“Gathering Of The Clan”
Benefit for Fred Walecki
August 8, 2000

Randy participated in the first of a two-day benefit called “Gathering Of The Clan” for Fred Walecki, owner of Westwood Music in Los Angeles, who had been diagnosed with throat cancer. Walecki’s store was well-known in the music industry as the go-to place to buy instruments and other gear. According to Randy, all of the Eagles bought their instruments from him. “He became like one of the group almost.” The benefit was organized by Glyn Johns and Bernie Leadon. At the August 8th show, Randy sang “Already Gone” and “Take It To The Limit” (listen to his set below). Accompanying Randy on both tracks were his bandmates in the World Classic Rockers, plus fellow former Eagle, Bernie Leadon.

Randy backstage at the Fred Walecki benefit

“Already Gone” and “Take It To The Limit” (the entire set with talking between songs and at the end).

Star-studded group photo at the Gathering Of The Clan. Randy is in the middle with his World Classic Rockers bandmates.

World Classic Rockers, c.1999

Carmine Appice, Denny Laine, Spencer Davis, Nick St. Nicholas, Michael Monarch, Randy Meisner, Bobby Kimball, Rosilee.