On January 10th, 1995, Meisner, Swan & Rich played the first of two nights at the Oregon Trail Lounge in Gering, Nebraska. The appearance was a homecoming for 48-year-old Randy, who was born and raised in the neighboring town of Scottsbluff. Richard Randall, a Colorado Springs media personality, was sent to Gering to film the concert and interview Randy for a short feature that was shown in Denver and Colorado Springs. In addition to making this feature, Randall also created a much longer version of the piece that was never intended for broadcast. This longer version is presented here for the very first time. It includes much more of the interview with Randy, as well as full performances of a number of songs. It also features a rare interview with Randy’s parents, Herman and Emilie Meisner. Randy’s father, Herman, died only six months after the filming. His death prompted Randall to create this longer version, which shows Herman bragging and telling stories about his son, and send it to Randy. Richard Randall recalled that it meant a great deal to Randy. Also interviewed in the piece were Billy Swan, Charlie Rich, Jr., Rusty Young, and Randy’s friend, Roger Frank. I am humbled and honored that Richard chose my site for the debut of this rare film. Making this footage even more poignant is the knowledge that Randy’s ashes will soon be buried at West Lawn cemetery in Gering, next to his parents. He will be coming home to stay.

Randy Meisner Goes Home

Filmed and edited by Richard Randall
Shared with permission

Randy Meisner (vocals, bass)
Billy Swan (vocals, guitar)
Allan Rich (aka Charlie Rich, Jr.) (vocals, keyboards)
Vern Monnett (guitar, pedal steel)
Ron Grinel (drums)

Songs performed:
“Lonesome Cowgirl”
“You Look Like Someone I Could Love”
“Hearts On Fire”
“Try And Love Again”
“Where The Rubber Meets The Road”
“Can’t Get Far On A Train Going Nowhere”
“My How Things Have Changed”
“Midnight Flyer”
“Take It To The Limit”
“One More Song”

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  1. Oh my gosh Jessica! This is such a treasure. Thanks to You & Richard Randall for sharing it with the world. Randy really has gone home. 😢 Now to finish watching the interview!

    1. Randy was a great human being and musician!
      Although I never met him, I can tell he had a heart of gold! I am a guitarist and songwriter and if I had a chance to write with any musician, it would have been Randy!
      May God Bless him and may he Rest in Peace!
      John from Woodstock, NY

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. What wonderful memories. Love listening to Randy speak. He is so kind. ❤️❤️

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this unique film Jessica…such a heartwarming and fitting tribute to Randy..much loved, so talented and humble.

      1. It was an honor and a pleasure for me to share Richard’s film. It seemed to be just what we all needed right now.

  3. Beautiful! What a fantastic gift to have this. I feel like I was invited into his very own living room. So heartwarming, down home, yet bittersweet watching how much he enjoyed sharing his music once again, with friends and family. Such a special human being! I will always love that we share the same home state.

  4. Thank You, Jessica and Richard Randall for the Great video! It’s so nice to know that there is a site so comprehensive about Randy and his life and career!! He has left the world a better place because of the gift of his music!!

    1. This is so moving and special to see. Thank you Mr. Randall for sharing and thank you Jessica. What a treasure.

  5. Thank you so much Jessica for this wonderful tribute to Randy. Also it’s lovely to know that he will be laid to rest in his home town alongside his parents and amongst family and friends who loved him so much.

  6. Jessica – this is solid gold !! I hardly have words. What a personal look into Randy’s life. And his parents were so proud of their son. I’m glad he knew that and just hope he knew how loved he was. Thank you and all who made this possible. Will be watching again. Awesome job.

    1. It was so special to see his parents. They were so proud, and Richard said it meant so much to Randy to have that footage of them. Thanks for commenting, my friend. Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. A new Randy Meisner convert, I have been digesting every link in your site since his passing. I suppose I am making up for lost time. I am so glad I discovered your website, this community and most importantly, his music.

    1. Welcome, Amy! That’s great to hear. We’ve all been where you are and it’s the most exciting stage when you’re just devouring everything. Well, some of us are still at that stage years later! If you are looking for something specific or have a question. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

  8. Jessica, thank you for this… it was an hour well spent. The bright lights have faded to blue… rest in peace, Randy.

  9. Thank you, Jessica, for creating, expanding, and maintaining this website. Thank you, Richard, for sharing this wonderful concert footage. As others have commented, I too recently discovered Randy’s music, became smitten by it, and find it captivating. While many of us have only seen the early videos of Randy as a teenage heartthrob, watching this later recording brings us back to the reality that this person is an authentic human being who developed, grew and matured in life, in his music, and his relationships. It is so intimate, hearing from and seeing his parents, his lifelong friends, his hometown supporters. Again a heartfelt thank you for all the dedication and hard work that goes into preserving memories through this website.

    1. I appreciate that. Thank you. I couldn’t agree more with what you said about Randy. The video showed him being real and down-to-earth. Completely unpretentious, which is always how he was anyway. But this video really illustrated it.

      1. Thank you Jessica for all you do. Randy was the best and he’ll be missed by us all.

  10. Thanks for sharing this. Randy is missed!
    I recorded a show here on Clearwater Beach around this same time period but my mini-disc player is on the fritz so I need to repair it so I can enjoy their show.

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