Randy Meisner
Pogo’s Electric Cowboy, Omaha, NE, March 1, 1981

UNO Gateway, February 27, 1981

Attending the show that night were Randy’s parents, Herman and Emilie, who had made the trip from his hometown of Scottsbluff. After the show, his parents stood on stage with him onstage as Randy was given the keys to the city by Carol Veys, daughter of Mayor Al Veys. Not to be left out, Randy’s mom was given a silver plate engraved with the city seal. Randy thanked Ms. Veys with a kiss on the cheek and, since it was her 25th birthday, presented her with a cake.

Omaha World-Herald, March 2, 1981

In the lead up to the concert, Randy was interviewed by Steve Millburg from the Omaha World-Herald where he discussed living in Palm Springs and his decision not to retire from music after he left the Eagles (“I could have.”)

Omaha World-Herald, February 28, 1981



These songbooks were released around the same time as each of the albums (Eagles & Desperado were published as one volume, back to back. Read one side, then flip it over to read the other). They included sheet music and lyrics for each song, accompanied by photos. The files below include abridged (shortened) versions of each these songbooks. I did not want to risk damaging the books by scanning every page (a couple are in fragile condition). All photos featuring Randy have been included.

Eagles – Eagles Songbook
Published 1973, Warner Bros. Publications
Included as a two-in-one with the Desperado Songbook.

Eagles – Desperado Songbook
Published 1973, Warner Bros. Publications

Eagles – On The Border Songbook
Published 1975, Warner Bros. Publications

Eagles – One Of These Nights Songbook
1976 Warner Bros. Publications

Eagles – Hotel California Songbook
1977 Warner Bros. Publications

Randy Meisner – One More Song Songbook
1981 Warner Bros. Publications

Tour Books

To my knowledge, the Eagles only published two tour programs during Randy’s tenure with the band. One to coincide with their Japanese tour in 1976 and one for the U.S. and European tour in 1977. Tour programs were published for Randy’s Japanese tours in 1981 and 1983. The latter is extremely hard-to-find. The ’81 program is included below.

Eagles – Japanese Tour Book 1976
Book included a poster

Eagles – 1977 Hotel California Tour Book
Distributed in both Europe and America.

Randy Meisner – Japanese Tour Book 1981

University Of Florida Bandshell, Gainesville, FL
December 12, 1982

This was a free concert. The show started almost two hours late due to rain and temperatures in the 50s.

Pine Knot Yearbook, 1974

The preview of the concert below features a nice little write-up about Randy. The only inaccuracy is that it states that the first Poco album, Pickin’ Up The Pieces, made no mention of Randy. He is acknowledged in the credits, but not pictured.

Below, a couple tries to stay warm waiting for the concert to begin.

Florida Alligator, December 13, 1982

The Summit, Houston, TX
February 12, 1981

Randy opened for The Beach Boys in his first concert appearance in two-and-a-half years.

He gave a memorable performance, as witnessed by Dale Adamson, from the Houston Chronicle, who felt Randy’s set was the “bright spot” of the whole evening:

“The only real bright spot to Thursday’s show was ex-Eagle Randy Meisner’s opening set. Although he hasn’t quite developed into a forceful bandleader yet, his group’s tight harmonies and bright country rock sound–particularly on tunes like ‘Heart’s On Fire’ and ‘Trouble Ahead’–provided the only fully satisfying musical moments in an otherwise altogether forgettable evening.”

Adamson interviewed Randy backstage after the concert. Read the full interview here.

Houston Chronicle, February 14, 1981

Randy gave a rare and candid interview to the Houston Chronicle following the concert. Read the full interview below: