Houston Music Theater
December 27, 1969

Houston Chronicle, December 26, 1969

Below: L-R: Randy Meisner, Rick Nelson, and Allen Kemp

Photo by Larry Lent (via Rockin Houston)

Rick was interviewed the UT/Austin newspaper, The Daily Texan, in the dressing room before the Houston show. Tequila sours were passed around, but Rick declined. The band members were asked what they thought of Rick as a person and performer (no band members were mentioned by name): “A sensitive and fair, understanding and easy-going guy.” The article also included a less-than-positive review of the show. The reviewer felt that Rick exuded no personality and just stood there and sang. He was also criticized for singing too much country and western and not enough of the earlier hits he was known for.

The Daily Texan (Univ. Of TX/Austin), January 7, 1970

Below: Rick backstage with local Houston rock photographer, Larry Lent.

Photo via Rockin Houston

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