This sold-out double bill in Cleveland was the Eagles’ final U.S. appearance before they embarked on a month-long European Tour. Opening for the band was Jimmy Buffett.

In this preview for the show in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Larry Solters, the Eagles’ press agent (whose nickname was Scoop), stated that “Take It To The Limit” was one of the strongest songs on their tour.

Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 25th, 1977

Most of the photos below are from the April 1st show.

Before the Eagles walked onstage officials issued a warning about shooting off firecrackers during the concert. Despite the warning, an explosion rang out and startled Randy, who “shot a sharp look in the direction of the noise”:

“During the third song, it happened–a big explosion that cut clearly through the high-decibel melody. Bassist Randy Meisner shot a sharp look in the direction of the noise and walk-staggered two steps backward. After the number, [Glenn Frey] said from his piano, ‘OK folks, that’s the last firecracker while we’re playing, got it?’ Walsh walked to his mike and said, ‘Yeah, just keep ’em in your pockets till you get home.'” (Akron Beacon-Journal, April 1, 1977)

Praise for Randy

“But perhaps the high point was bass player Randy Meisner’s strong tenor and falsetto on the compelling ‘Take It To The Limit.'” –Cleveland Plain Dealer, April 2, 1977

“Randy Meisner got the crowd off the seats with his superb falsetto closing of the poignant ‘Take It To The Limit.'” –Daily Kent Stater, April 8, 1977

“Highlights included Randy Meisner’s stellar vocal delivery on ‘Take It To The Limit and Walsh and Felder’s dueling guitars on ‘One Of These Nights.'” –Cleveland Scene, April 7, 1977

For Joe Walsh, who attended nearby Kent State University (see shirt) and whose professional home for years was in Cleveland (the James Gang originated there), this show marked his first appearance in northern Ohio as a member of the Eagles.

Below: Review from the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, April 2, 1977. The author mistakenly says that “Take It To The Limit” was co-authored by Jackson Browne.

Photo from the March 31st show (Cleveland Scene, April 7, 1977)

The Eagles published a full-page “thank you” in the Cleveland Scene newspaper on April 7, 1977:


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