Many thanks to Jennifer Meisner for sharing this very rare article with me, straight from her scrapbook. By May 1969, Randy had already left Poco and was a member of Rick Nelson’s newly-formed Stone Canyon Band. But articles about Pogo (aka Poco) with Randy as a member, were still coming out. This piece from Tiger Beat has all the trappings of a teen-oriented article from the time. Groovy language and offbeat descriptions of the band members (dig Randy’s!), plus a cute photo. There’s lots of interesting info and tidbits thrown in as well. It’s outasite!

Cover of Tiger Beat, May 1969
“Spend a Whole Week with Bobby (Sherman)!”

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  1. Love this Jessica! Thank you for putting everything together for us, and also a big thank you to Jennifer Meisner for graciously sharing with us.

  2. This article is “…so groovy it’s almost undescribable.” 🙂 Thanks Jennifer for sharing and Jessica for posting!

  3. Thank you Jessica and Jennifer. Tiger Beat brings back memories. My Mom would be grocery shopping and I would read magazines. Tiger Beat was always the first one I picked. Thanks for the article on Pogo (Poco). You both are so sweet to share this article.

  4. Jim Messina later formed Loggins and Messina with Kenny Loggins and one error that I noticed is his birthplace. He was actually born in Maywood, California.

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