Randy played the legendary Cinci nightclub the night before his 35th birthday. The opening act was Cincinnati Bengal-turned-country singer, Mike Reid.

L-R: Randy, Terese Heston, Don Francisco
Photo: Dale Briggs
Terese Heston
Photo: Dale Briggs
Bogart’s ad
Via: Bogart’s Memories (Facebook)
According to someone who worked at the club,
Randy arrived in town a day early to attend the Mary Travers show.
Cincinnati Enquirer, March 5th, 1981
Ticket Stub
via Bogart’s Memories (Facebook)
Backstage pass
Via: Bogart’s Memories
Cincinnati Enquirer, March 5th, 1981
Typical know-nothing drivel from former Cincinnati music critic, Cliff Radel, who fancies himself a music snob, but is really nothing more than a peddler of five-dollar words and hot air. You’ve been warned.

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