EaglesIllinois State ArmorySpringfield, IllinoisMaria Muldaur opened
December 17, 1973EaglesColiseumEvansville, IndianaAlso on bill: Bachman Turner Overdrive & Dan Fogelberg
December 19, 1973EaglesCommunity Center Music HallTucson, ArizonaJesse Colin Young opened
December 20, 1973EaglesCommunity Concourse/Golden HallSan Diego, CaliforniaJesse Colin Young opened


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March 19, 1974EaglesJubilee AuditoriumCalgary, Alberta, CanadaDan Fogelberg opened. Don Felder’s first show with the band.
March 21, 1974EaglesGarden AuditoriumVancouver, British Columbia, CanadaDan Fogelberg opened
March 22, 1974EaglesParamount NorthwestPortland, Oregon
March 23, 1974EaglesParamount NorthwestSeattle, Washington
March 26, 1974EaglesCuesta CollegeSan Luis Obispo, CaliforniaNeil Young also performed. Benefit for Red Wind Foundation.
March 27, 1974EaglesBoise State UniversityBoise, Idaho
March 29, 1974EaglesCerritos CollegeNorwalk, CaliforniaThe Eagles cancelled due to inadequate facilities.
April 1, 1974EaglesRegis College (PHOTOS)Denver, ColoradoTalbot Brothers opened
April 2, 1974EaglesFort Lewis College (PHOTOS)Durango, Colorado
April 3, 1974EaglesTerrace BallroomSalt Lake City, UtahMason Proffit opened
April 5, 1974EaglesCelebrity TheaterPhoenix, Arizona
April 6, 1974EaglesOntario Motor SpeedwayOntario, CaliforniaCalifornia Jam
April 7, 1974EaglesUC Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, CaliforniaWith Jesse Colin Young
April 8, 1974EaglesWaikiki ShellHonolulu, HawaiiSpecial Guest: Linda Ronstadt
April 19, 1974EaglesMcFarlin Auditorium / SMUDallas, Texas
April 20, 1974EaglesTexas A&M University (PHOTOS)College Station, TexasJeffrey Comanor opened
April 22, 1974EaglesColiseum/Univ. of LA (PHOTOS)Monroe, LouisianaJeffrey Comanor opened
April 23, 1974EaglesMemorial Gymnasium / Louisiana TechRuston, Louisiana
April 25, 1974EaglesUniversity of IllinoisChampaign, IllinoisMarshall Tucker Band also performed
April 26, 1974EaglesAragon BallroomChicago, IllinoisMarshall Tucker Band also performed
April 28, 1974EaglesUniversity of Northern IowaCedar Falls, IowaSUNI Days Open Air Concert
May 2, 1974EaglesState University of New YorkCortland, New York
May 4, 1974EaglesIce Arena / State University of New YorkGeneseo, New York
May 7, 1974EaglesLock Haven State CollegeLock Haven, PennsylvaniaJohn Hartford and Pousette-Dart Band also performed
May 10, 1974EaglesShubert TheatrePhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
May 11, 1974EaglesAcademy of Music (PHOTO)New York City
May 12, 1974EaglesSpringfield Civic CenterSpringfield, MassachusettsJesse Colin Young also performed
May 17, 1974EaglesConstitution HallWashington, DCJesse Colin Young also performed
May 18, 1974EaglesCapitol TheaterPassaic, New JerseyJesse Colin Young also performed
May 19, 1974EaglesDome Arena/Monroe County FairgroundsHenrietta, New York
May 20, 1974EaglesPalace Concert TheaterProvidence, Rhode IslandREO Speedwagon opened
May 22, 1974EaglesMasonic AuditoriumDetroit, Michigan
May 24, 1974EaglesAllen TheaterCleveland, Ohio
May 25, 1974EaglesMershon Auditorium / Ohio State UniversityColumbus, Ohio
May 26, 1974EaglesGrand Valley State Colleges FieldhouseAllendale, Michigan
June 7, 1974EaglesGolden HallSan Diego, CaliforniaBrewer & Shipley also performed
June 8, 1974EaglesSanta Monica Civic AuditoriumSanta Monica, California
June 9, 1974EaglesBerkeley Community TheaterBerkeley, CaliforniaBilly Joel opened
June 30, 1974EaglesJeppesen StadiumHouston, TexasCommander Cody & The Allman Brothers also performed
July 7, 1974EaglesOrange Bowl StadiumMiami, Florida“Holiday Jam ’74”
July 17, 1974EaglesSouthern Illinois UniversityEdwardsville, IllinoisMississippi River Festival
July 19, 1974EaglesOzark Music FestivalSedalia, MissouriEagles appeared on the first night of the three-day festival
July 21, 1974EaglesAllen County War Memorial ColiseumFt. Wayne, IndianaJoe Walsh & Barnstorm also appeared
July 22, 1974EaglesNorthern KY State CollegeHighland Heights, KentuckySouther-Hillman-Furay Band also performed
July 24, 1974EaglesRoberts StadiumEvansville, IndianaSouther-Hillman-Furay Band & Lynyrd Skynyrd also performed
July 25, 1974EaglesAkron Civic TheaterAkron, OhioSouther-Hillman-Furay Band also performed
July 26, 1974EaglesBoston GardenBoston, MassachusettsOpened for the Allman Brothers. Benefit for North American Indian Foundation
July 27, 1974EaglesTake It Easy RanchCallaway, MarylandSummer Jam
July 28, 1974EaglesConvention CenterIndianapolis, IndianaJoe Walsh also performed
July 31, 1974EaglesOmniAtlanta, GeorgiaEagles were the special guest of Joe Walsh
August 20, 1974EaglesPine Knob Music TheaterClarkston, Michigan
August 22, 1974EaglesMusic InnLenox, Massachusetts“Twilight Concerts On The Lawn”
August 23, 1974EaglesRoosevelt Stadium (PHOTO)Jersey City, New JerseyEagles opened for The Beach Boys
August 24, 1974EaglesPalace TheaterWaterbury, Connecticut
August 25, 1974EaglesScope ArenaNorfolk, VirginiaEagles & Marshall Tucker Band opened for the Beach Boys
August 26, 1974EaglesState Farm Show ArenaHarrisburg, PennsylvaniaEagles opened for The Doobie Brothers
August 30, 1974EaglesSaratoga Performing Arts CenterSaratoga Springs, New YorkAmerican Song Festival
September 1, 1974EaglesIndiana University Assembly HallBloomington, IndianaEagles & Kansas opened for Beach Boys. Concert scheduled for 10th St Stadium. Moved to IU Assembly Hall due to rain.
September 2, 1974EaglesSmoky Mountain RacewayMaryville, TennesseeSmoky Mountain Labor Day Jam
December 28, 1974EaglesMemorial AuditoriumSacramento, CaliforniaShow was cancelled because Randy was ill with mononucleosis.
Rescheduled to June 30, 1975.
December 31, 1974EaglesShrine Auditorium (PHOTOS)Los Angeles, CaliforniaOpening act: Dan Fogelberg. Other guests: J.D. Souther, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, Joe Walsh


(click each for more info)
April 26, 1975EaglesMarket Square ArenaIndianapolis, IndianaMinnie Riperton opened
April 27, 1975EaglesDrake StadiumDes Moines, IowaDrake Relays’ Outdoor Music Festival.
Event was cancelled.
May 3, 1975EaglesMemorial Gym / Kent State University (PHOTOS)Kent, OhioDan Fogelberg opened
May 4, 1975EaglesHulman Civic University CenterTerre Haute, IndianaDan Fogelberg opened
May 6, 1975EaglesKiel AuditoriumSt. Louis, MissouriDan Fogelberg opened
May 7, 1975EaglesSt. John Arena (PHOTOS)Columbus, OhioDan Fogelberg opened
May 8, 1975EaglesUniversity of Cincinnati Armory FieldhouseCincinnati, OhioDan Fogelberg opened
May 10-11, 1975EaglesArie Crown TheaterChicago, IllinoisDan Fogelberg opened
May 12, 1975EaglesMcHenry High School McHenry, IllinoisFree concert for “Spirit School” contest winner. Dan Fogelberg also appeared.
May 14, 1975EaglesMusic HallBoston, MassachusettsDan Fogelberg opened
May 15, 1975EaglesCivic CenterSpringfield, MassachusettsDan Fogelberg opened
May 16, 1975EaglesAcademy of Music (PHOTOS)New York, New YorkEagles performed two back-to-back shows. Dan Fogelberg was the opening act for both.
May 17, 1975EaglesSpectrumPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaDan Fogelberg opened
May 19, 1975EaglesCapitol TheaterPassaic, New JerseyEagles performed two back-to-back shows. Dan Fogelberg was the opening act for both.
May 20, 1975EaglesHershey Park ArenaHershey, PennsylvaniaDan Fogelberg opened
May 22, 1975EaglesCapital CentreLargo, MarlandLinda Ronstadt also performed
May 23, 1975EaglesRoanoke Civic CenterRoanoke, VirginiaLinda Ronstadt also performed
May 24, 1975EaglesHampton ColiseumHampton, VirginiaLinda Ronstadt also performed
May 25, 1975EaglesColiseumRichmond, VirginiaLinda Ronstadt also performed
May 27, 1975EaglesColiseum / Georgia TechAtlanta, Georgia
May 28, 1975EaglesMunicipal AuditoriumBirmingham, Alabama
May 31, 1975EaglesTampa StadiumTampa, FloridaAlso performing: Seals & Crofts, Linda Ronstadt, The Charlie Daniels Band
June 4, 1975EaglesMunicipal AuditoriumNashville, Tennessee
June 5, 1975EaglesDixon-Myers HallMemphis, Tennessee
June 6, 1975EaglesArrowhead StadiumKansas City, MissouriEagles opened for Rolling Stones. Joe Walsh joins them as guest.
June 8, 1975EaglesMilwaukee County StadiumMilwaukee, WisconsinEagles opened for Rolling Stones. Joe Walsh joins them as guest. Rufus was the other opening act.
June 18, 1975EaglesRotterdam Ahoy (PHOTOS)Rotterdam, NetherlandsGuest appearance by Joe Walsh
June 21, 1975EaglesWembleyLondon, EnglandWembley “Mid-Summer Music Concert”
June 26-27, 1975EaglesPine Knob Music TheaterClarkston, Michigan
June 29, 1975EaglesOakland Coliseum (PHOTOS)Oakland, California“Day On The Green”
June 30, 1975EaglesEarl Warren Community CenterSacramento, CaliforniaRescheduled show from December 28, 1974 when Randy contracted mono.
July 3, 1975EaglesSelland ArenaFresno, California
July 6, 1975EaglesCotton BowlDallas, TexasEagles, Trapeze, & Montrose opened for the Rolling Stones
July 18, 1975EaglesWar Memorial AuditoriumSyracuse, New YorkJoe Walsh also performed.
July 19, 1975EaglesRoosevelt StadiumJersey City, New JerseySeals and Crofts, Poco also performed
July 21, 1975EaglesRich StadiumOrchard Park, New YorkSummerfest VI. Seals & Crofts, Judy Collins, and Dan Fogelberg also performed.
July 22, 1975EaglesRichfield ColiseumCleveland, OhioDan Fogelberg opened
July 23, 1975EaglesHara ArenaDayton, OhioJ.D. Souther opened
July 24, 1975EaglesUniversity of Notre DameSouth Bend, IndianaPoco opened
July 25, 1975EaglesEvergreen ValleyStoneham, MaineNew England Folk Music Festival
July 27, 1975EaglesIowa State FairgroundsDes Moines, Iowa
July 29, 1975EaglesSouthern Illinois UniversityEdwardsville, Illinois“Mississippi River Festival”
July 30, 1975EaglesCivic CenterCharleston, West VirginiaDave Mason opened
August 1, 1975EaglesGreensboro ColiseumGreensboro, North CarolinaSeals and Crofts opened
August 4, 1975EaglesFreedom Hall Civic CenterJohnson City, TennesseePoco opened
August 7, 1975EaglesVon Braun Civic CenterHuntsville, AlabamaPoco opened
August 8, 1975EaglesIndianapolis Convention CenterIndianapolis, IndianaDan Fogelberg opened
August 9, 1975EaglesWashington Park (PHOTOS)Chicago, IllinoisLinda Ronstadt also performed
August 18-19, 1975EaglesRed Rocks AmphitheaterMorrison, ColoradoDan Fogelberg opened. Although not billed, Tom Waits also performed at either one or both of the shows. (source)
August 21, 1975EaglesSeattle Center ColiseumSeattle, WashingtonRoger McGuinn opened
August 22, 1975EaglesMemorial ColiseumPortland, OregonRoger McGuinn opened
August 26, 1975EaglesSalt PalaceSalt Lake City, UtahRoger McGuinn opened
August 28, 1975EaglesCommunity Center ArenaTucson, ArizonaRoger McGuinn opened
August 29, 1975EaglesCivic CenterEl Paso, Texas
September 4, 1975EaglesWaikiki ShellHonolulu, Hawaii
September 21, 1975EaglesEdgewater Raceway Park (PHOTOS)Cincinnati, OhioMiami River Music Festival
September 25, 1975EaglesMunicipal StadiumPhoenix, ArizonaJackson Browne and Linda Ronstadt also performed
September 27, 1975EaglesBalboa Stadium (PHOTOS)San Diego, CaliforniaEagles on bill with Jackson Brown & Linda Ronstadt. The show was filmed and portions of it were shown on Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell.
September 28, 1975EaglesAnaheim Stadium (PHOTOS)Anaheim, CaliforniaSunshine Festival. Eagles appeared with Jackson Brown & Linda Ronstadt. Bernie Leadon’s final appearance with the Eagles.


(click each for more info)
January 20, 1976EaglesFestival Hall (PHOTOS)Brisbane, Australia
January 22, 1976EaglesHordern PavilionSydney, AustraliaDue to ticket demand, band performed two back-to-back shows.
January 24, 1976EaglesLeederville OvalLeederville, Australia
January 27, 1976EaglesApollo StadiumAdelaide, Australia
January 28-29, 1976EaglesFestival HallMelbourne, Australia
February 2-3, 1976EaglesOsaka Festival HallOsaka, Japan
February 4, 1976 EaglesFukuoka Kyuden GymnasiumFukuoka, Japan
February 5, 1976EaglesInternational House Kobe, Japan
February 7, 1976EaglesNippon BudokanTokyo, Japan
February 9, 1976EaglesAssembly HallNagoya, Japan
February 12, 1976EaglesBlaisdell ArenaHonolulu, Hawaii
May 1, 1976EaglesHughes StadiumSacramento, CaliforniaProp 15 fundraiser. Linda Ronstadt & Jimmy Buffett also performed.
May 14, 1976EaglesCapital CentreLargo, MarylandJerry Brown Political Benefit
July 1, 1976EaglesCharlotte Coliseum (PHOTOS)Charlotte, North Carolina
July 2, 1976EaglesGreensboro ColiseumGreensboro, North CarolinaFleetwood Mac also performed
July 3, 1976EaglesOmniAtlanta, GeorgiaFleetwood Mac also performed
July 4, 1976EaglesTampa Stadium (PHOTOS)Tampa, FloridaFleetwood Mac also performed
July 20, 1976EaglesOlympia StadiumDetroit, MichiganJ.D. Souther opened
July 21, 1976EaglesFreedom HallLouisville, KentuckyJ.D. Souther opened
July 22, 1976EaglesRiverfront ColiseumCincinnati , OhioJ.D. Souther opened
July 24, 1976EaglesThree Rivers StadiumPittsburg, PennsylvaniaFleetwood Mac also performed
July 25, 1976EaglesSchaefer StadiumFoxboro, MassachusettsFleetwood Mac also performed
July 27-28, 1976EaglesSpectrumPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaBoz Scaggs opened
July 29, 1976EaglesRoosevelt StadiumJersey City, New Jersey
August 3, 1976EaglesOakland Coliseum StadiumOakland, California“Day On The Green”
August 5, 1976EaglesMemorial ColiseumPortland, Oregon
August 6, 1976EaglesKingdomeSeattle, WashingtonLinda Ronstadt also performed
August 8, 1976EaglesMile High StadiumDenver, ColoradoLinda Ronstadt & Pure Prairie League also performed
October 14, 1976EaglesSports ArenaSan Diego, CaliforniaJ.D. Souther opened
October 15, 1976EaglesActivity Center/Arizona State University (PHOTOS)Tempe, ArizonaJ.D. Souther opened
October 16, 1976EaglesMcKale Center / University of ArizonaTucson, ArizonaJ.D. Souther opened
October 19-22, 1976EaglesForumInglewood, CaliforniaJ.D. Souther opened
November 1, 1976EaglesMunicipal AuditoriumAustin, TexasJ.D. Souther opened
November 2, 1976EaglesConvention CenterSan Antonio, TexasJ.D. Souther opened
November 3, 1976EaglesTarrant County Convention Center ArenaFort Worth, TexasJ.D. Souther opened
November 5, 1976EaglesLSU Assembly Center (PHOTOS)Baton Rouge, LouisianaJ.D. Souther opened.
During the encore, an audience member throws an object at Randy’s head.
Annoyed, he throws it back at the end of the song.
November 6, 1976EaglesThe Summit (PHOTOS)Houston, TexasJ.D. Souther opened
November 7, 1976EaglesHirsch ColiseumShreveport, LouisianaJ.D. Souther opened
November 8, 1976EaglesLloyd Noble Center / University of Oklahoma (PHOTOS)Norman, OklahomaJ.D. Souther opened
November 10, 1976EaglesHilton Coliseum / Iowa State University (PHOTOS)Ames, IowaJ.D. Souther opened
November 11, 1976EaglesChicago Stadium (PHOTOS)Chicago, IllinoisJ.D. Souther opened
November 12, 1976EaglesCrisler CenterAnn Arbor, MichiganJ.D. Souther opened
November 14, 1976EaglesCity Auditorium ArenaOmaha, NebraskaJ.D. Souther opened
November 15, 1976EaglesHenry Levitt Arena – Wichita State UniversityWichita, KansasJ.D. Souther opened
November 16, 1976EaglesTulsa Assembly CenterTulsa, OklahomaJ.D. Souther opened
November 18, 1976EaglesMetropolitan Sports CenterMinneapolis, MinnesotaJ.D Souther opened
November 19, 1976EaglesDane County ColiseumMadison, Wisconsin
November 20, 1976EaglesElliott Hall of Music / Purdue UniversityWest Lafayette, IndianaJ.D. Souther opened
November 22, 1976EaglesMarket Square ArenaIndianapolis, IndianaJ.D. Souther opened
November 23, 1976EaglesSt. Louis ArenaSt. Louis, MissouriJ.D. Souther opened.
When the audience applauds a little too long for Randy’s performance of “Take It To The Limit,” he tells them it’s embarrassing him. (Click venue to read review)
November 24, 1976EaglesKemper ArenaKansas City, MissouriJ.D. Souther opened
December 10, 1976EaglesUniversity ArenaAlbuquerque, New Mexico
December 11, 1976EaglesEl Paso Civic CenterEl Paso, Texas


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March 14, 1977EaglesCivic CenterSpringfield, Massachusetts
March 15-16, 1977EaglesNassau ColiseumUniondale, New York
March 18, 1977EaglesMadison Square Garden (PHOTOS)New York, New YorkJimmy Buffett opened.
March 19, 1977EaglesWar Memorial Auditorium (PHOTOS)Rochester, New YorkRandy performed both “Take It To The Limit” and “Try And Love Again” at this show. According to the review, his high note in TITTL was “nothing short of amazing…and about three octaves above any sound human beings are usually able to sing.” (Click venue to read review)
March 21-22, 1977EaglesCapital Centre (PHOTOS)Largo, Maryland“Try And Love Again” is performed once again, as well as “Take It To The Limit.” Both nights were filmed, but only 6 performances (comprising footage from both nights) have ever been made public.
March 23, 1977EaglesRichmond ColiseumRichmond, VirginiaJimmy Buffett opened. According to the review, as the band made their way to the stage, they hummed Clyde McPhatter’s “Little Bitty Pretty One” as “a combination harmony check and group-psych.” (Click venue to read review)
March 26, 1977EaglesVeterans Memorial ColiseumNew Haven, ConnecticutJimmy Buffett opened.
March 27, 1977EaglesBroome County Veterans Memorial ArenaBinghamton, New YorkJimmy Buffett opened.
March 29, 1977EaglesForumMontreal, CanadaJimmy Buffett opened
March 30, 1977EaglesMaple Leaf GardensToronto, CanadaJimmy Buffett opened
March 31 – April 1, 1977EaglesRichfield Coliseum (PHOTOS)Cleveland, OhioJimmy Buffett opened
April 25-28, 1977EaglesEmpire Pool, Wembley (PHOTOS)London, EnglandDan Fogelberg was originally scheduled as the opening act for the European Tour, but was replaced by Valerie Carter.
April 30 – May 1, 1977EaglesApollo Center (PHOTOS)Glasgow, ScotlandValerie Carter opened.
May 3-4, 1977EaglesNew Bingley HallStafford, EnglandValerie Carter opened.
May 7, 1977EaglesOlympiahalleMunich, GermanyValerie Carter opened.
May 8, 1977EaglesFesthalle (PHOTOS)Frankfurt, GermanyValerie Carter opened.
May 9, 1977EaglesPhilipshalleDusseldorf, GermanyValerie Carter opened.
May 11-13, 1977EaglesRotterdam Ahoy (PHOTOS)Rotterdam, NetherlandsValerie Carter opened.
May 15, 1977EaglesCongress Centrum (PHOTOS)Hamburg, GermanyValerie Carter opened.
May 17, 1977EaglesGrona Lund (PHOTOS)Stockholm, SwedenValerie Carter opened.
May 18, 1977EaglesStadium Nya UlleviGothenburg, SwedenValerie Carter opened.
May 28-30, 1977EaglesOakland Coliseum StadiumOakland, California“Day On The Green.” The Eagles performed on the 28th and 30th.
June 18, 1977EaglesRoanoke Civic CenterRoanoke, Virginia
June 19-20, 1977EaglesOmniAtlanta, GeorgiaAndrew Gold, Steve Miller
June 21, 1977EaglesCarolina ColiseumColumbia, South CarolinaRandy is described in the review as “a seemingly shy, introverted type with plain, straight hair who seems out of place among the more flashy, mustachioed members of the band.” (Click venue to read review)
June 23, 1977EaglesNashville Municipal Auditorium (PHOTO)Nashville, TennesseeAndrew Gold opened
June 24, 1977EaglesBJCC ColiseumBirmingham, AlabamaAndrew Gold opened
June 25, 1977EaglesMunicipal AuditoriumMobile, AlabamaAndrew Gold opened
June 27, 1977EaglesGreensboro ColiseumGreensboro, North CarolinaRandy hands out water to sweltering fans. His high note on TITTL is compared to opera soprano Anna Moffo. (Click venue to read review)
June 28, 1977EaglesKnoxville Civic Coliseum (PHOTO)Knoxville, TennesseeAndrew Gold opened. The longstanding story goes that Randy, sick with the flu, refused to sing “Take It To The Limit” at this show, resulting in an altercation with Glenn Frey. However, the review mentions that the song was played. The myths behind this show are debunked here.
June 29, 1977EaglesMid-South ColiseumMemphis, Tennessee
July 1, 1977EaglesCivic Center Savannah, GeorgiaAndrew Gold opened. Randy’s performance of “Take It To The Limit” was deemed the show’s “finest moment” by the review in the Beaufort Gazette (7/8/77).
July 2, 1977EaglesMiami Baseball StadiumMiami, FloridaJimmy Buffett and Andrew Gold also performed
July 3, 1977EaglesTangerine BowlOrlando, FloridaJimmy Buffett opened
July 6, 1977EaglesMyriad Convention CenterOklahoma City, Oklahoma
July 7-8, 1977EaglesTarrant County Convention Center (PHOTOS)Fort Worth, TexasJimmy Buffett opened
July 9, 1977EaglesJeppesen StadiumHouston, TexasJimmy Buffett opened. This was Randy’s final show with the Eagles.
September 1-3, 1977EaglesAlpine Valley Music CenterEast Troy, WisconsinThese shows were cancelled.


Following Randy’s departure from the Eagles, he went on a very brief tour to support his first solo album, Randy Meisner, in 1978. Many of these dates ended up being cancelled. He returned to touring in 1981, with his backing band, The Silverados, to support his second album, One More Song (the band name taken from a lyric in the title track).

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August 4, 1978Randy MeisnerMiami Baseball StadiumMiami, FloridaRandy is scheduled as an opening act for Jimmy Buffett, but does not appear to have performed.
August 7, 1978Randy MeisnerTangerine BowlOrlando, FloridaRock Super Bowl 5. Randy cancelled his show.
August 25-26, 1978Randy MeisnerGolden BearHuntington Beach, California
September 1-3, 1978Randy MeisnerRoxyLos Angeles, California
September 4, 1978Randy MeisnerHughes StadiumSacramento, CaliforniaLabor Day concert. Also on bill: Heart, Sammy Hagar & Bob Welch.
September 5-7, 1978Randy MeisnerBoarding HouseSan Francisco, California
September 8, 1978Randy MeisnerUniversal AmpitheaterUniversal City, CaliforniaOpened for Bob Welch
February 12, 1981Randy MeisnerThe SummitHouston, TexasOpened for The Beach Boys
February 13, 1981Randy MeisnerSpecial Events CenterAustin, TexasOpened for The Beach Boys
February 14, 1981Randy MeisnerCentral PlexBaton Rouge, LouisianaOpened for The Beach Boys
February 15, 1981Randy MeisnerReunion ArenaDallas, TexasOpened for The Beach Boys
February 16, 1981Randy MeisnerBicentennial CenterSalina, KansasOpened for The Beach Boys
February 18, 1981Randy MeisnerHilton ColiseumAmes, IowaOpened for The Beach Boys
February 19, 1981Randy MeisnerKemper ArenaKansas City, MissouriOpened for The Beach Boys
February 20, 1981Randy MeisnerBarton ColiseumLittle Rock, ArkansasOpened for The Beach Boys
February 21, 1981Randy MeisnerBiloxi Coast ColiseumBiloxi, MississippiOpened for The Beach Boys
February 22, 1981Randy MeisnerOral Roberts CenterTulsa, OklahomaOpened for The Beach Boys
February 23, 1981Randy MeisnerEastern New Mexico University (PHOTOS)Portales, New MexicoOpened for The Beach Boys
February 24, 1981Randy MeisnerUniversity of New Mexico ArenaAlbequerque, New MexicoOpened for The Beach Boys
February 26, 1981Randy MeisnerCapitol TheatreSalt Lake City, Utah
February 27, 1981Randy MeisnerFridays TV Show Los Angeles, California
February 28, 1981Randy MeisnerRainbow Music HallDenver, ColoradoA recording of the show was released on CD in 2018 (Live In Denver).
March 1, 1981Randy MeisnerPogo’s Electric Cowboy (PHOTOS)Omaha, NebraskaJimmie Spheeris opened
March 2, 1981Randy MeisnerSam’sMinneapolis, MinnesotaJimmie Spheeris opened
March 3, 1981Randy MeisnerHeadliner’sMadison, Wisconsin
March 4, 1981Randy MeisnerPark West TheaterChicago, Ilinois
March 5, 1981Randy MeisnerThe PalmsMilwaukee, WisconsinJimmie Spheeris opened
March 7, 1981Randy MeisnerBogart’s (PHOTOS)Cincinnatii, OhioMike Reid opened.
March 8, 1981Randy MeisnerAgora Ballroom (PHOTOS)Columbus, Ohio
March 9, 1981Randy MeisnerAgora Ballroom (PHOTOS)Cleveland, OhioRosanne Cash opened
March 11-12, 1981Randy MeisnerThe Bottom LineNew York, New YorkRosanne Cash opened
March 13, 1981Randy MeisnerMy Father’s PlaceRoslyn, New York
March 14, 1981Randy MeisnerEmerald CityPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
March 15, 1981Randy MeisnerParadise TheatreBoston, Massachusetts
March 18, 1981Randy MeisnerNeighbors of Woodcraft HallPortland, Oregon
March 19, 1981Randy MeisnerParamount TheaterSeattle, Washington
March 22, 1981Randy MeisnerKeystone Palo AltoPalo Alto, California
March 23, 1981Randy MeisnerOld WaldorfSan Francisco, California
March 26, 1981Randy MeisnerReseda’s Country ClubReseda, California
March 27, 1981Randy MeisnerGolden BearHuntington Beach, California
March 29, 1981Randy MeisnerSanta Barbara County BowlSanta Barbara, CaliforniaAlso on the bill: America and Dave Mason
April 8, 1981Randy MeisnerPM MagazineCleveland, OhioAir date was April 8th. Probably filmed while Randy was in Cleveland in March.
May 17-22, 1981Randy MeisnerTour of Japan
September 16, 1982Randy Meisner Bronco Billy’sCathedral City, CaliforniaShow was cancelled because Randy was sick with laryngitis.
September 19, 1982Randy MeisnerHumphreys Half Moon InnSan Diego, California
October 15, 1982Randy MeisnerDistillery EastEscondido, California
October 16, 1982Randy Meisner Celebrity Theater/UC Santa BarbaraSanta Barbara, California
October 19, 1982Randy MeisnerYanksTucson, Arizona
October 20, 1982Randy MeisnerGraham Central StationPhoenix, Arizona
October 24, 1982Randy MeisnerBilly Bob’sFort Worth, Texas
October 28, 1982Randy MeisnerD.U. Ice ArenaDenver, ColoradoOpened for The Little River Band
October 31, 1982Randy MeisnerArena Auditorium / Univ. of Wyoming (PHOTOS)Laramie, WyomingOpened for The Little River Band
November 5, 1982Randy MeisnerDee Events Center/Weber State CollegeOgden, UtahOpened for The Little River Band
November 6, 1982Randy MeisnerArena Field House / Montana State UniversityBozeman, MontanaOpened for The Little River Band
November 7, 1982Randy MeisnerUM Field House / University of MontanaMissoula, MontanaOpened for The Little River Band
November 8, 1982Randy MeisnerCentral Washington UniversityEllensburg, WashingtonOpened for The Little River Band
December 1, 1982Randy MeisnerNick’s Uptown TheaterDallas, TexasThis show was recorded and released on vinyl as Dallas, first in Japan in 1983, then on CD in the UK & US in 2002 & 2003 respectively.
December 3, 1982Randy MeisnerPogo’sWichita, Kansas
December 5, 1982Randy MeisnerThe C.T.Victoria, Texas
December 6, 1982Randy MeisnerClub FootAustin, Texas
December 8, 1982Randy MeisnerOlde Beaumont CafeBeaumont, Texas
December 9, 1982Randy MeisnerFitzgerald’sHouston, TexasRandy performed two shows
December 11, 1982Randy MeisnerRiverboat PresidentNew Orleans, Louisiana
December 12, 1982Randy MeisnerUF BandshellGainesville, FloridaThis was a free concert
December 14, 1982Randy MeisnerBrassy’sCocoa Beach, FloridaReview includes backstage interview. Click venue.
December 15, 1982Randy MeisnerStage East (PHOTO)Stuart, FloridaReview includes backstage interview. Click venue.
December 16, 1982Randy MeisnerMoonshadow SaloonAtlanta, Georgia
December 17, 1982Randy Meisner Diamond Jim’s Charlotte, North Carolina
January 25, 1983Randy Meisner Yubin Chokin KaikanTokyo, Japan
January 26, 1983Randy Meisner Shibuya KokaidoTokyo, Japan
January 27, 1983Randy Meisner Kosei Nenkin KaikanOsaka, Japan
January 28, 1983Randy Meisner Aichi Kinro KaikanOsaka, Japan
January 30, 1983Randy Meisner Nihon SeinenkanTokyo, Japan
June 25, 1983Randy MeisnerCollege Grove CenterSan Diego, CaliforniaKSON Outdoor Concert Benefit For The Blind
July 1-3, 1983Randy Meisner Oregon Trail LoungeGering, Nebraska
July 6, 1983Randy MeisnerTurn Of The CenturyDenver, Colorado


The group Black Tie was a trio comprised of Randy, Billy Swan, and Jimmy Griffin. For a couple of these dates, former Eagle Bernie Leadon appeared as a guest.

(click each for more info)
September 28, 1985Black TieCivic CenterLos Angeles, CaliforniaLos Angeles Street Scene Festival
November 14, 1985Black TieBelly Up TavernSolana Beach, CaliforniaDebut club performance. Bernie Leadon performs with the band.
December 7, 1985Black TieMadame Wong’s WestSanta Monica, CaliforniaBernie Leadon performs with the band
January 25-27, 1986Black TieThe Lone Star CafeBrooklyn, New YorkBernie Leadon performs with the band
January 30, 1986Black TieJonathan Swift’sBoston, MassachusettsBlondie Chaplin replaces Bernie Leadon
February 2, 1986Black TieThe StationWilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
February 8, 1986Black TieHarlow’sAtlanta, Georgia
February 9, 1986Black TieMusic Row Showcase ClubNashville, Tennessee
February 11, 1986Black TieMississippi NightsSt. Louis, Missouri
June 7, 1986Black TieCamp KiwanisScottsbluff, NebraskaMusic Fest ’86
June 17, 1986Black TieCinegrillHollywood, California
June 30, 1986Randy MeisnerBeverly TheatreBeverly Hills, CaliforniaRick Nelson benefit
July 8, 1986Black TieCinegrillHollywood, California
September 5, 1986Black TieKono HawaiiSanta Ana, CaliforniaShow was cancelled.


In early 1987, Randy joined Rick Roberts formerly of The Flying Burrito Brothers and Firefall, to form the Roberts-Meisner Band. They perform together for the next two years. Randy left when he was offered the chance to rejoin Poco.

(click each for more info)
April 9, 1987Something WonderfulConcord PalaceConcord, CaliforniaBand featured Stephen Stills and was billed as “Something Wonderful Featuring Rick Roberts, Stephen Stills & Randy Meisner.”
April 10, 1987Something WonderfulHolidome/Holiday InnSacramento, CaliforniaBilled as Rick Roberts, Randy Meisner & The Something Wonderful Band
April 18, 1987Rick Roberts & Open SecretLa Semana Alegre, HemisFair PlazaSan Antonio, TexasName change to Rick Roberts and Open Secret
May 14, 1987Rick Roberts & Open SecretBelly Up TavernSan Diego, California
May 29, 1987Rick Roberts & Open SecretDugoutPost Falls, Idaho
May 30, 1987Rick Roberts & Open SecretGallatin County FairgroundsBozeman, Montana
June 5, 1987Rick Roberts & Open SecretRosco’sVancouver, Washington
June 20, 1987Rick Roberts & Open SecretGlen Ivy Hot SpringsCorona, California4th Annual Glen Ivy Hot Springs Summer Music Festival
June 28-July 12, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandReno HiltonReno, NevadaThe band is now called The Roberts-Meisner Band.
July 18, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandFabulous FiftiesHayward, CaliforniaThis was a last-minute appearance.
August 7, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandChautauqua ParkBoulder, ColoradoReplacement for Randy Newman, who canceled due to illness
late August, 1987 Roberts-Meisner BandBay Cabaret/Harrah’sAtlantic City, New JerseyIn his book Lame Brain, Roberts says the band played Harrah’s in NJ for two weeks. I could not find an ad that gave the exact dates.
September 25, 1987Randy MeisnerThe PalaceLos Angeles, CaliforniaFilming of Richard Marx MTV Special. Timothy B. Schmit also appeared.
October 8, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandO.T. Price’s Music HallSanta Cruz, California
October 20-25, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandCasino Cabaret/Harrah’sReno, Nevada
December 5, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandDeAnza TheaterRiverside, California
December 9, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandOregon Electric StationEugene, Oregon
December 10, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandMarshfield High School AuditoriumCoos Bay, Oregon
December 22-23, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandClub ParadiseAspen, Colorado
December 31, 1987Roberts-Meisner BandCalvary Presbyterian ChurchSan Francisco, California
February 25, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandHoliday Inn
Ventura Beach Resort
Ventura, CaliforniaDouble bill with the Atlanta Rhythm Section
February 27, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandTrancasMalibu, California
March 12, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandO.T. Price’s Music HallSanta Cruz, California
March 13, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandMagnolia’sSanta Rosa, California
March 14, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandThe Odyssey RoomSunnyvale, California
April 6, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandThe Lighthouse CafeHermosa Beach, California
May 7, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandBing Crosby Hall / Del Mar FairgroundsDel Mar, California
May 14, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandCentral Coast TheaterPismo Beach, California Strawberry Alarm Clock also performed
May 25, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandMagnolia’sSanta Rosa, California
May 29, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandMasonic TemplePortland, Oregon
June 7-July 3, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandPlayers Lounge/Sands Casino (PHOTOS)Atlantic City, New Jersey
July 21, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandTemple TheaterTacoma, WashingtonA reorganized version of The Byrds (with original member Gene Clark) also performed
July 28, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandBelly Up TavernSolana Beach, California
July 31, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandCalamity Jayne’sLas Vegas, Nevada
August 9-12, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandGussie L’Amour’sHonolulu, HawaiiCountry Joe McDonald as the added attraction
October 7, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandCucamonga Guasti Regional ParkRancho Cucamonga, CaliforniaGrape Harvest Festival. Strawberry Alarm Clock also performed
November 9, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandThe Bluebird CafeNashville, Tennessee
November 18, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandHoliday Inn
Ventura Beach Resort
Ventura, CaliforniaDouble bill with The Guess Who
December 1, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandCabaret SauvignonSonoma, California
December 31, 1988Roberts-Meisner BandSheraton Harbor Island EastSan Diego, California
March 2, 1989Roberts-Meisner BandBackstageSeattle, Washington
May 20, 1989Roberts-Meisner BandSanta Fe Dam Recreational AreaIrwindale, California2nd Annual Los Angeles Country Fest
May 21, 1989Roberts-Meisner BandStrawberry FestivalOxnard, California
July 1, 1989Roberts-Meisner BandInn At Otter CrestOtter Rock, Oregon


The original members of Poco reunite, make an album (Legacy), and go on tour. Randy remains with the band until 1991.

(click each for more info)
October 4, 1989PocoArsenio Hall ShowHollywood, California
October 24, 1989PocoCoundown Dutch TV ShowAmsterdam, Netherlands(The date listed is the filming date)
November 17, 1989PocoTonight Show with Johnny CarsonBurbank, California
November 21, 1989PocoThe Pat Sajak ShowHollywood, California
January 22, 1990PocoTonight Show with Jay LenoBurbank, California
January 24, 1990PocoA.J. Palumbo Center / Duquesne UniversityPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaOpened for Richard Marx
January 25, 1990PocoThe PalaceAuburn Hills, MichiganOpened for Richard Marx
January 27, 1990PocoJohn F. Savage Hall / University of ToledoToledo, OhioOpened for Richard Marx
January 29, 1990PocoSt. Joseph Civic ArenaKansas City, MissouriOpened for Richard Marx
January 30, 1990PocoSt. Louis ArenaSt. Louis, MissouriOpened for Richard Marx
January 31, 1990PocoAssembly Hall / University of Illinois Champaign-UrbanaChampaign, IllinoisOpened for Richard Marx
February 2, 1990PocoUIC Pavillion / University of ChicagoChicago, IllinoisOpened for Richard Marx
February 3, 1990PocoMarket Square ArenaIndianapolis, IndianaOpened for Richard Marx
February 4, 1990PocoConvocation Center / University of Notre DameSouth Bend, IndianaOpened for Richard Marx
February 6, 1990PocoHilton Coliseum / Iowa State UniversityAmes, IowaOpened for Richard Marx
February 7, 1990PocoRiverfront ColiseumCincinnati, OhioOpened for Richard Marx
February 9-10, 1990PocoRadio City Music HallNew York, New YorkOpened for Richard Marx
February 13, 1990PocoNew Haven ColiseumNew Haven, ConnecticutOpened for Richard Marx
February 14, 1990PocoThe CentrumWorcester, MassachusettsOpened for Richard Marx
February 15, 1990PocoMontreal ForumMontreal, Quebec, CanadaOpened for Richard Marx
February 16, 1990PocoThe Diamond ClubToronto, Canada
April 7, 1990PocoHoosier DomeIndianapolis, Indiana“Farm Aid”
June 24, 1990PocoDel Mar FairDel Mar, California
July 1-2, 1990PocoHeartland Stage / SummerfestMilwaukee, Wisconsin
July 3, 1990PocoMinnesota State CapitolSaint Paul, Minnesota“A Taste of Minnesota”
July 4, 1990PocoCotton BowlDallas, Texas“Freedom Fest”
July 7, 1990PocoWinter Park ResortWinter Park, ColoradoAmerican Music Festival
July 8, 1990PocoHowelsen HillSteamboat Springs, ColoradoSpecial guest: Firefall
July 10, 1990PocoLuther Burbank CenterSanta Rosa, CaliforniaKris McKay opened
July 11, 1990PocoCircle Star TheatreSan Carlos, California
July 12, 1990PocoThe CatalystSanta Cruz, CaliforniaKris McKay opened
July 13, 1990PocoVentura Concert TheatreVentura, CaliforniaKris McKay opened
July 14, 1990PocoCelebrity Theater Anaheim, CaliforniaKris McKay opened
July 21, 1990PocoI. C. Light Melody TentPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 22, 1990PocoRiverfront TheaterDetroit, Michigan
July 27, 1990PocoThe ParadiseBoston, Massachusetts
July 28, 1990PocoThe ChancePoughkeepsie, New York
July 29, 1990PocoF. M. Kirby CenterWilkes-Barre, PennsylvaniaAlso on bill: Dave Mason
July 31, 1990PocoBerkshire Performing Arts CenterLenox, Massachusetts
August 3, 1990PocoWaterloo VillageStanhope, New Jersey
August 4, 1990PocoNaval Air StationNew London, ConnecticutMarlboro Music Military Tour with .38 Special and Angel Train
August 5, 1990PocoValley Forge Music FairDevon, PennsylvaniaAlso on bill: Dave Mason
August 6, 1990PocoWestbury Music FairWestbury, Long Island, New YorkAlso on bill: Dave Mason
August 8, 1990PocoThe RitzNew York, New YorkAlso on bill: Dave Mason and Kris McKay
August 10, 1990PocoThe BoathouseNorfolk, VirginiaAlso on bill: Kris McKay
August 11, 1990PocoButler StadiumQuantico, VirginiaMarlboro Music Military Tour with .38 Special and Angel Train
August 18, 1990PocoLiversedge Hall/Camp LejeuneJacksonville, FloridaMarlboro Music Military Tour with .38 Special and Angel Train
August 22, 1990PocoFront Row TheatreCleveland, OhioAlso on bill: Kris McKay
August 23, 1990PocoPeacock Pavilion/Cincinnati ZooCincinnati, Ohio
August 25, 1990PocoNaval Air StationMillington, TennesseeMarlboro Music Military Tour with .38 Special and Angel Train
August 26, 1990PocoHonor Field/Fort PolkLeesville, LouisianaMarlboro Music Military Tour with .38 Special and Angel Train
August 27, 1990PocoTower TheatreHouston, TexasDave Mason opened
August 30, 1990PocoCelebrity TheatrePhoenix, ArizonaAlso on bill: Kris McKay
August 31, 1990PocoFort HuachucaSierra Vista, ArizonaMarlboro Music Military Tour with .38 Special and Angel Train
September 1, 1990PocoA.C. “Ace” Bowen Rodeo Grounds/Camp Pendleton Oceanside, CaliforniaMarlboro Music Military Tour with .38 Special and Angel Train
September 3, 1990PocoRichardson Field/Pearl HarborHonolulu, HawaiiMarlboro Music Military Tour with .38 Special and Angel Train
October 15-16, 1990PocoNakano Sun PlazaTokyo, Japan
October 19, 1990PocoKosei Nenkin Kaikan Hall/Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan
October 21, 1990PocoThe Bottom LineNagoya, Japan
October 22, 1990Poco Takatsuki Gendai GekijoOsaka, Japan
May 26, 1991PocoUnion Terrace ParkAllentown, Pennsylvania

1990s & BEYOND

This section focuses on the latter part of Randy’s career. It encompasses Meisner, Swan & Rich and the World Classic Rockers, as well as a handful of dates where Randy is billed as himself or as The Randy Meisner Band.

A note about Meisner, Swan & Rich. For all of their shows listed below they are billed under their original name: Meisner, Rich & Swan. Their name change, due to a CD labeling mishap, did not occur until 2001, when the band was no longer performing together.

(click each for more info)
June 17-18, 1992Meisner, Swan & RichDos GringosTemecula, CaliforniaBilled as Meisner, Rich & Swan. This was the band’s first performance.
August 20, 1992Meisner Swan & RichThe StrandRedondo Beach, CaliforniaJim Messina also performed.
August 27, 1992Meisner Swan & RichBelly Up TavernSolana Beach, CaliforniaOpened for Jim Messina and His Acoustic Band.
October 18, 1992Randy Meisner BandThe Coach HouseSan Juan Capistrano, CaliforniaCo-billed with Jim Messina & his band
November 19, 1992Kindred SpiritsDoc Ricketts’ LabMonterrey, CaliforniaRandy Meisner, Allan Rich, and Billy Swan are billed here as “Kindred Spirits”
November 21, 1992Randy Meisner BandKonocti Harbor Resort & SpaClear Lake, CaliforniaCo-billed with Jim Messina & his band
February 13, 1993Randy Meisner Ventura Concert TheaterVentura, CaliforniaCo-billed with Jim Messina
May 17, 1993Randy Meisner BandBB O’BriensPalm Desert, CaliforniaWith Allan Rich & Billy Swan. (Allan Rich aka Charlie Rich, Jr.)
June 5, 1993Kindred SpiritsTooele County Arts FestivalTooele, UtahRandy Meisner, Allan Rich, and Billy Swan are billed here as “Kindred Spirits”
June 19-20, 1993Meisner, Swan & RichCountry Cavalcade FestivalKaris-Karjaa (Helsinki), FinlandAlso on bill: The Desert Rose Band
June 22, 1993Meisner, Swan & RichThe ParadisoAmsterdam, Netherlands
June 23, 1993Meisner, Swan & RichNoorderligtTiburg, Netherlands
July 3, 1993Meisner, Swan & RichClearwater BeachClearwater, FloridaCo-billed with Jim Messina and his band (Meisner & Messina also performed together)
August 14, 1993Meisner, Swan & RichWashington County FairSt. George, Utah
August 19, 1993Meisner, Swan & RichMetro Washingtron Park ZooPortland, Oregon
October 9, 1993Randy MeisnerOjai DayOjai, California
October 16, 1993Meisner, Swan & RichRosalie Bicentennial GardensNatchez, MississippiGreat Mississippi River Balloon Race
March 11, 1994Meisner, Swan & RichYarrow HotelPark City, UtahFundraiser for the National Ability Center
April 2, 1994Meisner, Swan & RichWise GuysPasadena, California
April 9, 1994Meisner, Swan & RichCox Center / Dixie State UniversityGeorge, UtahAlso on bill: Diamond Rio and BlackHawk
May 21, 1994Meisner, Swan & RichFaneuil Hall MarketplaceBoston, MassachusettsMusic Festival For The Earth
June 12, 1994Meisner, Swan & RichAnderson’s Fifth EstateScottsdale, Arizona
November 1, 1994Randy MeisnerB.B. King’s Blues ClubLos Angeles, CaliforniaPrivate party, hosted by MusiCares, for the publication of the book “Musicians As Artists.” Randy donated artwork for a silent auction and also performed.
January 10-11, 1995Meisner, Swan & RichOregon Trail LoungeGering, Nebraska
January 12, 1995Randy MeisnerBuffalo RoseGolden, Colorado
May 12, 1995Meisner, Swan & RichPalomino ClubNorth Hollywood, California
June 30, 1995Meisner, Swan & RichPalomino ClubNorth Hollywood, California
September 18, 1995Meisner, Swan & RichDerby Dinner PlayhouseLouisville, Kentucky
September 23, 1995Meisner, Swan & RichPepperdine UniversityMalibu, California
January 19, 1996Meisner, Swan & RichDee Events Center / Webster State UniversityOgden, UtahOpened for Collin Raye
April 6, 1996Meisner Swan & RichThe Coach HouseSan Juan Capistrano, California
December 31, 1996Meisner, Swan & RichLake of the Torches CasinoGreen Bay, Wisconsin
July 15, 1997World Classic RockersBillboard LiveWest Hollywood, California
September 26, 1997World Classic RockersPan Am Center / University of New MexicoLas Cruces, New Mexico
January 12, 1998Waldorf Astoria HotelNew York, New YorkRock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction
February 1, 1998World Classic RockersCapitol High SchoolBoise, Idaho
June 27, 1998World Classic RockersCoach HouseSan Juan Capistrano, California
July 3-5, 1998World Classic RockersMaxim’sLos Angeles, California
July 25, 1998World Classic RockersOrange County Fair GroundsCosta Mesa, California
August 7, 1998World Classic RockersFlamingo HiltonReno, Nevada
November 6, 1998World Classic RockersWestWorld of ScottsdaleScottsdale , Arizona
May 2, 1999World Classic RockersFarm Show ArenaHarrisburg, Pennsylvania
July 9-11, 14-18, 1999World Classic RockersClaridge Casino HotelAtlantic City, New Jersey
June 3, 2000World Classic RockersSunset StationSan Antonio, Texas
June 16, 2000World Classic RockersPalmer AuditoriumAustin, Texas
July 21, 2000World Classic RockersEctor County ColiseumOdessa, Texas
July 23, 2000World Classic RockersNewhall ParkSanta Clarita, California
August 8-9, 2000Randy MeisnerSanta Monica Civic AuditoriumSanta Monica, California“A Gathering of the Clan” – Fred Walecki Benefit Concert
August 19, 2000World Classic RockersScotts Bluff County FairMitchell, Nebraska
August 19, 2000Drivin’ DynamicsSanford HallMitchell, NebraskaDrivin’ Dynamics Induction into the Nebraska Music Hall of Fame
July 8, 2001World Classic RockersNewhall ParkSanta Clarita, California
July 13, 2001Drivin’ DynamicsOregon Trail LoungeGering, NebraskaDrivin’ Dynamics 40th Anniversary
July 15, 2001World Classic RockersSanta Buenaventura State ParkVentura, CABeach Ride benefit
August 12, 2001World Classic RockersTown and Country FairNapa, California
July 20, 2002World Classic RockersThe AmphitheaterCadott, Wisconsin
December 31, 2003World Classic RockersHiltonWaikoloa Village, Hawaii
November 5, 2004World Classic RockersGolden Phoenix Hotel Casino ShowroomReno, Nevada
April 19, 2005Randy MeisnerLas Vegas Convention CenterLas Vegas, NevadaNational Association of Broadcasters trade show. Randy and Billy Swan were guests of Charlie Rich’s band.
December 31, 2005World Classic RockersHiltonWaikoloa Village, Hawaii
January 28, 2006Randy MeisnerFlip’sCatalina Island, CaliforniaRandy, Spencer Davis, Joey Stec, Freddie Chambers sit in with Roger Connelly and The Blues Merchants
September 9, 2006World Classic RockersBella Beach PartyHuntington Beach, CaliforniaCharitable event that was part of the grand opening of the Bella Terra shopping center.
April 6, 2008World Classic RockersNaples Music FestivalNaples, FloridaBenefit for Garden of Hope and Courage. Randy appeared for the last time as a special guest with The World Classic Rockers.