Sidney High School Christmas Cotillion, Sidney, NE
December 14, 1963

The dance took place at the Ft Sidney Motor Hotel.

Sidney Telegraph, December 13, 1963

The yearbook page below includes a picture of the band. Randy is on the right.

In the photo at bottom right (L-R): Bobby Soto, Larry Soto, and Randy Meisner

The following article is perhaps The Dynamics first-ever review. The students at the dance were asked what they thought of the band.
Even then the critics were tough.

Sidney Telegraph, December 20, 1963

Little Moon Lake, Torrington, WY
December 9th, 1961

Scottsbluff Star-Herald, December 9, 1961

On December 9th, 1961, the band played their first paid gig at Little Moon Lake, which was located about 30 miles northwest of Scottsbluff on the Nebraska-Wyoming state line.

Guitarist Larry Soto recalled the excitement of that first dance at Little Moon:

“That concert went so fast it was like it was over in a split second. The excitement level was incredible as the people were screaming and hollering and wanted to dance. Dances at Little Moon were big.” (Gering Courier, July 25, 1991)

This dance was the start of what became a regular job, in which the band performed at least two weekends a month. Twenty years later, Randy remembered how his parents drove him to the dances:

“Our first regular job was playing at this dance club that was about 30 miles away. I think we earned about $12.50 a night. My mom and dad would drive me out there, sit through the entire dance, and then take me home.” (Teen magazine, February 1981)

It was at Little Moon Lake that the band developed as performers, especially Randy. 

“The dances at Little Moon Lake were responsible for us learning to play as a group and also as individuals. Randy and I had a hard time playing our guitars and singing at the same time. I was very shy, afraid of playing in front of a crowd. Randy, on the other hand, was a pure showman, playing in front of people made him perform better. He had the knack of feeding off the crowd. He was always on a different level than we were, which later on, helped him with his career.” (Larry Soto,The Drivin’ Dynamics: A Rock And Roll Retrospect Of The Early Years, 1996)

The Dynamics in their first performance at Little Moon Lake:
Drummer John Ankeny, guitarist Larry Soto, bassist Randy Meisner, and guitarist Richard Rohnke.
(via The Drivin’ Dynamics: A Rock And Roll Retrospect Of The Early Years by Larry Soto, 1996)

Photo Archive: The Drivin’ Dynamics, 1964

Photographer: Downey Studio, Scottsbluff, Nebraska
Location: National Guard Armory, Scottsbluff

The posed photo was also used in a 1964 newspaper ad for the Dynamics’ New Years’ Eve dance at Terry’s Arena in Scottsbluff.

Clipping courtesy of Steve Cassells.