The Summit, Houston, TX
February 12, 1981

Randy opened for The Beach Boys in his first concert appearance in two-and-a-half years.

He gave a memorable performance, as witnessed by Dale Adamson, from the Houston Chronicle, who felt Randy’s set was the “bright spot” of the whole evening:

“The only real bright spot to Thursday’s show was ex-Eagle Randy Meisner’s opening set. Although he hasn’t quite developed into a forceful bandleader yet, his group’s tight harmonies and bright country rock sound–particularly on tunes like ‘Heart’s On Fire’ and ‘Trouble Ahead’–provided the only fully satisfying musical moments in an otherwise altogether forgettable evening.”

Adamson interviewed Randy backstage after the concert. Read the full interview here.

Houston Chronicle, February 14, 1981

Randy gave a rare and candid interview to the Houston Chronicle following the concert. Read the full interview below: