Meisner, Rich & Swan
Dos Gringos, Temecula, CA
June 17-18, 1992

According to Charlie Rich, Jr, this was was the band’s first gig.

“Temecula, California. Our first show together. After the show ended I knew I was a part of something special. We continued working the West Coast for the next few months. Then I spoke with a friend in Holland that was interested in booking the band. We did a European tour that was just a blast. We used Mark Craney on drums, as (John) Molo was out with Bruce Hornsby at the time.”

Charlie Rich, Jr (via

The band’s original name was Meisner, Rich and Swan. They were billed under this name from 1992 until their last performance in 1996. The band later became known as Meisner, Swan and Rich following a CD labeling mishap in 2001, when the band was no longer touring together.

The Californian (Temecula, CA) June 16, 1992
The Californian (Temecula, CA) June 17, 1992