Presented here is the press kit for Randy’s self-titled, solo debut from 1978. These kits were sent out by Asylum Records to radio stations, record stores, newspapers and magazines to promote the album. Each packet included a two-page bio, three-page interview, and two 8″x10″ b&w photos, all housed in a folder with the same photo and graphics as the album cover. Click each image to enlarge.

Press Kit folder


Both photos below were taken by photographer Gene Brownell. See more photos from this session here.


The two-page bio includes information about Randy’s early life and career up to 1978. A recording session with John Stewart is mentioned at the bottom of page one. I could find nothing about this session. This is probably a misprint and should have read James Taylor.


Also included in the press kit was an interview entitled “Randy Meisner Talks About Randy Meisner.” Randy explains how the album came together and why he chose some of the songs, including his remake of “Take It To The Limit.”

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  1. Too bad Asylum didn’t do their homework before promoting the 2 page bio. Could have been so much better! Randy’s interview, on the other hand, was a Great Read! But that’s no surprise! Lol! Thanks for sharing Jess!

    1. I guess Asylum couldn’t afford a proofreader. Despite the misprints and typos, I thought the bio was pretty accurate overall. I was surprised that so little was said about his time with the Eagles. More space was devoted to The Poor than the Eagles. Perhaps that was intentional and to show that he had more of a history than just being in one band.

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