A few months ago, I posted five songs featuring Randy as a session player or guest vocalist/bassist. I thought it was time to highlight five more of these tracks. Randy is credited as a harmony/background vocalist on all of the following songs. Earbuds or headphones are recommended for the best listening experience.

For a complete list of Randy’s Sessions & Guest Appearances, please visit our Discography.

“There’s A Place In The World For A Gambler”
Dan Fogelberg, Souvenirs, 1974

-Randy and Don Henley are credited as part of “The Front Line Gardenia Choir” on this track.
-Album was produced by Joe Walsh.

“There’s A Place In The World For A Gambler”
Randy, Dan Fogelberg & Don Henley at a benefit for presidential candidate Jerry Brown, May 1976.

“Help Me Thru The Night”
Joe Walsh, So What, 1974

-Bryan Garofalo, future member of Randy’s backing band, The Silverados, plays bass.
-Walsh wrote this song following the death of his four-year-old daughter, Emma, in April 1974 (So What was released in December):

“I was married at the time and living in Boulder. My wife was taking our four-year-old daughter to school and some lady ran a stop sign and creamed our car. And I lost my daughter. And it was gory and all that. To help with closure, I wrote this song for her. And over the process of the next year, my wife and I, we just weren’t strong enough to get through the grief and so we separated and eventually got divorced. But I met a girl in Los Angeles, and my song ‘Help Me Through the Night’ was to her about being there for me. Because I was a wreck. But she was there so that I could grieve Emma.”

Rolling Stone, May 19, 2016
“Help Me Thru The Night”
Randy and Joe c.1976

“I Still Have Dreams”
Richie Furay, I Still Have Dreams, 1979

-Richie Furay’s second solo album was a Poco reunion of sorts with two former Poco bassists, Randy and Timothy B. Schmit, providing background vocals on several tracks, including the title track (also credited with background vocals here are Craig Fuller and songwriter Bill Batstone.)
-LP was produced by Val Garay, who went on to produce Randy’s second solo album, One More Song, the following year.

“I Still Have Dreams”
Rolling Stone, September 20, 1979
The album was originally titled Satisfied.

“Slow Down”
Bray Ghiglia, Soulsounding, 1995

Ghiglia played flute, guitar and keyboards for Roberts-Meisner Band (with Rick Roberts of Firefall). Ghiglia has said that his music was inspired by his time performing with Randy and Rick. This song, in particular, has a definite “Strange Way”/Firefall feel to it.

“Slow Down”
Bray Ghiglia (far right) with Open Secret (later The Roberts-Meisner Band), 1987
L-R: Dewey Martin, Rick Roberts, Billy Darnell, Randy & Bray.

“Gypsy Rider”
Augie Meyers, Blame It On Love, 2002

-Meyers was a founding member of both the Sir Douglas Quintet and Texas Tornados.
– Singing background on this track, along with Randy, is Billy Swan (of Meisner, Swan and Rich) and Augie’s wife, Carol Meyers.

“Gypsy Rider”
L-R: Augie Meyers, Charlie Rich, Jr., Randy, and Billy Swan, 2005

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  1. I came across this site searching to see if Randy Meisner performed the backing vocal on the Kenny Rogers version of ‘The Gambler.’ Sounds like him and the timing is right (1978 recording). Anybody have a clear answer on this?

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