Tucked away near the end of Hotel California, which turns 45 this week, is the last song Randy wrote during his tenure with the Eagles, “Try And Love Again.” Today, the song is considered a deep track, but in 1976, it was a hit with contemporary critics, who felt it was the highlight of the album. What sets it apart from Randy’s signature song, “Take It To The Limit,” in my opinion, is that it is all Randy. There are no Don Henley/Glenn Frey co-credits here. The lyrics are sweet, pure, and hopeful. Randy may not have had Henley’s English literature background, but he was able to convey just as much in a simple phrase, such as “Right or wrong, what’s done is done, It’s only moments that you borrow.” The song deserved to be a hit, but perhaps it’s best that it remained in obscurity and was never overplayed on the radio, like the title track. This way, it can go on being our little secret. Something we can pull out when people say, “Who’s Randy Meisner?” Well, here he is.

Don Henley, Joe Walsh, Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey, Don Felder

What the critics said:

“Randy Meisner’s lead vocal on ‘Try And Love Again’ is hypnotic.”
–Boston Globe, April 17th, 1977

“Bassist Randy Meisner sings the album’s finest cut, ‘Try And Love Again.’ Walsh again stands out musically here (on Gretsch guitar), and Meisner coos in an excellent vocal performance.”
–Sacramento Express, March 3rd, 1977

Meisner’s ‘Try And Love Again’ is one of the album’s strong points–a wonderfully constructed ballad.”
–Fort Worth Star-Telegram, January 2nd, 1977

“In ‘Try And Love Again,’ with its eerie ‘These Days’ opening hook, the spotlight is on Randy Meisner and it is definitely one of the album’s highlights.”
–Press and Sun-Bulletin (Binghamton, NY), January 29th, 1977

Photo by David Alexander, 1976

“‘Try And Love Again’ is bassist Randy Meisner’s only written contribution to Hotel California, and even though it’s a far cry from his ‘Take It To The Limit,’ it’s one of the few typical things on the new LP. Containing elements of folk, country and rock music, it’s another semi-bitter love song served up in a convincing manner. Meisner’s vocals, as always, are perfectly tailored to the lyrical message.”
–Daily Record Sun (Morristown, NJ), January 2nd, 1977

“‘Try and Love Again’ is the album’s most hopeful, upbeat song with Randy Meisner vowing to forget a lost love for a new one.”
–Atlanta Constitution, January 8th, 1977

“Randy Meisner’s ‘Try And Love Again’ is a nicely designed ballad with an outwardly romantic theme.”
–Los Angeles Times, December 12th, 1976

“Bassist Randy Meisner adds one of the most appealing tunes, the Buffalo Springfield-ish ‘Try And Love Again.'”
–Wichita Falls Record-News, April 16th, 1977

“‘Try And Love Again’ is ambitiously conceived and executed with polish, Glenn Frey’s guitar cruising in counterpoint against a euphonious vocal arrangement.”
–San Diego Union, January 9th, 1977

Outtake (composite) photo from the Hotel California sessions by Norman Seeff

Some critics felt that “Try And Love Again” was the only song that represented the Eagles signature sound:

Traditionally, the Eagles have come to be known for fluid, upbeat country with a pinch of rock and a dash roll now and then. For the dyed-in-the-wool fan, there is plenty of that on the album, too. “Try And Love Again,” and the title cut, ‘Hotel California’ are very good examples of what has helped the Eagles feather their nest.”
–The Times (Shreveport, LA), January 9th, 1977

“There are remnants (as in ‘Try And Love Again’) of the strong lead vocals backed by a sweet chorus.”
–Green Bay Press Gazette, January 2nd, 1977

Credit for “Try And Love Again” from Hotel California inner sleeve (1976)

When you’re out there on your own
Where your memories can find you
Like a circle goes around
You were lost until you found out
What it all comes down to

One by one, the lonely feeling’s gone
Day by day, they slowly fade away

Ooh, the look was in her eyes
You never know what might be found there
She was dancing right in time
And the moves she made so fine
Like the music that surrounds her

Should I stay or go?
I really wanna know
Would I lose or win?
If I try and love again

Oh, oh, oh, oh, gonna try and love again
Oh, oh, oh, oh, I’m gonna try and love again
Oh, oh, oh, oh, gonna try and love

Right or wrong, what’s done is done
It’s only moments that you borrow
But the thoughts will linger of the lady and her song
When the sun comes up tomorrow

Well it might take years to see through all these tears
Don’t let go, when you find it you will know

Oh, oh, oh, oh, gonna try and love again
Oh, oh, oh, oh, gonna try and love again
Oh, oh, oh, oh, gonna try and love again (oh, oh, oh, oh)
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Sometimes lose, sometimes win
Sometimes you need a friend
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Gonna try
Gonna try
Gonna try, gonna try, gonna try, gonna try
Gonna try, gonna try, gonna try, gonna try
Gonna try, gonna try, gonna
try, gonna try, gonna try
Ooh, ooh
Gonna try, gonna try, gonna try, gonna try
Gonna try, gonna try, gonna try, gonna try
Gonna try, gonna try, gonna try, gonna try, gonna try
Ooh, ooh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

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  1. Thanks Jessica! Love the critical reception this song was given….still clueless as to why this was not released as a single. Best track on the album, in my opinion!!!!!

    1. Hi Sue, I read it was definitely lined up to be their third single from the album, however it was pulled when Randy decided to leave.

      1. Marylka, I’ve not heard that before but it certainly seems plausible. A great song

      2. Oops 4th single! I have hopefully temporarily forgotten where I got this info however know it was from a reliable source. It may have been an interview with Glenn or a transcript of interviews with production guys on Hotel California album including Bill Szymczk. Not quite sure but will certainly let you know if I find the source.
        Would have been a big hit I think. Apart from it being a great song Randy was so popular especially after TITTL.

  2. Wonderful song, wonderful man. Randy Meisner was the best of the Eagles. When he left, the Eagles were never the same.

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