Photo Archive: Eagles, June 24th, 1976

Photographer: David Alexander
Location: Miami, Florida

These shots were taken in Miami while the Eagles were recording Hotel California at Criteria Studios. The photos are dated by the June 24th, 1976 issue of the Miami Herald Don Henley is reading in one of the photos. The images convey a typical day on the road for the band: hanging out at the hotel, waiting around in the lobby with Randy and Glenn Frey looking intently at their watches and Joe Walsh looking at postcards, sitting in a restaurant having a late breakfast (with several glasses of milk, perhaps a hangover cure), then off to the venue. However, the band did not perform during the month of June 1976, so the photos were likely staged. They were later used in the 1977 tour book for Hotel California, as well as the Hotel California Song Book.

The page Henley is reading from the Miami Herald, June 24, 1976

The car mirror photo shows the faces going the wrong direction. Here is the flipped version.

Note that Randy is wearing Fred Perry Etonic tennis shoes, named for the famous tennis player.

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