On August 8th, 1976, Randy’s wife and children, his parents, and numerous other relatives and friends traveled three hours from Scottsbluff to Denver to see the Eagles perform at Mile High Stadium. The concert took place on the heels of Randy’s monster hit with the band, “Take It To The Limit.” His hometown paper, the Scottsbluff Star-Herald, covered the concert and interviewed Randy’s parents, Herman and Emilie Meisner, as well as his first wife, Jennifer Meisner.

Denver Post, July 18, 1976

The Eagles were the headliners at the third installment of the “Colorado Sun Day.” Also on the bill were Linda Ronstadt & Pure Prairie League. The Denver concert was the Eagles’ last tour date of the summer.

estes Park Trail Gazette, August 2, 1976

Concert Program


Randy and Linda Ronstadt grabbing a bite before the show. All photos and clippings in this section courtesy of Jennifer Meisner.

Jennifer’s family backstage. Her sister Ann Datel, far left, nephew Doug, second from left in back, and niece Bobbi, second from right (holding a jacket over her head).

Doug Datel passed away last December.

Randy’s three children with their mom.


Scottsbluff Star-Herald, August 21, 1976

For the show, Randy wore a Cawley’s Potato Chips shirt. Cawley’s chips were manufactured in his hometown of Scottsbluff, Nebraska

The shirt said: “This is my bag. What’s Yours?” (the latter part is hidden on the bottom right of the shirt). Jennifer remembered that “we always bought a bunch to take to L.A. They were the best chips.”

Scottsbluff Star-Herald/Western Sky cover story
August 21, 1976

The Mile High piece was part of “Western Sky,” a weekend insert in the Scottsbluff Star-Herald. The article featured interviews with Randy’s parents Herman and Emilie Meisner, who talk about their son’s rise to fame and their fear at his entering the music business: “We were a little leerie for a while.” There’s also a great moment where Joe Walsh hands Herman a beer. Randy’s wife, Jennifer, was also interviewed. She described what it was like being on tour with the Eagles the previous two weeks, including having to jump a fence with Randy to escape a crowd in Foxboro, MA. She also provided some insight into his personality, as well as his plans for the future, including perhaps the first mention of Randy’s desire to do a solo album. I have provided an overview of the spread in the photos below, however part of the text is not shown. Skip further down to read the full article.

Full Article

The “overwhelming ovation” for “Take It To The Limit,” was “largely the product of Randy’s writing and soul-touching vocal work.” (Kevin Doll, Scottsbluff Star-Herald)

After a two-month break, the Eagles returned to the road on October 14th, 1976 in San Diego. See a full list of their 1976 tour dates in my Concert Archive here.

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  1. Oh my Jessica & Jennifer, this article is so awesome with all the behind the scenes insights from the one who was there living it. I really loved reading all of it! And the pictures are outstanding. Thank You for Sharing!!!

  2. What a great article, Jessica! I’m so glad you have a relationship with family and they trust you to share what I would call family heirlooms.

    1. Thanks, Janis. Jennifer has been very generous with not only her memorabilia, of which she has A LOT, but also her memories. She was a witness to a great deal more of Randy’s career than people realize and has provided me with an immense insight into who he was off stage. I am extremely grateful for not only her friendship, but also her support of my site.

  3. THANK YOU so much to Jennifer for sharing this information! I have loved Randy’s music since he joined the Eagles and I have all his solo albums! What a great person he was and we share your loss. I think it’s wonderful that Don Felder is honoring Randy at his concerts now with his picture on the backdrop while his band member sings Randy’s song. What a great way to honor Randy to Don’t fans!

  4. Wow! Awesome work Jessica. I love the personal glimpse into Randy’s life. Thanks to Jennifer for sharing here. Speaks volumes for your site and integrity. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you Jennifer and Jessica. I appreciate you Jennifer sharing your personal life with Randy. Everyone says he was a wonderful person with a voice of an Angel. I love hearing him sing and was so sorry to hear of his passing but pray he is now at peace.

  6. i cant get enough of him. in a world that seems so cut throat. he always seems pleasant. i would liked ro have been his friend.

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