Arrowhead Stadium
Kansas City, MO, June 6, 1975

The Eagles opened for the Rolling Stones at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Joe Walsh joined them as their guest.

Kansas City Star, June 1, 1975

Joe Walsh made a surprise appearance with the Eagles for a version of his own “Rocky Mountain Way.”

Walking offstage after the show: Randy is behing Eagles’ manager, Irving Azoff (in glasses).

The Eagles In Nashville, 1977

The Eagles played the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville on June 23rd, 1977.
The day before, the band played a game of softball against radio and record company personnel.

The Eagles onstage in Nashville. Andrew Gold opened.

Review from the Nashville Tennessean.

The day before the concert, the Eagles, aka “The Party Plane,” played a softball game against Elektra-Asylum personnel and local radio celebrities. Randy is in the background in the top right photo.

Playing for the opposing team was slide guitar aficionado, Mac Gayden. Below Gayden recalls (via Facebook) the softball game and mentions that he was initially considered as Bernie Leadon’s replacement before Walsh was added.

In 1976, when the Eagles were recording Hotel California at Criteria Studios in Miami, Gayden was in an adjacent studio at Criteria recording his album, Hymn To The Seeker. Gayden asked Randy to sing background on the song, “Someone Whispered.” It’s an overlooked gem in the Meisner canon of guest appearances. Check it out.

Footage of the Nashville softball game from the History Of The Eagles documentary.
©Alison Ellwood, Jigsaw Productions, 2013

The Eagles on ABC’s IN CONCERT, 1973

The Eagles appeared on ABC’s In Concert series on August 3rd, 1973. The 90-minute show also included Ike & Tina Turner and Jim Croce, among others.

Sacramento Bee, July 29, 1973

The show was taped on June 20th, 1973 at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

Below: The Eagles were photographed during a soundcheck.
Randy is wearing an unusual knit shirt covered with faces that he purchased at L.B. Murphy’s, a department store in his hometown of Scottsbluff, NE.

Tickets to the taping were free to UCLA students. Several concert segments were filmed in one day.

UCLA Daily Bruin, June 21, 1973


The Eagles performed “Tequila Sunrise,” Early Bird,” and “Witchy Woman.” Randy wore another shirt with a Scottsbluff connection for the taping: a yellow Frank Implement Company shirt. Frank Implement was a John Deere dealership in Scottsbluff, which was owned by the father of a friend. Randy worked there for a brief time in 1970. His only real job.


In 1974, The Who’s drummer, Keith Moon, hosted an In Concert second anniversary special, which revisited performances from the past two seasons. Below is his introduction to the Eagles segment.

Below are the three songs the Eagles performed on In Concert in 1973. Apologies for the low quality.

“Tequila Sunrise”

“Early Bird” (co-written by Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner)

“Witchy Woman”

Meisner, Rich & Swan
Dos Gringos, Temecula, CA
June 17-18, 1992

According to Charlie Rich, Jr, this was was the band’s first gig.

“Temecula, California. Our first show together. After the show ended I knew I was a part of something special. We continued working the West Coast for the next few months. Then I spoke with a friend in Holland that was interested in booking the band. We did a European tour that was just a blast. We used Mark Craney on drums, as (John) Molo was out with Bruce Hornsby at the time.”

Charlie Rich, Jr (via charlierichjr.com)

The band’s original name was Meisner, Rich and Swan. They were billed under this name from 1992 until their last performance in 1996. The band later became known as Meisner, Swan and Rich following a CD labeling mishap in 2001, when the band was no longer touring together.

The Californian (Temecula, CA) June 16, 1992
The Californian (Temecula, CA) June 17, 1992

Andrew Gold opened both shows. Steve Miller made a guest appearance on the 19th.

June 19th

“Randy Meisner, the bass guitarist, lifted the show to a new level of excitement with his singing of ‘Take It To The Limit.'”
Scott Cain, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 20th, 1977

June 20th

“Bassist Randy Meisner gave an outstanding singing performance on ‘Take It To The Limit.'”
Bill King, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 21st, 1977

Eagles onstage, June 20th, 1977. Photo ©Kelly Campbell.

Review: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 21st, 1977

Randy at the Omni

Community Concourse
San Diego, CA, July 6th, 1972

Eagles opened for Procol Harum.

San Diego Door, June 8, 1972

Most likely the location of the backstage photo of the band taken by Cameron Crowe’s friend, Gary Elam, which was originally published in San Diego Door in November 1972. Crowe mistakenly recalled in 2015 that the photo was taken at the San Diego Civic Theater. The Eagles did not play there in 1972.

Black Tie: Cinegrill, Hollywood, CA, June 17, 1986

Black Tie (billed individually) performed at the Cinegrill in Hollywood for their “Jam” night. Original members Randy, Jimmy Griffin, and Billy Swan were joined by Blondie Chaplin, David Kemper, and George Michalski, who were part of their touring band. Kemper also appeared on Black Tie’s album, When The Night Falls.

Los Angeles Times ~ June 17, 1986

Read more about Black Tie below.

Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
July 2-3, 1972

The Eagles opened for Procol Harum.

Ad for the concert from the Los Angeles Free Press, June 30th, 1972.
Note the order of the band members’ names with Bernie and Randy mentioned first.

Eagles at Santa Monica Civic. Photo by Sam Emerson.

L.A. Times review by Robert Hilburn:

Los Angeles Times, July 4, 1972

Linda Ronstadt and others visit the band backstage. Randy is not pictured. Photos by Sam Emerson.