The photos used in this post have been mislabeled on other websites as having been taken at the Boston Music Hall on May 14th, 1975. This is incorrect. The photos below were indeed taken at the Academy Of Music. The photographer, Michael Landskroner, identified the photos in a Facebook post in 2016. While some photographers get dates and venues wrong years after the fact, further research proves that he was correct. The Eagles performed two shows in one night at the Academy and Landskroner took photos of both performances, hence the shirt change on some of the band members in the photos. I also further identified the photos by comparing the background to others taken at the venue. For example: On the left is the J. Geils Band at the Academy Of Music in January 1975. On the right is Glenn Frey performing there with the Eagles in May. Note the ladder in the background with matching rungs. Another comparison (different angle/different ladder) can be made with a photo of Status Quo taken at the Academy in 1973.

Now that we have that cleared up, on with the post…

Academy Of Music, May 16th, 1975

Academy Of Music, NYC, May 16, 1975

The Eagles played two sold-out, back-to-back concerts at the Academy (renamed the Palladium in 1976). Dan Fogelberg opened both shows.

Eagles at the Academy Of Music
L-R: Randy, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Don Felder
Photo © Michael Landskroner
Village Voice, April 28th, 1975

The band performed three songs from their not-yet-released album, One Of These Nights, including “Too Many Hands,” written by Randy and Don Felder and sung by Randy, the title track, and the instrumental “Journey Of The Sorcerer,” written by Bernie Leadon. My setlist is compiled mostly from the reviews, which were probably of the 8:00 show.


Take It Easy
Outlaw Man
Doolin-Dalton/Desperado Reprise
Train Leaves Here This Morning
Peaceful, Easy Feeling
Ol’ 55
One Of These Nights
Midnight Flyer
Journey Of The Sorcerer
Too Many Hands
Already Gone
Good Day In Hell
James Dean
Witchy Woman
Chug All Night
Best Of My Love

Tequila Sunrise

Photo © Michael Landskroner
© Michael Landskroner
© Michael Landskroner
Billboard, May 31st, 1975
Billboard, May 31st, 1975
Record World, June 7th, 1975
Record World, June 7th, 1975

Noted curmudgeon, Dave Marsh, put in his two-cents’ worth below. Don’t worry, he softens by the end. Well, sort of. He doesn’t give poor Dan Fogelberg a break at all.

Newsday (Hempstead, NY), May 19th, 1975

More photos. Since the the Eagles performed a double bill, some of the band members changed shirts for the second show (most notably Glenn Frey & Don Felder). Not sure which photos are from which performance. Randy wore the same “One Of These Nights” t-shirt for each show.”

All photos © Michael Landskroner.

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