The Merv Griffin Show, August 3rd, 1982

Randy performed two songs on an episode of The Merv Griffin Show called “Top Music Makers,” which aired on August 3rd, 1982. Also featured on the program were Melissa Manchester, Ray Parker, Jr., and T.G. Sheppard. The show was co-hosted by Kal Rudman, a former DJ and longtime publisher of the music trade magazine, The Friday Morning Quarterback.

Dressed in a tie and playing an electric guitar (a vintage Gibson Les Paul Junior), Randy sang two songs from his new album, the self-titled Randy Meisner, which had just been released on Epic: “Playin’ In The Deep End” and his then-current single, “Never Been In Love.” He was also interviewed (per Reelin’ In The Years Productions, who currently owns the footage).

This was Randy’s second appearance on The Merv Griffin Show. He also appeared on July 21st 1981 in an episode called “The Hit Makers.” Again, he performed two songs, “Hearts On Fire” and “Gotta Get Away,” and was interviewed.

Neither of these episodes of The Merv Griffin Show have ever been released.* A short 15-second clip of his performance of “Playin’ In The Deep End” was included on an episode of American Journal in 1994, which featured an interview with Randy about the Eagles’ “Hell Freezes Over” tour. Not sure who the blonde is.

*Reelin’ In The Years Productions makes it clear on their website that they do not sell their footage to fans or collectors. It is only available to “clients in the entertainment industry,” documentaries, TV shows, etc.


Randy was also photographed backstage.


  1. I think its terrible that they will not release the footage unless, ya know, they get paid. Deplorable! The fact that there is footage out there of Randy that fans will never see again is very sad and speaks volumes of how greedy the entertainment industry really is.

    1. Reelin’ In The Years has released DVDs with footage from the Merv Griffin Show, but none of it includes Randy. I don’t think any of the sets include complete episodes. We can only hope that maybe they’ll include one of his performances on a DVD at some later date. Of course, we’d love to see the interviews too. I’m not hopeful we’ll ever see those unless they decide to release entire episodes.

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