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For this archive, I have chosen pieces in which Randy figures prominently, such as interviews, or other articles that are historically relevant or rare. I tried to avoid articles in which Randy only received a passing mention. Songbooks and Tour Books have been added to the bottom of the page. The archive will eventually be expanded to include a section on advertisements. I also plan to include more album reviews. If you’re looking for concert reviews, please visit the Concert Archive.

For articles in which Randy was interviewed or quoted, I have placed a “Y” in the Interview column.

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March 10, 1946Scottsbluff Star-HeraldSt. Mary Hospital (Admissions/Dismissals/Births)Randy’s birth announcement. He was born at St. Mary’s hospital in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.
March 15, 1946Gering Courier“Recent Visits Of The Stork Are Recorded”The birth announcement in the Gering, NE paper incorrectly listed Randy’s birth date as March 9th instead of the actual date of March 8th. It also notes that his parents were living in Mitchell, NE at the time.


1950U.S. CensusRandy’s family is recorded in the 1950 U.S. census. They were living in the Dewey precinct of Scotts Bluff County, which included the area near Lake Alice, where Randy lived for much of his youth. Click document for more details.
November 9, 1951The Business Farmer (Scottsbluff, NE)“Herman Meisners Relax After Harvest”Includes a photo of young Randy and his mother, as well as Emilie’s banana nut cake recipe.
December 6, 1957Gering Courier“Two Lose Hands In Corn Pickers”Randy’s father, Herman, lost part of his right hand in an accident with a corn harvester. His hand was replaced with a hook, which he had for the rest of his life.


March 9, 1960The Business Farmer“Lake Alice 4-H Livestock”Randy MeisnerOne of Randy’s first documented performances took place at the Lake Alice 4-H Livestock Club meeting. He was also the club’s news reporter and evidently wrote the section about the meeting for the local Business Farmer newspaper.
1961-1964Memo BookThis memo book lists dates for the Dynamics and Randy’s earnings for the years 1961-1964. The handwriting is most likely Emilie Meisner’s (Randy’s mother), except for the writing on page 7 at the bottom, which appears to be Randy’s.
May 23, 1963Marriage License/CertificateRandy married Jennifer Barton in Sterling, Colorado on May 23rd, 1963. Their certificate includes both of their signatures. The witnesses were Jennifer’s father, Robert Barton, and Randy’s sister, Carol (Mrs. Art Benzel).
May 29, 1963Scottsbluff Star-HeraldWedding ShowerA week after their wedding, a shower was given for Randy and Jennifer at the Lake Alice school auditorium.
November 20, 1963Scottsbluff Star-HeraldBirth AnnouncementThe announcement of the birth of Randy’s eldest son, Dana Scott.
April 8, 1966Scottsbluff Star-Herald“Dynamics To Try Pro Circuit In June”Ron HerdtYFormer Dynamics keyboardist, Steve Cassells (1964-1966), declared most of this article to be inaccurate. However, Randy was evidently interviewed. Read more of my notes about it here.
1967Broadside“The Portable Landscape”Carol SterkelArticle about The Poor
Randy Meisner Poco Fan Club Questionnairesc.1969Poco Fan Club QuestionnairesThese questionnaires, with handwritten responses, were to be included in an early Poco fan club newsletter that never materialized. All of the original members filled one out, except Jim Messina, who declined, according to fan club president, Cindy Dakin. 
March 1, 1969Rolling Stone“Hollywood Hillbillies: What’s Old Is New”Jerry HopkinsIncludes mention and photo of Pogo (Poco). Randy’s first mention in Rolling Stone.
March 9, 1969Scottsbluff Star-Herald“The Clothes Horse”The Clothes Horse, the boutique owned by Randy and his wife, Jennifer, was among several new businesses highlighted in the local paper.
May 1969Tiger Beat“Pogo”YGroovy overview of the band and its members.
June 1969Planet MusicRandy appeared on the cover of the obscure San Francisco counterculture newspaper, Planet Music.
August 1969Teen Screen“Teen Screen Visitors” Poco visits the offices of Teen Screen magazine.


ImageDatePublicationTitleAuthorInterview Notes
May 15, 1970Scottsbluff Star-HeraldBirth AnnouncementAnnouncement of the birth of Randy’s twins, Heather Leigh, and Eric Shane. Also shows where Jennifer was admitted to the hospital.
August 5, 1972Scottsbluff Star-HeraldScoopin’J.L. SchmidtReview of the Eagles’ debut album from Randy’s hometown newspaper.
August 17, 1972Rolling Stone“The Eagles Take It Easy And Soar”Judith SimsYEarly profile of the Eagles. Randy is quoted.
November 3, 1972Door“Movin’ Up With The Eagles”Cameron CroweRandy is described, but not interviewed. Includes very early photo of the band taken backstage in San Diego.
March 3, 1973Melody Maker“Eagles Get Their Wings”Mark PlummerYArticle reprinted in History Of Rock 1973 (Uncut, February 2016)
Randy ponders whether stepping on baby chickens, a la Alice Cooper, is rock and roll.
July 1974Crawdaddy“The Eagles Have Stopped Takin’ It Easy”David RensinY
August 1974Circus“On The Border – The Eagles Kick Up A Sundance”Ellen MandellReview of On The Border. Praise for “Is It True?”
May 1975Hit Parader“The Eagles Make California Sounds”Joseph RoseYRandy interviewed. Also includes nice color photo by Norman Seeff.
August 1975Scottsbluff Star- Herald“Rock Group Member Wants To Return To Region”Diane EicherYRandy is interviewed by his hometown newspaper.
September 25, 1975Rolling Stone“Eagles: Chips Off The Old Buffalo….”Cameron CroweYEagles’ first Rolling Stone cover story.
1975Warner Communications1975 Annual ReportPage devoted to the Eagles from Warner’s annual report detailing the company’s financial operations for the previous year.
January 1976NARASFor The RecordFor The Record was a newsletter published by the National Academy Of Recording Arts & Sciences. This issue was devoted to the Grammy nominees for 1975, in which the Eagles were finalists in two categories. This issue was addressed to Randy on the last page, c/o the Eagles’ accounting firm.
March 1976Music Life“Eagles: First Japan Tour”Yoshiji KizakiProfile of the Eagles’ first tour of Japan.
March 27, 1976Sounds“Desperados in Blue Jeans and Sneakers”Barbara CharoneYProfile of the Eagles. Each member is quoted.
October 1976Music Gig“Rare Interview With The High School Desperados”Linda CainYIncludes great early interview with Randy. The author found him to be the easiest of the band to talk to.
December 11, 1976Melody Maker“Where Eagles Dare…”Chris CharlesworthArticle reprinted in History Of Rock 1976 (Uncut, June 2016).
Glenn Frey describes Randy as “the ribbon on the package.”
December 2, 1976Cleveland Scene“‘Hotel California’ & The Best Music They’ve Ever Made”John SteelYRandy says his “mean look” onstage is really just concentration.
August 1977Music Life“Los Angeles Eagles: Time To Play Ball!”YJapanese piece about the Eagles’ softball game in Oakland.
December 20, 1977Scottsbluff Star-Herald“Pet Of the Week”Randy donated money to the Panhandle Humane Society for the purchase of additional cat cages.
1978Randy Meisner Press Kit“Randy Meisner Talks About Randy Meisner”YThe press kit for Randy’s 1978 debut included a bio and interview.
July 20, 1978Scottsbluff Star- Herald“Mitchell Rock Star Trying Wings As Soloist”Bob GustinY
August 12, 1979Scottsbluff Star-Herald“Randy Meisner Erecting Mini-Mall”Details construction of Randall Square


June 12, 1980Los Angeles Times“The Rigors Of Record Making”Joy HorowitzYThe article recounts one night at Record One studio with producer Val Garay, during the recording of One More Song. It provides a rare glimpse of what Randy was like in the studio.
November 7, 1980BAM“Ex-Eagle Randy Meisner Flies High Solo”Dave ZimmerY
December 4, 1980Intelligencer-Journal
(Lancaster, PA)
“The Eagle Who Flew The Nest”Yardena ArarY

January 12, 1981PeopleOn The MoveDavid SheffY
February 1981Teen“Randy Meisner: An Ex-Eagle Soars Solo”Y
February 28, 1981Omaha World-Herald“Meisner Remembers Nebraska”Steve MillburgY
March 1, 1981Houston Chronicle“Getting His Act Together And Taking It On The Road”Dale AdamsonY
March 7, 1981Cash BoxCash BoxRandy appeared on the cover, along with a short article about his new album, One More Song, and top 20 single, “Hearts On Fire.”
March 10, 1981New York Daily News“Ex-Eagle Randy Meisner Flying Solo”Bill CarltonY
March 31, 1981Circus“Ex-Eagle Soars On Solo Flight”Philip BasheY
April 5, 1981Los Angeles Times“Front And Center For Shy Ex-Eagle”Dennis HuntY
December 16, 1982Atlanta Journal“Ex-Eagle Meisner Takes It To His Own Limit”Russ DevaultY
December 19, 1982Florida Today“Former Eagle Unloads About Breakup”Billy CoxY
December 19, 1982Fort Pierce Tribune“Meisner Is Soaring On Small Stage”Greg GardnerY
April 24, 1983Scottsbluff Star-HeraldFor SaleAn ad for cars Randy had for sale in Scottsbluff.
July 2, 1983Scottsbluff Star-Herald“Star Expects To ‘Have Fun'”David OstdiekYRandy is interviewed prior to his first hometown concert in nearly 20 years.
October 14, 1984Omaha World-Herald“Meisner Works On Music First”Roger CatlinY
April 17, 1987San Antonio Light“Rick Roberts New Band Full Of Top Notch Rockers”Steve BennettYRandy is interviewed about his new band with Rick Roberts.
November 27, 1988Scottsbluff Star-Herald“Meisner Back On Track”Annette HeussmannY


August 31, 1990The Reporter (Fond du Lac, WI)“’60s Band Poco Touring This Year”Mary CampbellYRandy discusses the problems with Richie Furay & song lyrics. He also describes how his divorce affected him.
January 1991Adlib Magazine“We Had So Much Left To Do As Poco”YInterview with Randy Meisner and Jim Messina from the Japanese music magazine, Adlib. (translated)
February 24, 1991Scottsbluff Star-Herald“High Flying Bird”Annette HeussmannY
June 12, 1994Arizona Republic“Ex-Eagle Eschews Old Excesses, Enjoys A Simpler Lifestyle”Salvatore CaputoYCaputo caught Randy in the middle of spackling his bathroom.
June 15, 1994Grand Island (NE) Independent“No ‘Hotel California’ For Him”YRandy talks about being left out of the Eagles’ 1994 reunion tour.
July 1, 1994Daily Mirror (London)“The Eagle Has Crash Landed”Y
October 2, 1994Grand Island Independent “The Music Just Soothes The Soul”Bill BrennanThe author recounts a story about a local Scottsbluff businessman who met Randy on a flight from Omaha to Dallas.
November 27, 1994Scottsbluff Star-Herald“Get Over It? No Problem, Says Former Eagles Bassist”Barry BedlanY
January 11, 1995Denver Westword“Taken Past The Limit”Michael RobertsY
April 4, 1996Los Angeles Times“An Eagle Has Landed”Jon MatsumotoY
November 21, 1997San Francisco Chronicle“Imposter Still Touring As Ex-Eagles Guitarist”Jaxon Van DerbekenY
January 11, 1998Scottsbluff Star-Herald“Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer: Panhandle Native To Be Enshrined With Rock Greats”Stacey NickYRandy, his mother, Emilie, and friend, Roger Frank, are interviewed for this piece about Randy’s induction into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
February 27, 1998San Francisco Chronicle“Curtains For Accused Impersonator Of Eagles Bassist”Jaxon Van DerbekenY
July 9, 1999Philadelphia Inquirer“World Classic Rockers Have Blue-Ribbon Credits”Jack LloydNick St Nicholas describes origins of World Classic Rockers. Includes several comments about Randy.


June 2, 2000San Antonio Express News“Band On the Run: Ex-Eagle Joins Rockers Tour”Hector SaldanaY
July 21, 2000Odessa American“All Star Rockers Play On”Stephanie DunawayYProfile of the World Classic Rockers. Randy was interviewed.
September 2006Discoveries“Randy Meisner Takes It To The Limit One More Time”Ken SharpYThis interview is also reprinted on the Rock Cellar Magazine website.
June 2013Uncut“We Were Quite Taken With The Idea Of Being Outlaws…” A look back at Desperado.
March 8, 2016Daily Mail (London)“Eagles Founder Randy Meisner’s Wife Controlled Him…”Shekhar BhatiaRecounts the details surrounding the death of Randy’s second wife, Lana Meisner. It also includes content from court documents in which Randy described the physical abuse he had endured during his marriage to Lana, including being hit with “closed fists.”
April 2016Goldmine“A 5-Star Hotel’s 40th Anniversary”Jeb WrightYIncludes interview with producer Bill Szmczyk. Randy mentioned and quoted.
2021Life“Eagles: Their Story. Their Music. Their Lives”Special 50th anniversary commemorative issue.
February 2022Uncut“Eagles: The Rise Of Country Rock’s Sun Kings”Nick Hasted50th anniversary of the Eagles’ debut album.


Randy passed away on July 25th, 2023. It is unclear why his conservator gave the wrong date (July 26th) to the media, as well as Randy’s family, who did not learn the correct date until weeks later, via his death certificate. Sadly, a number of articles published after Randy’s death rehashed the lie that he was refusing to sing “Take It To The Limit” on the 1977 Hotel California tour. This BS story has been debunked here. More obits will be added to this section in the coming days/weeks.

July 27, 2023New York Times“Randy Meisner, Founding Member Of the Eagles, Dies At 77”Alex Williams
July 27, 2023Rolling Stone“Randy Meisner, Eagles Co-Founder and ‘Take It to the Limit’ Singer, Dead at 77”Angie Martoccio
July 27, 2023Variety“Randy Meisner, Eagles Co-Founder and Singer of ‘Take It To The Limit,’ Dies at 77”Thania Garcia
July 29, 2023The Guardian“Randy Meisner: Singer & Bassist With The Eagles Who Wrote One Of Their Biggest Hits…”
July 29, 2023Scottsbluff Star-Herald“Randy Meisner, Eagles Co-Founder, Singer Dies At 77”Hilel Italie
July 30th, 2023Los Angeles Times“Eagles Co-Founder Took Vocal Range To the Limit”Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Songbooks/Tour Books


These songbooks were released around the same time as each of the albums (Eagles & Desperado were published as one volume, back to back. Read one side, then flip it over to read the other). They included sheet music and lyrics for each song, accompanied by photos. The files below include abridged (shortened) versions of each these songbooks. I did not want to risk damaging the books by scanning every page (a couple are in fragile condition). All photos featuring Randy have been included.

Eagles – Eagles Songbook
Published 1973, Warner Bros. Publications
Included as a two-in-one with the Desperado Songbook.

Eagles – Desperado Songbook
Published 1973, Warner Bros. Publications

Eagles – On The Border Songbook
Published 1975, Warner Bros. Publications

Eagles – One Of These Nights Songbook
1976 Warner Bros. Publications

Eagles – Hotel California Songbook
1977 Warner Bros. Publications

Randy Meisner – One More Song Songbook
1981 Warner Bros. Publications

Tour Books

To my knowledge, the Eagles only published two tour programs during Randy’s tenure with the band. One to coincide with their Japanese tour in 1976 and one for the U.S. and European tour in 1977. Tour programs were published for Randy’s Japanese tours in 1981 and 1983. The latter is extremely hard-to-find. The ’81 program is included below.

Eagles – Japanese Tour Book 1976
Book included a poster

Eagles – 1977 Hotel California Tour Book
Distributed in both Europe and America.

Randy Meisner – Japanese Tour Book 1981


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  3. I’m trying to re-find a interview where Joe Walsh was talking about Randy and his voice and he said how they got to listen to it everynight and how he could actually sing even higher if he had to. don’t suppose you would know which one that would be? love all these articles and interviews!

    1. Hi Deb,
      I don’t know of an interview where Joe says that, but at the end of Randy’s performance of “Take It To The Limit” from the Seattle Kingdome in 1976, Glenn Frey says: “That was Randy Meisner, our bass player, hitting the high notes there. We love it every night.” Then Joe Walsh pipes in: “He can sing higher than that if he needs to.”
      You can watch it here. The performance clips are in the middle of the page:

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