The band arrived two hours late from Miami where they were putting the finishing touches on Hotel California.

Opening the show was J.D. Souther. Randy performed “Midnight Flyer” and “Take It To The Limit.”

Below: a new (to me) photo by concertgoer Debbie Ray:

According to a description of the show in LSU’s 1977 Gumbo yearbook, someone in the audience threw an object at Randy during “Tequila Sunrise” hitting him on the side of the head:

“As the group was arrayed across the stage singing, ‘Tequila Sunrise,’ someone threw an object from the side of the stage which hit bass player Randy Meisner on the side of his head. He grimaced but continued playing until the song’s conclusion when he picked up the object and hurled it back in the general direction from which it had come. Dropping his bass with an amplified thud he stalked off stage in a huff as the rest of the group received the applause oblivious to the whole incident.” (Gumbo yearbook, 1977, Louisiana State University)

All photos from LSU’s Gumbo yearbook (1977):

According to the review in LSU’s Daily Reveille, Randy’s solo on “Take It To The Limit” was a highlight (5th paragraph).

Daily Reveille, November 9, 1976

The band’s late arrival is mentioned in the Baton Rouge Advocate review, November 6, 1976: