eagles Randy Meisner wichita 1976

Henry Levitt Arena
Wichita State University
Wichita, Kansas, November 15th, 1976

J.D. Souther opened.

Randy lent his “well-groomed soprano to ‘Take It To The Limit.” (Wichita Beacon, November 16, 1976)

Wichita Beacon, November 16, 1976
The Sunflower, Wichita State Univ, November 17, 1976

Randy Meisner, Eagles, Brisbane, Australia January 20 1976 Photo Vincent Barker

Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia
January 20th, 1976

The Eagles kicked off a ten-day tour of Australia. This was the first show with Joe Walsh in the band.

For this show, Randy wore a shirt for Average White Band’s AWB album. He is also playing a rare Fender Telecaster bass.

Sydney Morning Herald, January 4th, 1976
Photo ©Vincent Barker.
Photo ©Vincent Barker.

St. Louis Arena, St. Louis, MO
November 23, 1976

Randy’s “Take It To The Limit” was “really well-performed and the crowd reaction was instantaneous, long and loud–so long, in fact, that he told the crowd it was embarrassing him, and he looked as if it were.”

St Louis Dispatch, November 24, 1976

Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, IN
November 22, 1976

J.D. Souther opened.

Indianapolis News, October 22, 1976

Before the show, Randy, Don Felder, and J.D. Souther were spotted grabbing a bite at the Burger King down the street from Market Square Arena.

Randy’s performance of “Take It To The Limit” was the highlight of the evening and earned him a standing ovation.

“The man who stole the show, perhaps, was bass player Randy Meisner, who sang lead only once. The number was last winter’s giant hit, “Take It To The Limit.” Meisner had ’em cheering long before the finish of the song. His clean, crisp high vocals earned him the only standing ovation for an individual performance.”

Zach Dunkin, Indianapolis News, November 23, 1976

Review from Indianapolis News, November 23, 1976. Joe Walsh is incorrectly identified in the photo as Don Felder.

Metropolitan Sports Center, Minneapolis, MN
November 18th, 1976

J.D. Souther was the opening act.

Minneapolis Star, November 11, 1976

A week before the show on November 11th, the band was interviewed by radio host, Gary Bridges, for an Eagles special on WDBG.

Minneapolis Star, November 11, 1976

According to the review, the truck transporting the band’s sound system was involved in a serious accident in Des Moines, IA the day before the show, so the band had to rent less-than-ideal sound equipment for a large arena.

Sadly, no mention of Randy in the review (the only band member not mentioned).

Minneapolis Star, November 19, 1976

Chicago Stadium
November 11th, 1976

J.D. Souther opened.

Chicago Tribune, October 24, 1976
Chicago Daily News, November 11, 1976

Photos by David Slania.

Randy wore a shirt with the logo for Randy’s Rodeo in San Antonio, TX. He was also playing his newly acquired Music Man Stingray bass, which were just introduced that year.

Hilton Coliseum, Ames, Iowa
November 10th, 1976

The Eagles played the Hilton Coliseum at Iowa State University in Ames. J.D. Souther opened.

Ames Daily Tribune, November 10, 1976

Photos from the ISU Bomb yearbook (1977)

Ames Daily Tribune, November 11, 1976

Lloyd Noble Center, Norman, OK
November 8, 1976

J.D. Souther opened.

According to the review, Randy’s soprano on “Take It To The Limit” sent the audience into a “frenzy,” and “Midnight Flyer” brought out the cowboys in the crowd.

In the photos, Randy is playing a Music Man Stingray bass, which had just been introduced that year.

Oklahoma Daily, November 10, 1976

The Summit, Houston, TX
November 6, 1976

J.D. Souther opened the show and later joined the band onstage for “Best Of My Love,” which he co-wrote with Don Henley & Glenn Frey.

Houston Daily Cougar, November 9, 1976

The Summit had a four-sided video screen called a “Telscreen” which hung from the ceiling. Any band who came in to perform paid a flat fee for use of the Telscreen and received a videotape of the concert in return. These Telscreen performances were often bootlegged, hence the existing footage of the Eagles Summit show, which has never been released officially.

According to a March 5th, 1978 article in the Houston Chronicle, the Summit’s Telscreen production crew were known to add graphics to their video footage as it was happening. During concerts, they focused mainly on whoever was singing. This explains the footage of the Summit show, which included graphics between songs and very few camera angles.

At the show, Randy and Joe both wore white t-shirts bearing the logo for Criteria Studios in Miami where the band was finishing up Hotel California at the time. In fact, the previous night’s show in Baton Rouge was held up for two hours because the band was late arriving from Miami.

In 2006, Randy recalled the grueling touring and recording schedule from this period:

We had to go out on the road while we were doing that album and then go back to Criteria Studios in Florida to finish itWe went back and forth a lot…wanted to get the tracks right and mixed right. We knew the album was special.

Interview with Ken Sharp, 2006

Below are Randy’s two lead-singing performances from the show:

“Take It To The Limit”

“Midnight Flyer”

Click the link below to watch the concert in its entirety:
Eagles, Houston Summit, November 6, 1976

LSU Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, LA
November 5th, 1976

The band arrived two hours late from Miami where they were putting the finishing touches on Hotel California.

Opening the show was J.D. Souther. Randy performed “Midnight Flyer” and “Take It To The Limit.”

Below: a new (to me) photo by concertgoer Debbie Ray:

According to a description of the show in LSU’s 1977 Gumbo yearbook, someone in the audience threw an object at Randy during “Tequila Sunrise” hitting him on the side of the head:

“As the group was arrayed across the stage singing, ‘Tequila Sunrise,’ someone threw an object from the side of the stage which hit bass player Randy Meisner on the side of his head. He grimaced but continued playing until the song’s conclusion when he picked up the object and hurled it back in the general direction from which it had come. Dropping his bass with an amplified thud he stalked off stage in a huff as the rest of the group received the applause oblivious to the whole incident.” (Gumbo yearbook, 1977, Louisiana State University)

All photos from LSU’s Gumbo yearbook (1977):

According to the review in LSU’s Daily Reveille, Randy’s solo on “Take It To The Limit” was a highlight (5th paragraph).

Daily Reveille, November 9, 1976

The band’s late arrival is mentioned in the Baton Rouge Advocate review, November 6, 1976:

Convention Center Arena, San Antonio, TX
November 2nd, 1976

J.D. Souther opened for the Eagles.

“The turning point of the show occurred when Randy Meisner, bass guitarist, sang “Take It To The Limit.” Meisner reached incredible high, sustained pitches with his strong, forceful voice that just sent shivers up the crowd’s spines. Crazed fans screamed and dashed toward the stage, where they remained until the end of the concert. Meisner received a standing ovation that lasted several minutes. When he realized the crowd wouldn’t stop, he danced and skipped around the stage which made the audience applaud even more.”

The Ranger (San Antonio College), November 12, 1976

Arizona State University
October 15th, 1976

On October 15, 1976, the Eagles played the Activity Center at Arizona State University. J.D. Souther opened.

The State Press (ASU), October 19, 1976
Joe Walsh, Randy, Don Henley, and Glenn Frey perform “Seven Bridges Road.”

The review of the show in the Arizona State University newspaper, The State Press, mentions “Hotel California” as being played, which would have been the first documented performance of the song. The author incorrectly claims the album, Hotel California, was released in February 1976. This person must have been thinking of Their Greatest Hits: 1971-1975, which had been released that February (and did not include “Hotel California). The album Hotel California was not released until December.

The State Press, October 19, 1976