Throughout his career, Randy has appeared on dozens of albums by his friends and colleagues. Here are a few highlights, in no particular order. You can see/hear more in our Discography .

“Someone Whispered”
Mac Gayden, Hymn To The Seeker, 1976

During the recording of Hotel California at the Criteria Studios in Miami, Randy made an appearance on the third album by Mac Gayden called Hymn To The Seeker, which was being recorded in an adjacent studio at the same time. Gayden, innovator of the wah-wah slide guitar technique, asked Randy to sing backup on one of the tunes, the funky “Someone Whispered.” Asked about the recording during a BBC interview in 1977, Randy said Gayden was “a lot of fun to work with.” His high vocals are unmistakable on the chorus. It is one of his most overlooked guest appearances.

Dutch single for “Someone Whispered” by Mac Gayden
“Featuring Randy Meisner”

Peter Lewis, Peter Lewis, 1995

Singer/songwriter Lewis was a founding member of the ’60s band, Moby Grape (he is also the son of actress Loretta Young). No doubt Randy crossed paths with Peter when he was in The Poor from 1966-1968 since both bands frequented many of the same L.A. clubs. By 1995, both men were middle-aged musicians who were probably wondering what they were going to do next, but not yet ready to give up. I’m sure Randy could relate to the lyrics. His distinctive voice stands out in the chorus, especially toward the end.


“Deliver Me”
Rick Roberts, Windmills, 1972

The newly-formed Eagles all appear on Rick Roberts’ first solo album, Windmills. Roberts is best known as a founding member of the 1970s group Firefall. But he was around long before that. When Gram Parsons left the Flying Burrito Brothers in 1971, Roberts took his place. Future Eagle, Bernie Leadon, was a member of the Burritos at that time and both appeared on the 1971 album The Flying Burrito Brothers. It would be the last Burritos album for both. By 1972, Bernie had joined the Eagles and Rick was making his first solo album. Leadon, Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and Randy play and sing backup on three tracks on Windmills, including the beautiful opener “Deliver Me.” In the mid-1980s, Randy and Rick would team up for a brief period as Rick Roberts & Open Secret, then later as just The Roberts-Meisner Band.

Liner notes, Rick Roberts, Windmills, 1972

“Claim On Me”
Tom Rush, Ladies Love Outlaws, 1974

Randy and Don Henley both appear on this track, but are uncredited. The album credits “Tim Schmit and Friends.” This was due to David Geffen not wanting Columbia, Tom Rush’s label, to capitalize on the names of his acts.1 Although Schmit seems to get the credit, it’s Randy’s high voice that’s the most noticeable, in my opinion.

From the liner notes of Ladies Love Outlaws, Tom Rush, 1974

“Rescue Me”
Linda Ronstadt, Linda Ronstadt, 1972

Recorded live at the Troubadour in July 1971, the members of the Eagles (before they were known as the Eagles) backed Linda on this cover of the 1965 hit by Fontella Bass. It was a hard choice between this song and the beautiful “Birds” (written by Neil Young) which was recorded the same night, and also features Randy on backup vocals. But, knowing Randy’s love of R&B music, I chose this one. Randy only sings backup on the track, but he’s noticeable. Mike Bowden, Linda’s bassist (formerly of Don Henley’s band, Shiloh) is credited on bass. Bernie Leadon is not credited on this track, but he does appear on the album.

From the liner notes of Linda Ronstadt, self-titled, 1972

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