Photo from Ohio State Univ. Lantern, March 10, 1981

Randy celebrated his 35th birthday at the Agora, playing to an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd, despite a cold and sore throat, which affected his voice. His backing band, The Silverados, marked his birthday by presenting him with a cake and leading the crowd in “Happy Birthday.” Drummer Craig Krampf gave him a t-shirt, which he changed into during the show.

Donnie, Debbie, Randy and Tammy…
Ad for Randy’s Agora appearance, Columbus Dispatch, Feb. 21, 1981
Photo © Dale Briggs
Randy Meisner & The Silverados on stage in Columbus
L-R: Sterling Smith, Bryan Garofalo, Randy, Terese Heston, Craig Krampf, Craig Hull, Don Francisco
Note Randy’s shirt change from the previous photos.
Photo ©Dale Briggs

The evening also marked the return of Columbus native, keyboardist Sterling Smith, to his hometown.

In this interview with the Columbus Dispatch (March 9th, 1981), Smith recalls that he met Randy in November 1979, and worked with him on a project that never came to pass. Nevertheless, Smith kept in touch and was eventually contacted to work on Randy’s 1980 album, “One More Song.”
Photo © Dale Briggs
Concert review from OSU Lantern, March 10, 1981
Terese Heston is mistakenly referred to as Theresa Esther
Photo © Dale Briggs

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